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Silencing the Noise: How to Hear the Whispers of God through the Loudness of Life

Silencing the Noise is a four-week journey toward quieting your soul and experiencing the peace of God’s love and wisdom in your everyday life. Discover how to hear the whispers of God through the loudness of your daily routines and demands.

This Sale Also Includes Our NEWEST Course

How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing

How to Break Free from the Prison of People Pleasing is a four-week journey designed to help you release the stress of other people’s expectations and discover how God’s opinion of you is what matters most. Find rest for your anxious, people-pleasing heart through this amazing online course!

Both Courses Include:

•       Weekly Bible teaching videos designed to apply God’s Word to your daily circumstances and challenges

•       Quiet time resources for spending meaningful time with the Lord, including weekly devotions, prayer journaling sheets, reflection questions and more

•       Weekly Q&A replay with the mentors and course participants from the original live Zoom Calls

What People Are Saying

“ There were so many practical and life changing ideas to help guide my thinking to protect my own time and my family values. I loved that I could complete this course at my own pace as I am a busy mother of three! Thank you Ruth, Karen, and Courtney! Can’t wait for the next Mentorship course!”

“Within two weeks of this course I could see a big difference… I tell you the peace and freedom that came…. Hallelujah! This course helped me to see it God’s way and and I came up with my OWN action plan that customized my walk with the Lord. Thank you, Ladies.”

“I loved this course. Hearing the word of God and topics that we face as women in huge ways spoken about by strong God loving women that have been through life and learned from God was amazing!!

There’s not enough of this out there for us women I don’t think. It was real and raw and very needed in our world today that constantly Pulls us in every direction as moms. I gained fresh perspectives and was able to slow down so I could be intentional with my time.”

“I have been following the mentors for years through their blogs or books. It has been a tremendous blessing to my life and my family. This course was amazing to be able to connect in a more intimate way with them each week.

I am a woman who is trying to follow God’s calling on my life for my family and vocational ministry. This course re-motivated me post-Covid blues to get back on track with my schedule, mission, and ministry. LOVED it!”

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