The 31-Day Habit Tracking Challenge Begins! {Week 1}

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Welcome to the “31-Day Habit Tracking Challenge”!

If you have followed along for some of my other series with challenges, then you know that I love to start these challenges out in prayer, by lighting a candle every morning in my kitchen.

These challenges will be no different.  We can try to muster a lot of self-will to accomplish our goals but I’ve found this to be true, “the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” (Matthew 26:41)

So we are going to need morning prayers. every. single. morning!

No exceptions. 

Many of our obstacles in life are not just physical and emotional but they are spiritual as well. Satan does not want us to live well.  He does not want us to reach our goals.  So prayer is a necessity!

Let me open us up in prayer and then let’s get started!

Dear Heavenly Father,

Please guide us as we set our goals and remove the obstacles in our lives that have held us back from living a life of hope and freedom.  Please give us your wisdom and self-control.  Free us from the burdens that weigh us down and renew our minds, restore our bodies and refresh our spirits.  We love you and thank you for loving us first.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Here is the schedule for the 31-Day Habit Tracking Challenge:

WEEK 1: May 1st – Prep and BEGIN!

The reason we all struggle with consistency is because we try to do too much at one time and we end up overwhelmed and quitting.  We must narrow down our focus by choosing what is most important to us.  Pause and pray. Ask the Lord to guide you to the areas you truly need to work on in your life.  Then choose your top 3 areas of focus.

Week 1 Challenge: Choose Your Top 3

WEEK 2: May 8th – Remove the Obstacles and Stay the Course.

Over 50% of human behavior is habit driven.  As we strive to develop good habits, bad habits reveal themselves as obstacles. You have not developed new habits yet which means you must practice self control and stay the course.  Stay committed and put in the hard work.  Identify your obstacles and create solutions to your own roadblocks, so you can reach your goals.

Week 2 Challenge:  Identify Your Obstacles and Create Solutions

WEEK 3: May 15th – Mission Critical!

It takes 21 days to form a new habit so this week is critical!  This is often when most of us give up because it has gotten too hard.  This week we need a break through and I will be here cheering you on. If you have missed days, then you will not hit the 21 day mark yet but there is still next week – so keep pushing through.

Week 3 Challenge:  Reward Yourself!  Plan a reward for the end of this week to reward yourself for your hard work.   (suggestions: dinner out, new book, new shirt, bubble bath, new candle, flowers)

WEEK 4: May 22nd – Dig Deep and Finish Strong.

Finishing strong is hard to do.  Many men in the Bible failed to finish strong.  And there’s a reason that the gym is full on January 1st and emptier by February 1st.  It’s easy to start but hard to finish. It does not happen naturally.  We have to choose to be intentional.  We have to be aware of temptations and pitfalls and not lose sight of our goals.

Week 4 Challenge: Answer this question: What have you learned about yourself?  Perhaps certain days of the week or times during the day are harder than others.  Perhaps you are too hard on yourself and need more grace or you are not hard enough on yourself and you need more discipline.  

WEEK 5: May 29th – Final Check in – Celebrate!

Life is way more fun when we take the time to celebrate!  I have a feeling you give and give and give to others and celebrate many other’s achievements but don’t always take the time for yourself.  So pause for a moment and just celebrate any forward steps you took.  If it didn’t go perfectly as planned – give yourself grace.

Week 5 Challenge: A new month begins on June 1st! Keep on going! 

So today is May 1st.  It’s Prep and Begin Day!

Here’s Your To-Do-List:

1.) Choose your top 3.

Do not bite off more than you can chew.   Narrow your focus.  Pause and pray.  Ask the Lord to guide you to the areas you truly need to work on in your life.

Which 3 habits do you want to work on first?

2.) Prepare and plan the time.

Creating a consistent prayer life, reading the Bible daily, writing down things you are grateful for, listening to podcasts and taking notes -all take time.

Eating Healthy – takes time.  You have to find new recipes and get the ingredients and make it happen.

Exercising takes time – you have to carve out 20-45 minutes a day plus sometimes – an extra shower in there.

Housework takes time and even sleeping takes time!!!

So I want us to be realistic.  Let’s have a plan of HOW we are going to fit this into our busy days.

3.) Invite a friend for accountability.

We all need support.  Invite a friend to do this with you. If you do not have a WLW Habit Tracker, use a notebook.  Check in with each other once a week to see how you are doing with your goals.

I have both a Good Morning Girls group that holds me accountable for my daily quiet times and a healthy eating partner, who checks in with me once a week, to see how I am doing.

Accountability works!

4. Check in weekly here!

If you don’t have a partner – that’s what I am here for.  I’ll be your partner and I’ll cheer you on each step of the way!  Together we are stronger.  There will be a weekly check-in right here on the blog in the comments section every Tuesday.

So let’s get started.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.” ~Mark Twain

**This is Your First Check In**

We want to meet you!  Where are you joining us from and what are your top 3?

(check in – in the comment section below)

Need daily encouragement? Join me on instagram @WomenLivingWell and on Facebook at Women Living Well and Good Morning Girls.  I’ll be posting through out the week!

I’ll see you here on the blog again next Tuesday for Week 2.

Until then, I’m praying for you!

Walk with the King,



If you do not have a WLW 3-Month Habit Tracker yet – they are available on Amazon.

All three have the same interior:

Here’s a list of the the pages included:

First you will find a place to track your Prayer Requests and Bible Reading. These spiritual trackers are to be used for all 3 months.

Behind the spiritual trackers, you will find a set of Habit Trackers broken down into 3 separate months.

The trackers included for each month are:

-Health Tracker
-Sleep Tracker
-Calorie Tracker
-Housework Tracker
-Meal Planning Tracker
-Gratitude Tracker
-Note Tracker
These monthly trackers are repeated three times.

Behind the 3 months of Habit Trackers, you will find 90-lined pages for journaling, along with an inspirational verse per day.

That’s it – everything in one place! 🙂

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  1. Check in! Pamela, from Virginia. My 3: consistent prayer life , Eating healthy, and exercise. So excited to be starting this! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement Courtney! Let’s do this! ????

  2. From Western Massachusetts
    1. Focus on using my God given gifts
    2. Using my time wisely
    3. Being more verbal about my relationship with God

  3. A mexican girl living in the Netherlands says hello! And my top 3 are:
    1. Pray daily
    2. Read the Bible daily (following a devotional study)
    3. Walking daily 3 km

  4. Allentown Penn:. 1. Praying/read a Bible passage per day 2. being still. 3. Excercising/eating healthy

  5. This is great!! I need this too! Fishers, Indiana
    1. Enjoy each day
    2. Become closer to God (through prayer, meditation, devotional, Bible)
    3. Stay off the roller coaster of life and be grounded

  6. Habit tracking from Grafton, OH. Thank you for the fist bump to make some needed changes!
    My 3:
    In depth Bible study

  7. Hello

    I’m Kendall, joining from Minnesota! My top 3 is to work on spending time in prayer in morning, meal prepping, and accomplishing my cleaning goals for the day. Here we go!

  8. Hey ????????!
    I’m joining you from South Wales ????????????????????????????
    This is what I desperately need, and has come at a proper breaking point for me. One of my best friends suggested it to me as she knows me soooo well ❤️
    I have 4 munchkins aged from 6 – 16 (and a puppy!) so our home is quite full on! I’m a creative soul who finds it hard to be organised, but craves it at the same time, procrastination is my middle name and I struggle to get rid of things “just in case” but again, I crave order and simplicity. I desperately want to lose weight- not much, but enough to feel healthly and more confident. I struggle to say “no” and as a stay-at-home-Mum, my guilt voice whispers quite often that I’m not doing enough, and so I then say “yes” to too many things and am at the point of burnout. I have physical symptoms that I now can’t ignore as I think that I can do it all. I can’t. So. On a cheerier note ???? Sleep is a big one for me -but again it’s impacted by the fact that we have a crazy schedule with little routine as a consequence, so I rarely get to sit (collapse) down before 9:30/10pm ???? which pushes bedtime later. There are so many knock-ons from different things that to be honest, I don’t know what to tackle first! It’s a vicious circle!!
    Healthy eating is something I need to stay on top of.
    DAILY prayer and pouring the Word into my heart is definitely needed.
    So, that’s the 3, guess!
    Sleep (or routine ????‍♀️?!)
    Healthy eating
    Daily prayer and study.
    Thanks sooo much for this – you really are a blessing ❤️ xxx

    1. Hi, this is Bekah from Swindon, U.K.
      Hey Beci, I was reading these and spotted yours and thought – I know that person! I definitely need this too and finding life very chaotic, struggling to form good habits around well, everything and trying to think where best to start! Hoping this is going to give me the kick start I need, my top three are:
      1 – sleep – making getting to bed a priority over watching ‘another’ episode, which leads me into number 2
      2 – reducing tv and social media so that I can focus on sleep and number 3
      3 – having a regular / daily time with God and reading my Bible.

      I feel I need to get these sorted before I can move on to other good habits around organising my life – meal planning/healthy eating, exercise, decluttering and organising our house, cleaning routine/ finding a better way to keep on top of the house and all the other things that I find overwhelming and allow to get on top of me, but one thing at a time!

      1. Hey Bekah!!! So lovely to hear from you!!
        Yep, you’re so right. Getting the foundations sorted first, in order to build on them and move on to the others is so important. I’m so eager to “do it all” that I usually fail at the first hurdle. Celebrating little success and not giving ourselves a hard time is the key, as well as consistency… easier said than done though eh ????!! Praying for you lovely. Must catch up soon ???? xx

    2. Beci,
      You sound like me and I’m 64. I have struggled to sleep well even though i get to bed early. Staying asleep so my body can be restored.

      I am finally learning the value of having a routine would have helped me be more organized as a young mom. I wouldn’t listen to my husband as it comes easy for him. He is wise.

      As an empty nester, It’s easier without all the crazy distractions of your life and family.
      I am praying for you along with myself. I’m getting a late start, so glad I found this in my email list.

      Margaret from East Texas

      1. Dear Margaret,
        Thank you for you comments and your encouragement. Praying for you too! Beci x

  9. Nancy from Jackson Twp, OH (Courtney, I know your brother in law John!)
    Just ordered my planner so I not 100% decided on my top 3 but I’m thinking:
    1. Read Bible/pray
    2 . Social media
    3. Housework

  10. Hi! I am Kathy from Greensboro, North Carolina and my top 3 in order are:
    1. Bible study and prayer first thing in morning.
    2. Exercise my body
    3. Bless my home by making and keeping it tidy

  11. Lyn from New Hampshire

    1-prayer time

    2- shut the tv off-wastes too much of my time

    3-memorizing scripture

  12. Thank you for doing this Courtney! I’m excited for May! Committing to Whole 30 , exercise 5x week, daily devotional.

  13. Blessed to live down by the Jersey Shore!
    Thank you for this challenge. My sister in law and I look forward to doing it together!
    My goals are
    1- become consistent at healthy eating
    2- become consistent at daily exercise
    3- create a morning routine that includes prayer and meditation on the word so that I can focus my day in a positive way and handles life’s stresses.

  14. Good morning! Checking in from Maryland.
    1. Adding exercise into my daily routine
    2. Journaling each evening
    3. Less social media. I am constantly checking it!!!

    I could certainly use an accountability buddy!

  15. Hi I’m Anna in Colorado. I have been a mom for 23 years and homeschooling for 16. Its time to start taking care of me. My 3 are: 1.Eating healthy

  16. Lin from South Jersey!
    This came just in time as I am finishing up last 8 wks of grad school and will graduate in June! it’s been a long year and I’m getting tired, and when I do I get less motivated. Yet this time I dont have a choice. ALOT OF MONEY and time are on the line. My top 3:
    1. Graduate in June!! by staying disciplined by social media fast and fit in my exercise most days of week.
    2. read and pray something new about God I haven’t learned yet and ask him for strength and wisdom.
    3. make time to clean out garage and basement for the big flea market at end of May and also to move. (clearing clutter makes me feel better too).

  17. God is working on:
    my relationship with my daughter
    My daily quiet-time
    Me relying on Him instead of nicotine

    1. I’m sorry, I jumped ahead and didn’t follow directions, lol.
      I’m Tricia from Texas. I’m the Mom of two adult children. One of whom just passed away a couple of months ago. My first husband passed away a little over a year ago. I recently remarried about a month before my son passed.
      It’s not pretty, but this is where I’m at.

      1. Tricia,
        I’m adding you to my prayer list! What heart aches.

        What part of Texas are you from? I’m in Nacogdoches.


  18. Hi everyone! I’m joining you all from a very small town in Oklahoma. 🙂
    My 3 goals:
    -More time with God, (way) less time on social media every day.
    -Exercise on my treadmill at least 3 times a week.
    -Keep a consistent cleaning routine.

  19. Hello from Minnesota, this is perfect timing for me. Not knowing you would be doing this I ordered this journal mid April with plans of doing it on my own starting today. I have been struggling with a 3 month long sinus infection and still struggling with being on medications for it that have caused me to get off track. I should not be surprised to see this group this morning, just a confirmation from God that I need to do this now.
    My top 3 are 1. Getting in the word first thing in the morning 2. Healthy eating/exercise 3. Look for the good in each day and I would like to add a forth. Prioritize each day so that I don’t get lost bouncing from one thing to the next and so that I don’t feel overwhelmed in what needs to be accomplished.

  20. Checking in from Alabama. My top 3 are as follows:

    1) Consistent, dedicated prayer time.
    2) Weely exercise schedule (at least 3-4 days per week)
    3) Daily house cleaning schedule

    I began reading the Word the day after Christmas with a wonderful group of ladies (Bible Readering Diehards) so that has become a habit every morning between 6-6:30 am. We use You Version’s Bible in a Year plan and have a FB accountability group where we are encouraged and we comment when we are complete for the day. That was my first step toward structure in my daily life. So grateful for this opportunity to build on that!

  21. Checking in from Charlotte, NC here! The 3 habits I’d like to build are:

    1. Bible study
    2. Meal planning/prepping
    3. Develop a regular exercise routine

  22. I’m Chrissetta and I’m from Central City, Kentucky.
    I would love for you to help hold me accountable.
    I need it.
    God bless and Amen

  23. Hello, Betty from Alabama
    Top 3 To finish Bible Studies, Pray more, Eat Healthier to loose weight.
    Thank you Mrs. Courtney for this study and helping to keep me accountable.

  24. Columbus, Ohio
    1. Reach my daily and weekly fitness tracker goals.
    2. Crochet, finish the six different projects I have piled in the basket.
    3. Write 3 pages every morning, breaking my spirituality block.

  25. Good Morning Girls! I’m Shannon from South Carolina, checking in. Excited for this 31 day habit tracker! Will be praying this week for the Lord to guide me on the main 3 things that I want my focus to be on!

  26. Good Morning Courtney! This is God sent! I am starting today a 1 month postpartum fitness program to work on my core and correct a mild diastasis recti after giving birth to three babies in 5 years… and shed some pounds as well! I have to watch my diet (the hardest part!) and excersise daily. Thank you for reminding us that everything must begin with prayer, and that our battle is spiritual too.
    God bless you and all the women starting today a new set of goals in discipline and obedience. May God strengthen us and get the glory in our lives through it!

  27. Hi Courtney
    Joining from just down the road in Massillon, Ohio.
    Thanks for your faithfulness to all of us! I enjoy your site sooo much❤
    1) Gratitude, which will lead to joy filled days
    2) Healthy eating
    3) Consistent exercise

  28. Hi ???? Joanna from northern Indiana

    1. Spend more time in the Word
    2. Spend more of my time caring for myself
    3. Declutter my life

  29. WOW, I can relate to every one of these women.

    1. Read, write, listen more to God

    2.Healthy living, walking, eating, & taking care of husband

    3. developing stronger friendships with other women

  30. Hello from Coldspring, Texas
    1. My prayer life is almost non-existent
    2. exercise, I love yoga but Dr wants me to add strength
    3. eating habits, need to learn portion control and slowing down

  31. Hola from the beautiful military city of Virginia Beach.
    My top 3 are
    1) praying more
    2) journaling
    3) social media detox

    Starting today May 1st!

  32. Hi. I am joining you from Manitoba, Canada.
    My top 3 are:
    1. Getting into God’s Word daily & prayer
    2. Healthy Eating
    3. Exercise.
    Have a great day!

  33. Good Morning Girls!
    I am Heather and I am a Canadian living in south west Ohio!
    I love a new month and a fresh start!
    The areas that I am focusing on for this challenge:
    1. Deepen my prayer life with praying through the Psalms
    2. Take care of some health issues that I’ve been ignoring
    3. Take time to be more hospitable and encouraging

  34. Della from Kokomo, Indiana. My three are: Daily reading, ( I am loving the 2 Samuel reading guide), Take time in the morning to start my day with talking with Jesus. All too often I tell Him what my daily plans are, I want to pause to ask Him what he would have me do each day. And my third is to make a Thankful list. Each day, I know I have so many blessing. I want to make a tangible list of what God has blessed me with. Even if it is just a beautiful morning, I want to thank HIM for all things, to develop a thankful spirit.

  35. My name is Patti and I am joining from Texas.

    My top 3 are:
    1 – Eating healthy
    2- Exercising
    3 – organizing and decluttering our home

  36. Good morning!
    I’m Kim from London Ontario Canada. I am so happy to start this!
    The areas that I am focusing on for this challenge is:
    1. Spending more time learning to pray and to hear God.
    2. Exercise
    3. Slow down and enjoy everyday.

  37. Good morning from Cleveland,Tn!
    1.) Focus more on my prayer life
    2.) Be consistent in my workouts!
    3.) Be mindful of my eating habits, have control on portions

  38. Hello Everyone. I have been following Women Living Well for sometime. I need consistency in the area of prayer, bible self study, and food prep for healthy mind and body. I am from Maryland.

  39. Hi my name is Shalai. I am a single mom to 3 girls. I am a CNA and want to start school for LPN. I am from Louisiana but live in Minnesota

  40. Sogunda Strange from Longview, Texas. The three things I need to focus more on are creating a consistent prayer life, spending quality family time with family with no distractions (no phone, TV, social media, etc) and spending more time on myself by learning to say no to things and people that try to involve me in things that may be out of my lane. So I am going to stay in my own lane, stay focused and keep driving!

  41. Hello There from Colorado!
    I am waiting for my habit tracker to arrive tomorrow.
    The three areas are:
    1. Nutrition/fitness
    2. Time management
    3. Getting organized

    Learning to not procrastinate on these things.
    Spending time in the word and prayer happens most all days, but I need help for what I do in my quit times to translate to other areas.

  42. Hi, I’m joining in from Toronto, Canada. My 3 areas of focus are:
    1. improve prayer life
    2. abide in Him (John 15:9)
    3. love my children as He loves me

  43. My 3 are
    1. Scripture and prayer
    2. Organization
    3. Diet, not as in ..on a diet..but more like healthy eating

  44. Checking in n from Texas!
    1. Consistent housekeeping
    2. Consistently eating healthy
    3. Exercising consistently (at least 4 times a week).

    Thanks for doing this!!

  45. Good morning! I’m Fran from PA. My top 3 are, 1. Proverbs, 2. 60 oz. of water daily, 3. Fruits & vegetables ( I’m combining the two). ????

  46. I’m Kelly from Minnesota. My top three are:
    1. Giving up diet coke
    2. Creating a consistent prayer time/daily Bible reading
    3. Be more intentional with my children and give them focused attention (they are 10,8, 6).

    Thanks for leading this group Courtney!

  47. 1) Eat healthier
    2) Quiet time/prayer daily
    3) Encourage/help someone every single day either by words or by deed.

  48. Hi! My name is Bree and I’m joining from North Idaho! My top three for this challenge are

    1) keeping up with housework
    2) drinking more water
    3) exercising regularly

    I feel like I don’t have a routine with these three things and I just get them done when I can. The times I am keeping up on these three things I feel SO much better about myself and home life! Not to mention my family is happier as well. Looking forward to this journey with you all!

  49. I’m from Ozark, MO. I’m a Momma of a 12 year old step daughter, 5 year old son and I’m 6 months pregnant with another son.

    1. My Marriage
    2. Finances
    3. My Kids

    On the above 3, I need to work on truly trusting the Lord in all circumstances, not worrying about things that haven’t even happened and letting go of control.

  50. Hello from Atlanta
    1. Procrastination
    2. Follow up/ always finish what I start
    3. Consistency…in my business, eating,& exercising
    Thank you Courtney for being obedient to the King …

  51. Courtney, thank you for your ministry.

    1. Refreshing a daily meditation practice
    2. Planning time daily with God
    3. Developing an evening routine with the Daily Examen

  52. Wishing everyone a beautiful day! I’m Laura from Clover, SC.
    It’s hard to limit it to just 3, but maybe that’s my problem, I always want to do everything.
    1) Morning Devotion ( Bible reading and Prayer)
    2) Moving Consistently (5 days a week, if not 7)
    3) Making Healthy Eating choices

  53. Hi!! I’m Charmaine from Alberta, Canada and I’m so excited to do this. I need something to help me keep my focus … life is in a downward spiral right now . I’m praying this helps me focus my mind on things above and things I can control.
    My top 3 are health tracker, gratitude and note taking.
    Thanks for this Courtney ❤️

  54. Hi! I’m Kayla from Commerce, GA! My 3 areas are:
    1-Exercise daily
    2-Make mostly healthy food choices daily
    3-Work on my blog more consistently-at least 3 days per week

    1. Hello Kayla,

      I live in Ga just outside of Atlanta.

      I too want to exercise daily. one day to rest though.
      Eat healthy food daily too.

  55. From Canada
    1) Lose weight – eat only when hungry – stop when full
    2) Memorize a couple of verses to help me with #1 goal
    3) Declutter a couple of rooms

  56. Hi I’m Alicia from Hemet,California
    My top three habit trackers will be :
    Lifestyle :drink more water,get household in order ,self care ,family time , exercise as long as I improve in theses I will be on track have left a few things go after new year
    Bible Study is my third get into the word again daily starting with morning prayer before my feet hit the floor

  57. Hi, I’m Marge from Central Illinois! My three are:
    1. Morning Routine
    2. Eating more fruits and veggies
    3. Daily quiet time/prayer with God

  58. Dian from Missouri
    1. Deeper prayer life
    2. Diet and Exercise
    3. More time in the word
    I’m happy to be able to participate in this challenge

  59. From D/FW, TX ….
    1. Rejoice and give thanks journaling.
    2. Walk every day – at least 20 min.
    3. Increase social interaction. Attend Ladies Bible Study class.

  60. I live in northeastern Maryland, where spring has finally come.
    My top 3:
    Bible study and prayer every morning
    sharing what I’m learning about God with others
    healthy eating

  61. Good Morning. My name is Victoria and I’m checking in from Palm Springs, CA. I am so excited about this challenge because it also coincides with my 30 Day Sugar Free program. My Habit Tracker is a perfect tool to help keep me on track.

  62. From Austin. So excited to be a part of this. I’m working on:
    1) praying more throughout the day
    2) healthy eating and exercising more consistently
    3) being fully present when I’m with my family.

  63. Hi! I’m Anita from Oklahoma & am so excited to start this challenge!
    I need to be more disciplined in thr following areas: 1. consistency in cleaning my home 2. clean eating 3. be a good steward of God’s finances

  64. My name is Jill- I’m from Whitney, Texas.
    My 3 areas I want to work on are:
    1.) daily bible study/prayer time
    2.) exercise/fitness
    3.) eating healthy
    4.) * finances- also need to work on this!
    Ready to get my act and life together!

  65. Hi, I am from CA, and I LOVE the Habit Tracker! I am on my third month. Here are my top 3… Eat Healthier, Exercise, Get some sleep!

  66. 31-Day Habit Tracking Challenge “check in”
    1. Quiet time with God FIRST each day
    2. Healthier intake and activity
    3. Calming home environment

  67. Hello all, I’m Kellie from Anchorage. My three are: 1) prayer, Bible study, Scripture memorization, all first before the day begins; 2) declutter; and 3) initiation/reach out to others regularly
    Thank you for this support! I’m excited to see what God will do! Blessings to each of you!

  68. Checking in from West Sussex, UK

    Time management, stop wasting it
    More Bible and prayer and less iPad

  69. Hi I’m Linda from Michigan! I’m still praying about my three areas. Trying not to feel overwhelmed! Love seeing everyone’s comments!

  70. Hi! I’m Colleen from Washington state. I’m excited to begin and just received my Habit Tracker yesterday. Here are my top 3:

    1) Daily prayer time and reading through Proverbs
    2) Eating healthier and meal planning
    3) Regular sleep and exercise

    Looking forward to the month ahead and God’s blessings on all of us!

  71. Glenda here from Casa Grande Arizona. My husband and I are full time RV’ers. We are leaving Arizona in a few days to go to Michigan for the Summer. I’m excited to start this series. I have ordered the habit tracker. My 3 challenges (and I have many) are:

    1. Listening and participating in gossip;
    2. Intolerance;
    3. Being inactive.

  72. Hi! Checking in from the Adirondack Mountains in New York State.
    1) Menu planning
    2) Daily prayer/ Bible reading
    3) Exercise

    Looking forward to challenging myself.

  73. Check in! Roseanne in SC, my 3 are
    1. Exercise plus 64oz water
    2. talk with God more, be aware
    3. Tame the paperwork monster


  74. I live in Tennessee. I really would like to live healthier. So eating and exercising are 2 and housework /household responsibilities would be my 3rd.

  75. I am fearful to start this because I have rheumatoid arthritis & I am not able to do a normal routine that most people do. But I need to have more structure in my life. So I am going to slowly work using the tracker. Pray for me.

  76. Dear Courtney
    Thank you for being an accountability partner. My three areas are:

    1.What I put in my mouth? Food
    2. What I out in my blood stream. Food and medicine
    3. What I put in my brain? Scriptures and good books instead of social media.

    I plan on meeting a running group tonight if my hubs makes it home in time. If not I’ll take my dog and my boy-o for a stroller walk around the neighborhood. I’ll have to have dinner early and remember my allergy medicine an hour beforehand. Goo thing for alarms.

  77. I’m from TEXAS woop woop

    1) Be in the Word daily
    2) at least 1 gratitude entry permit day
    3) limit social media to less than 30 min a day

  78. I’m from St. Louis, MO and working as a busy paramedic who is also going back to school.

    1) Eating healthy/meal planning
    2) Daily quiet time
    3)Daily excersing

  79. I’m in central Illinois. My top 3 are:
    1. Study my Bible each day, including prayer
    2. Use my planner to be realistic and plan
    3. Get up at 530 each morning. I’m usually awake might as well start my day. : )

  80. Check in. Cincinnati, OH.
    1. Sleep
    2. Gratitude
    3. Health

    I also am going to do the Proverbs tracker.

  81. Scripture reading, quiet time,consistent prayer life. Excercising and better eating habit.

  82. I’m live in Walton, KY
    1. Remembering to use my Habit Tracker
    2. Planning/Organizing/Decluttering…SIMPLIFY is my word for the year.
    3. Meal planning & keeping an ongoing grocery list.

  83. Hi everyone. I am Sissy checking in from Charleston, West Virginia.

    My top 3 are:
    1. Consistent, daily prayer and bible study
    2. Healthier eating
    3. More exercise

    Have a blessed week everyone!!

  84. Hi, I am Sissy checking in from Charleston, West Virginia.

    My top 3 things are:
    1. Consistent and Daily prayer and bible study
    2. Eat healthier
    3. Exercise more

    Have a blessed week everyone!!

  85. Dorrie from Arizona
    Learning to hear God.
    Getting back to my healthy eating habits and getting the sugar out of my life.
    More willingness to move and just take care of myself

  86. Deborah from Canada
    1. more deep and grateful time with God
    2. eating healthy all day
    3. exercise every day

  87. South central Pennsylvania
    Send card of encouragement to at least 1 lady at church every wee
    Compliment 3 people a day
    Walk during lunch hour at work

  88. Greetings, Ladies!

    My big three right now:
    1) daily spending quality time with God
    2) ways to communicate constructively while staying in control of emotions
    3) practice piano

  89. Hi! I’m Jackie from Dalton, Ohio.

    Goals are:

    1. Exercise 5 days a week – 30 minutes minimum
    2. Slowed-down Bible study + prayer list daily
    3. Water 80 oz (5-16 oz glasses) daily

  90. Southern Oklahoma girl

    Top 3
    1: sleep \ wake routine(since the separation my bed time has gone out the window)
    2: Praying continuously for my marriage and my estranged husband salvation
    3:Bible Time a Priority.. Being in the WORD before the World

  91. From Indiana PA.

    1) Quiet time with God each day in prayer and reading the Bible.
    2) Exercise and/or walk 5 times /wk.
    3) Eating Healthier.

  92. Hi –
    1. Read my bible daily
    2. prayer life
    3. take care of self; eat better & get sleep

    I’d like to ask for prayer. I am a pastor’s wife. We minister is a small church. I feel inadequate at times & feel like I need to be the example to the women in the church.

  93. Stacy from Iowa
    So glad to be back with Courtney and all of you!

    1. exercise daily and eat cleaner
    2. intentional with my time including time to relax
    3. Pray daily with intention, not just clock time

  94. Hello, from Bowie, Maryland!!!
    1. Daily (morning) time with the Lord
    2. Exercise every day
    3. Create something lovely, every day

  95. From California
    1. Finish this challenge
    2. Daily Bible reading
    3. Declutter and organize the house

  96. Checking in from Belcamp, Maryland
    My top three:
    1. My walk with God, Bible reading
    2. Social media/organize my time better
    3. Better sleeping schedule

  97. My big 3….

    1. Make healthy eating plan to lose weight in order to get my type II diabetes under control.
    2. Make a plan to take my meds and supplements on time daily
    3. Develop a healthy exercise program

  98. 1. Stop procrastinating
    2. Digging deep into the word
    3. Be intentional with my husband & kids

  99. Checking in from Vacaville, California
    So far my 3 are:
    1. Tracking my food every day
    2. More intentional and consistent daily prayer and quiet time
    3. To Be Still

    Man it was hard to pick just 3! There are so many areas I need to work on!!!!

  100. Nalani checking in from Michigan. My top 3 are: 1)Daily prayer/bible reading. 2) Daily exercise and eating healthy 3) getting organized and maintaining a routine.

  101. Oh, this is hard for me – I love the idea of committing to 3 things and I have already been tracking some stuff in the habit tracker since mid-March. However, I have issues around failure connected to my anxiety and one thing that came out of therapy a while ago was that I need to cut down on how much I demand of myself so that I don’t “fail”. So I don’t want to do too much.

    For the last couple of months I have managed to stick to a pattern of both taking some exercise and studying the Bible every day. Would it be cheating if I took those as 2 of my 3 habits? I’d like to increase my prayer time in addition to the Bible study and also try to do a bit of housework every day rather than let it build up and then have to blitz it.

    So I think am choosing
    1. Exercise
    2. Bible study/prayer
    3. Housework

    Hardest for me is if I have to miss a day, to give myself grace and keep going, rather than give up altogether.

    1. My tracker hasn’t come yet so I am excited to see what the pages actually are for this. Excited to do this and want to make it a “habit” to do certain things. It’s so easy to get side tracked and let things fall apart. I agree I don’t want to give up if I fail in an area a day.

  102. I am joining from Jacksonville Fl. Mty three trackers this month are a consistent prayer life, to stusy and apply the Word daily and to be honest with God about my feelings throughout the day.

  103. Coming from Peoria, Illinois I desparately need these:
    1. Stay away from computer at least 1 hour daily
    2 Starting to pray more effectively
    3 Motivation to become more active

  104. Checking in~
    1. Get clean: physically, spirituality, emotionally, literally.
    2. Coach: mentor, instruct, encourage .
    3. Order: The Lord 1st, cut chaos and pursue order to succeed with #1 and #2.
    Also, to be more joyful!

  105. Abilene, TX
    1~Closer walk/connection with Jesus and walk of obedience
    2~Major overhaul in my eating habits and weight loss
    3~Restore order in my apartment and release a lot of clutter

    Prayers for each one here….as we strive to do our best!

  106. 1. Study my Bible daily.
    2. Strengthen my relationship w/my teen daughter.
    3. Be healthier
    Do we check in here or can we do it on your Instagram page?

  107. Hey y’all! I’m a wife and mother of 5! I live in Northwood, North Dakota & originally from Texas.

    My 3 goals are:

    1- Bible Study & Prayer
    2- Change my wording
    3- Think before I reply

    Lord God,

    I pray for all of the women doing this Habit tracker, and others who will do it later on. That you would shine your light on us while you help us accomplish our new glorious habits, so, that we may show off for you Lord and show people the way to you. Starting with us and our families first.

    In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.

  108. I’m Amy from Missouri. My three are: more time devoted to His word, focus on healthy eating and removing clutter from my life.

  109. Hi Christy from Georgia!

    My 3
    1- Pray and study the bible more
    2- Cook more at home ( healthy choices)
    3-Declutter and have a clean home!

  110. Violeta Lopez-Unzueta
    Albuquerque, NM
    1. Quiet time in the Word
    2. Healthy eating
    3. Exercise

  111. Checking in from Southern California
    1: being consistent in doing my bible study
    2: Homeschooling with more love , not just going through the motions
    3: health.

  112. Stephanie checking in from Central Florida. 1. Read the Bible daily
    2. Exercise daily
    3. Housework

  113. I don’t remember signing in yesterday. I would say my top 3 would be: spending more quality quiet time and in prayer (not letting things get in the way or distracting me), getting the house decluttered and getting it clean, and making sure I eat healthier. I could go on but I think I will say those would be my top three. I am checking in from Ohio where it has gone from winter to summer almost overnight.

  114. Hi, I’m Emily from California.

    My 3

    1. Daily Quiet Time
    2. Track Calories
    3. Walk 10,000 steps

    I commented also on Instagram- thanks for your prayers Courtney!!

  115. A little late to the party. ????

    Tiffnie Lotts – HTX
    1. Inductive study at least 3 times a week.
    2. Daily hit my knees – repent and pray.
    3. Learn to create a joy filled house (tidy, meal plan, budget).

    I’m about to have my 4th child. Oldest is 6. We own a business that’s is rocky right now and it’s a tad stressful. Praying to grow and keep some kind of joy through this.

    1. Tiffnie,
      I’m in Nacogdoches. My sons are adults and we own a retail paint store. My husband and I have been in business for over 35 years and I understand where you are coming from. God has always provided for us just enough. Several years ago it meant selling our home and downsizing. Adding you to my prayer list. Fatigue with young ones – I remember. My 2 youngest sons are only 12 months apart and my oldest son is 8 & 9 years older.
      We see each other every day as we work together.
      I love your #3. Have you heard of Erin Chase from San Antonio? Great meal plans.

  116. Anna – Ft Worth Texas
    My focus will be…

    1. Prayer ????????
    2. Walk 4-5 x week
    3. Work my way through paperwork 30min a day

  117. My top 3

    1. Read Bible/prayer daily
    2. Exercise daily/healthy eating
    3. Read a book a month for fun!!

  118. Hello. I’m from Bedias, Tx

    My top 3

    *spending more time reading/praying
    *not over scheduling myself/prioritizing
    *worrying less/trusting God and giving Him control over everything

  119. Lissette from Arizona; I have not read through the week’s teachings yet or spend time with God to narrow down my top three. Please stay posted for mine! I look forward to having accountability partners.

  120. Hello Courtney

    Checking in from Jos,Nigeria
    My top three are-:

    1. Consistent Prayer life and daily Bible reading.
    2. Healthy eating and Daily exercise /walking 10,000 steps.
    3. Limit social media and plough that time into more hours of sleep and reading more books.

    I would really love to have accountability partners

    LORD…Help me!!!

  121. 1. Consistent in waking up at 4 am for prayer (adding a candle)
    2. Healthy eating
    3. Reading and meditating on the word daily

    I am Gillian from Cape Town, south africa

    1. I guess I should be grateful for my insomnia as our coffee pot is set at 4 a.m. and I’m already awake. Praying for you Gillian that you will have a deep and healing sleep at night so you will wake up early to pray.
      Putting you in my prayer list.

  122. Hey!

    Colleen, here! Checking in & committing to this Habit Tracking lifestyle from Vermont, USA! So excited.

  123. Live in Celina, TX.

    Read more–1 book/month–this includes Christian living, horse training, and real estate topics. I read/study the Bible daily already.
    Write–develop my personal and professional blogs and post weekly on both
    Ride–ride my horses 3 times/week

  124. A little late to the party as well. I’ve been deep in thought and prayer about my 3 areas that I need to work on. They were obvious all the time; but admitting them on here is a huge step … of commitment! My 3 areas:
    1. Eat healthy, lose weight!
    2. Increase my work out time vs. social media!
    3. Get my spending under control!

    Thanks for the accountability that I need!

  125. Thank you for doing this!!

    1. Read and Journal in my bible study!
    2. Exercise/cooking healthy for my family!
    3. Keep a better track of my finances.

  126. Afternoon. I am late on my check-in. I am from Myrtle Beach, SC. I honestly do not know where I need to focus. Seems like I have so many different things going on and they all feel equally important. I will say that my anxiety should take first or second. I am having loads of anxiety attacks (like right now) and it’s frustrating and tiring. So #1–Anxiety—Find out my triggers and how to help alleviate what I can to calm down #2–I want to focus more on praying purposefully for my husband. #3–I want to do better with my activity level!

  127. Thank you for doing this! Checking in from central Minnesota! So humbling to know that you will cheer me on as I boldly proclaim my 3 area’s and prepare for this amazing adventure that I will embark on. It means so much to know that you will be by my side cheering me on! Thank you!

    1.) Be present and engaged where I am
    2.) Be still and listen for God to speak to me
    3.) Better financial decisions

  128. Wow…how our deepest desires are so much more alike than different…still thinking on my 3 but I resonate with all the main ones listed I hear over and over again. Wishing all success in overcoming bad habits and replacing with joyful new ones!

  129. My top 3

    1 spending more time in prayer/family devotions
    2 less time on phone/ tv/social media
    3use my time wisely and being productive .

  130. My top 3:
    *Stick to deadlines/due dates.
    *Exercise daily for 30 minutes
    *Write daily

  131. Checking in from Neodesha KS!
    My top 3:
    1) Wake up early for quiet time with the Lord
    2) Exercise
    3) Journal more

  132. Just got my book yesterday! Got to look at it this morning. Checking in from central Iowa. My 3 trackers will be:

    *Meal planning

  133. I’m getting started a week to late, but I need this desperately. I was already praying about this before I found this in my email this morning from weeks ago.
    My three.
    -Quiet Time: Finish writing out the book of Ruth, continue writing out Ephesians. Listen to Ruth
    sermons podcast, Pray and record my prayers. Meditate on the scriptures I write/read.
    -Return to my Tuesday morning prayer group.
    -Health: self control in everything I put in my body. Sleep routine for restorative sleep. Quit wasting time on all media.
    I am Margaret from East Texas.

  134. Hi. My name is Millie and I’m from Bristol, Tennessee.
    My 3 Goals are:
    1. Getting healthy by walking/exercising more getting outside more often since the weather is nicer.
    2. Daily Quiet Time with the Lord.
    I struggle with this daily. I am good for 2 to 3 days then stop and wonder why I’m going crazy then realize that I forgot to pray or read my bible. Really there is no excuse. I have a bible app on my phone.
    3. Staying focused on the task at hand.
    I’m a Stay at Home Wife and Mom. Sometimes cleaning the house is hard because I walk into one room and forget what I’m doing and walk out and 5 hours later remember what the heck I was doing.

  135. I’m starting late! I’m from Pennsylvania and I’m gonna work on top 4 because I need all of them right now. Anyway, here they are:
    1- Building friendships
    2- Daily prayers
    3- Cleaning
    4 – Finishing tasks I start

  136. I’m starting late too. I’m from South FL and am extremely grateful they Jesus invaded my life 10 years ago! He has, is, and will continue to break chains in my life! My top 3 are:
    1. Spiritual-daily reading and prayer time
    2. Health-making better choices with my eating and drinking choices, exercise 3-4 times a week
    3. Family-spend more quality time together by focusing on food, fun and homeschooling

  137. I wish I had the courage to list my three top issues that need help but I am dedicating myself to this challenge to overcome my problems. thank you for understanding!!!!

  138. It seems that in every direction I look, I’m sorely lacking good habits and discipline. I intended to start this challenge with all of you on May 1st, and then I promptly forgot about it. Then, I thought of it again about a month later, and forgot it again! Here I am, today, trying to take some steps to get started in earnest and remember. My list of habits that need attention is long, and prioritizing them is a challenge in itself. So many of them seem important, but I know what I need and want most are firm habits related to being in God’s Word… so, the three habits I’m going to focus on here are to daily memorize Scripture, dig into the Bible, and pray. I don’t think any of the rest will matter much if I neglect these, and I’m sure these habits will impact all the rest. These are not new behaviors, but I greatly lack consistency. My plan is to focus on these habits first thing in the morning. I can also do Scripture review when I’m walking and driving. I haven’t done much memory work for some years, but I’ve begun Romans 8 and I’m currently up to verse 10. I’m thankful for that!!! …and, for this challenge, too. I know the official challenge is over, but better late for me than not at all.

  139. Hi Courtney,
    I don’t know if I’m ready for this yet. But I thought it would be good to try. I’ve been on a health recovery journey since January 2017, it’s been slow but progress is being made.
    Top three priorities:
    1. Health is still number one
    2. Prayer and Bible Study
    3. Daily Routines
    I’m looking forward to getting back into a daily routine.
    Thank you for the tools to begin this journey.

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