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Welcome back to Week 4 of our Summer Bible Study in the book of 2 Chronicles.  We have reached the half way point!!!  So if you are still with us – Way to go!

If you missed any part of our summer series, you can still join us!

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Here’s what mine looked like last week:

This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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2 Chronicles 16

Asa had started out so well in his reign in Judah. He had abolished idolatry and brought the land of Judah back to worship of the one, true God. As a result, they had rest, and in when Israel and Ethiopia came against Judah with significantly larger armies, God defended Judah and conquered their enemies. But here is Asa now, after a long season of rest from war, Israel is blocking the main route into Judah, cutting off supplies and pilgrims from entering there. But rather that trusting in God to save them, Asa forms a treaty with Syria using treasuries from the house of the Lord.

At first glance, it seems that Asa’s plan worked as Israel abandoned its project. However, Asa’s about to learn a tragic lesson about compromise. The prophet Hanani comes to Asa with a word from the Lord telling him that because Asa had chosen this time to trust man, and not God, his compromise has cost him his true enemy. You see, Asa supposed that his enemy was Israel, when in reality the larger enemy was Syria. Sadly, his compromise cost him greatly, and he died a different man than when he began ruling Judah. I am wondering today, is there an area of your life where you have been compromising? Compromise distorts our vision and prevents us from seeing where true danger lies; it prevents us from walking in true victory. If there is an area where you’ve been living in compromise, take some time today, sit before God, and repent. Ask him to show you how you can begin living devoted only to him.

2 Chronicles 17

Asa’s son Jehoshaphat has inherited the throne of Judah, and not only did he immediately begin strengthening Judah against the very real threat of Israel, but he walked in the ways of the Lord and removed the high places and wooden images from Judah.

Because Jehoshaphat courageously tore down the high places and wooden images from Judah once again, and then sent out men throughout the whole kingdom to teach the people God’s law, great fear of the Lord fell on their border countries and they did not seek to attack Judah. Instead, these countries gave gifts to Jehoshaphat. God made Jehoshaphat a powerful king, and Judah a powerful kingdom. Jehoshaphat’s courage to eliminate idolatry, and then teach the entire land of Judah God’s law, brough blessing upon them and he strengthened them as a nation. How well do you know God’s word? It is one thing to know about God’s word, but entirely another to really know his word. David said that he hid God’s word in his heart so that he wouldn’t sin against God. God’s word is a great defense against Satan’s trap. Do you have God’s word hidden in your heart? We can all do more to know God’s word. Take some time today to meditate on today’s verse, and then purpose in your heart to make getting to know God’s word a daily habit. If you do, I know that just as King Jehoshaphat and the land of Judah were blessed and strengthened by learning and delighting in God’s law, you will see greater blessing and delight in the Lord as you make this a daily habit.

2 Chronicles 18

Jehoshaphat has been blessed by God but has made an unwise alliance with King Ahab through marriage that nearly cost him his life. He goes down to visit Ahab, and Ahab asks him to go to battle with him against Syria. Jehoshaphat immediately agrees, but then asks that they inquire of the Lord, whether it is his will. Ahab has many prophets who, filled with a lying spirit, prophesy only what he wants to hear. Sensing that something isn’t quite right, Jehoshaphat asks if there is a prophet of the Lord in Israel. Ahab admits that there is one, whom he hates because the prophet never prophesies anything positive.

Micaiah the prophet of the Lord is called. He is warned by the king’s servant to speak only positive things; but he boldly proclaims that he will only speak what God speaks through him. He prophesied that Ahab would die in battle; and once again, Ahab doesn’t like the word the Lord gave. Nevertheless, Ahab and Jehoshaphat go to battle where Ahab is, indeed, killed. We are living in a time when truth is a commodity because so many believers only want to speak what the world wants to hear. God’s Word is still absolute truth, even when culture doesn’t want to accept it as truth. As salt and light, we have an obligation to boldly speak that truth, even when it isn’t positive or acceptable because God’s truth is the power unto salvation. Do you find it hard, or even intimidating, to stand for the truth? Pray and ask God to fill you with boldness so that like Micaiah, you can boldly speak God’s word in the face of deception and distortion.

2 Chronicles 19

Jehoshaphat has returned to Judah from the battle in which Ahab was killed and is met by the prophet Hanani who warns him that God is angry with him for creating an alliance with the most ungodly and perverse king of Israel – Ahab, and for joining with him in battle against Syria. However, God did see that despite this very big flaw in Jehoshaphat, he does sincerely love and honor the Lord and has been diligent to remove idolatry from the land.

Jehoshaphat goes on to send judges throughout the whole country to set up a just legal system that judges based on God’s law. He commands the judges and Levites to fear the Lord and judge for him, not for man. Solomon said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. How well do you walk in the fear of the Lord? Are you living your life wisely? In today’s culture, living in the fear of the Lord requires courage, and just as Jehoshaphat encouraged the judges and Levites to deal courageously with their judgements, so we need to courageously let the fear of the Lord guide is our decision making. It may not always make us the most popular among our friends, but the Lord will be with us as we live uprightly in wisdom and righteousness.

2 Chronicles 20

3 nations have allied together to come against Jehoshaphat and all of Judah. Instead of responding out of fear, Jehoshaphat turns to God in faith and calls on the whole nation to fast and pray. They cry out to God, and as Jehoshaphat is praying a prayer declaring God’s supernatural strength to save them, Jahaziel speaks out and reminds them that they do not need to be afraid or discouraged because the threat from these nations, for this is God’s battle, and he will fight for them.

The interesting thing we see in this story is, although this battle was God’s battle, Judah still showed up. Verse 20 says that they rose early in the morning and went out to the wilderness. They were not passive in their faith, they were active. The army lined up, and Jehoshaphat sent out the singers and worshippers to go before the army in faith knowing that even though the battle wasn’t won yet, it would be won because God said it would. Are you in a battle right now? Does it seem that the forces fighting against you are numerous? God has already promised that the fire will not consume you and the flood will not overtake you. He will fight for you. Do not be afraid or discouraged. Keep showing up each day, spending time with the Lord in the word and in prayer, perhaps even fasting is needed for this battle. And as you continue to show up in faith, you will see the victory!

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for 2 Chronicles.

Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

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