It’s Time to Begin! {Intro and Resources for 2 Corinthians}

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Cue the Confetti!  It’s time to begin!!!  I am so excited to begin the Book of 2 Corinthians with you!

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The book of 2 Corinthians is Paul’s second letter to the Corinthians. In Paul’s first letter, he reprimanded the church for their divisions, disorder, and lack of love inside the church.  After they received the letter, Titus informed Paul that the church had repented of their sins but that there were some false teachers challenging Paul’s authority in the church.  So, Paul wrote a second letter to the church at Corinth.

This letter is different from the first letter because it’s very personal.  There are details in this book about Paul’s personal life, that are found nowhere else in the New Testament. Paul is thankful for their repentance and obedience to the Lord and he writes to comfort them.  Paul explains some of the hardships he has endured for the sake of Christ and also shares about a personal thorn in the flesh, that has kept him dependent on God.  He then goes on to exhort the believers to live with a heart of forgiveness and generosity towards others.  He calls them to live separate from the world and he ends the letter by warning them against false teachers.

Overview of 2 Corinthians

The Purpose:  Paul wrote a second time to the Corinthians to comfort, encourage and instruct them.  He was overjoyed to hear that they were obeying the Lord and he encouraged them to press on in their obedience to the Lord through forgiveness and generosity.  He also warned them to be on guard against false teachers.

The Author: Paul the Apostle

Time Period: Around 55-57 A.D.

Key Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:17

Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation.  The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.

The Outline:

  1. Introduction (1:1-2)
  2. Paul’s Ministry Explained (1:3-7:16)
  3. Generosity Encouraged (8 – 9)
  4. Defense Against False Teachers (10-12)
  5. Conclusion (13)

For an even more in-depth Introduction to this week’s reading, watch this video. It is a great explanation of 2 Corinthians!

Now let’s get started!

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan:

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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Chapter 1

There was purpose in the afflictions of Paul.  Paul experienced the comfort of God and as a result was able to comfort others, with the comfort he had received.  The word comfort here means to lessen the sadness of someone and strengthen them with hope.

Not only is God our comforter in difficult times, but he wants to use us to be a comfort to others.  There is purpose behind our pain, but we must first be humble enough to admit that we need the comfort of God, in order to receive it.  Do you need God’s comfort today?  Ask him for it.  Then name a time when you were hurting, and God comforted and strengthened you.  How did God do that?  And in what ways can you be a comfort to someone else?

Chapter 2

Paul emphasized the importance of the church forgiving and loving someone who had fallen into sin and then repented.  In verse 10, he warns the church to be aware of the schemes of Satan.  Satan likes to use a person’s mistakes along with the condemnation of believers, to ruin a person who could be experiencing freedom, love, joy, peace, victory and fellowship.

Are you aware of the enemy’s tactics?  Do not be fooled.  We become tools in the hands of Satan, when we will not extend love to someone who has sought forgiveness.  Now that you are aware of this device that the enemy uses, can you think of someone who needs your love reaffirmed to them? How can you be used by God to show them love this week? 

Chapter 3

Within the trinity, there is God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  They are three in one.  Verse 17 tells us that the Lord is Spirit and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.  Because of Christ’s death on the cross, we have direct access to God the Father and the Holy Spirit inside of us.  We are never alone.  He both guides and comforts us and has freed us from our sin and the law.

The freedom that comes from the Lord is not a freedom to disobey God.  That is a twisted freedom rather than a spirit filled freedom.  The freedom that comes from the Lord is a freedom from the need to strive or despair over our sin.  We can rest in the Lord and live forgiven and free.  Are you living free?  Do you take advantage of the freedom the Spirit has given you?  In what area are you not free and you need to be freed? Pray and ask the Lord to help you live free.

Chapter 4

Life is short. All of the affliction we suffer here on earth is but for a moment in comparison to eternity.  Until we understand the eternal weight of glory (v.17), we will not be able to see our afflictions as light.  When we focus on what we see and on the temporary things of this world, life can feel unbearably hard.  But when we consider the unseen world and heaven that awaits us, our troubles here on earth come into better perspective.

Sometimes our struggles can make us sad, bitter, angry, resentful and simply miserable.  The more we think about our problems, the bigger they become, but the more we consider the hope that awaits us in heaven, the stronger we become.  Is there something troubling you today?  How does taking your focus off of that problem and focusing on the unseen world that awaits you, give you hope and strength to press on through the hard times?

Chapter 5

No matter who you are – if you are born again, you are more than just forgiven – you are changed!  Just as God created the world, he recreates us into a new creation.  Each day as we grow closer to him, he changes our hearts desires and fills us with his love, joy and peace.

Religion can change our behavior but a genuine relationship with God changes our heart.  How has God changed your life?  What old things have you left behind and what new things has he done in your life?

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for 2 Corinthians.

Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

Here is the SOAK method I refer to in the video:

And the Bible Coloring  Bookmark:Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark 2Click HERE to Print the full page Coloring Chart
or here for the Bookmark Coloring Chart

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I refer to in the video:

Highlighters – Acid Free – Bible Hi-Glider
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I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible and the ESV Journaling Bible as my personal study Bible.

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The book of 2 Corinthians is an encouraging book.  It is going to both comfort and challenge you.  I am in prayer for you all and asking God to help us understand his word clearly.  Some of the chapters are long, so be sure to leave at least 20 minutes for your reading each day.

I can’t wait to see how God reveals himself personally to each of us, as we read the book of 2 Corinthians together, chapter by chapter.  So, let’s get started!  Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite drink and open your Bible and SOAK it in!

Have a wonderful week in God’s Word – I’ll see you back here on the blog this Friday as we go deeper into God’s Word together!  Don’t forget to join me every weekday morning out on Facebook and Instagram!

Keep walking with the King,


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  1. Hooray, Day 1! I’m excited to be studying along with others! Praying for wisdom and transformation as we dig into this letter. 🙂

  2. I started reading 2 Corinthians a month ago and wanted to continue with you all. I pray for a repentant heart like the Corinthians had.

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