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Find all of the free resources you need to continue the Good Morning Girls' study through the book of John. This week we are reading John 16-21. #Biblestudy #John #WomensBibleStudy #GoodMorningGirls

Welcome back to Week 4 in the Book of John.  This study is going by SO quickly!  I’m sad it’s almost over.

Did you miss last week’s video?  Here it is again!

This week’s resources include the final chapter in the book of John – chapter 21. That will be next Monday’s reading.

If you are new here – jump in with our reading this week and catch up on the weekends.  All are welcome to join anytime – there are no enrollments or sign-ups!

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan:

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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Chapter 16

Jesus said his children will face struggles.  We will not go from victory to victory without any valleys.  But we should be encouraged, when we are in the midst of a valley, to know that Jesus is with us and has overcome the world.

Jesus did not tell us to cheer up or try harder, but rather to take heart, be encouraged and rest in His peace.  Are you in a trial that has discouraged you? How does it help you to remember that Jesus is with you, loves you and has overcome this world?

Chapter 17

Eternal life comes through knowing God and God manifested himself in bodily form through his son Jesus.  We may know a lot of Bible verses and know a lot about God but that is different than knowing God personally.  The unique thing about being a Christian is that it is more than just a religion; it is a genuine, intimate relationship with God!

It is such a blessing to know God personally and to also have the assurance of eternal life!  Share below how you have personally experienced God in an intimate way in your life.

Chapter 18

When Jesus declared, “I am” the soldiers who came to arrest him realized they were not dealing with a normal man.  This man had power and commanded authority. Jesus had the situation completely under his control and they were powerless to arrest him unless he allowed them to do so.  All Jesus did was speak words and they were knocked to the ground!

Are you amazed at the power of your God?  Jesus loves you so much that he willingly gave his life for you.  How does this make you feel?

Chapter 19

When Jesus said, “It is finished”, this was not the cry of defeat but of triumph! Jesus had accomplished what he came to do. His work was complete and so he bowed his head in peace and willingly gave up his spirit.

Oh what a beautiful picture of his love for you and me!  Jesus had authority over the soldiers and over his death but he willingly surrendered His life for us.  Is there an area of your life that God is asking you to willingly surrender to Him? What is holding you back?  Trust God today and fully surrender!

Chapter 20

Thomas doubted.  Thomas said he would never believe Jesus had risen unless he saw with his own eyes the mark of the nails and unless he could place his own hand, into his side.

Do you sometimes doubt God? Maybe you doubt he has truly forgiven you or you doubt that he has a good plan for you.  Where does that doubt come from?  What is the source of it?  Pray and ask God to help you fight your doubts and overcome them.  Trust God and His word today.

Chapter 21

Peter had denied Jesus three times, so Jesus asked Peter three times, “Do you love me?”

Jesus is not looking for us to be good or do good deeds.  He wants our heart.  He wants our love and affection.  Once he has our heart and all of our love – repentance and obedience will follow. Do you love Jesus?  Tell him how much you love him today.

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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  1. I’m really enjoying your Bible Study books which I do ever morning which I’m on Jonn and just finishing it up and I did Both Kings and Rest and Release and I’m waiting on 1 Corinthians which is suppose to arrive any day now and I had to go through a divorce that I didn’t want to happen at all and wasn’t nice either but I couldn’t make him stay and had to give it to God which my ex remarried 10 years ago this month May…???? Not long after our divorce which the end of June will be 11 years sence my divorce and it still hurts at times especially now he’s remarried with a new family and it felt like I been thrown away like I’m trash or something because I waited to be with my husband on our wedding night and never been with another man at all because I don’t believe in being with a man outside of marriage…

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