How Much of the Bible Do You Think We Should Read?

150 year old Bible pages with copyspace

The ship has left the dock and the Good Morning Girls have embarked on a long, fruitful journey as we read through the Bible – cover to cover, one chapter at a time. We are about to complete the book of Genesis this Friday!  Way to go GMGs! The Bible is a BIG book!  This is no small endeavor but consider this: There are 66 books in the Bible. How many of them do you think God wants us to read? What a joy it is to have accountability here as we travel this journey together.  If you did not join […]

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Free Good Morning Girls Advent Study & December’s Reading Plan

Advent Study Logo

This week the Good Morning Girls will complete Genesis! Hooray!  You all have done an amazing job following along! Here is this week’s reading plan: Next up, is the book of Psalms.  We will finish November in the book of Psalms and read Psalms all through December as well. For those who just joined the “Reading Through the Bible Series”, we read Psalm chapters 1 & 2 back in September, so we will be starting in Psalm 3 on November 24th.  (You may want to read Psalm 1 & 2 next weekend before we begin –sorry that’s confusing!) Here’s next […]

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When You Can’t Hold Back Your Tears {Genesis 42-45}

when you can't hold back the tears

  Today I want to answer a really important question asked by a reader on Wednesday in the comment section. She asked, “When you forgive someone, does that mean you have to have a relationship with them?” We’re also going to cover this week’s Good Morning Girl’s reading.  As we look at Joseph in Genesis 42-45,  we see Joseph weeping privately from the pain his brothers caused him, then he washes his face and steps back into public view –with strength. If you’ve had to hold back tears in public that sometimes flow easily in private…then this video is for you: […]

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What is the Meaning of Your Name?

what is the meaning of your name

What is the meaning of your name? Were you named after someone special? I am going to share who I was named after – but first let’s turn to Genesis. The Good Morning Girls are reading chapters 41-45 this week and we are covering the life of Joseph. At the age of 17, Joseph was sold by his brothers to the Ishmaelite’s. From there he was sold once again to Potiphar, an officer of Pharaoh.  From there he was unjustly imprisoned and then at the age of thirty he was released. “Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service […]

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This Week’s Bible Reading Plan {11.10.14}


We are nearing the end of Genesis!!  I have LOVED reading this book of the Bible with you! Here is this week’s Good Morning Girls Bible Reading Plan: And this month’s bookmark with the reading plan: This is a free printable – click here to print it. If you missed this week’s video – here it is again. {If you can’t see the video titled: 4 Qualities We Need to Be Used By God <—- click here} Walk with the King, Courtney Don’t forget!  If you were planning to purchase the Christian Living Ultimate Bundle of 75ebooks (valued at over […]

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When You Feel Forgotten {Genesis 40}

When you feel forgotten

Have you felt forgotten? Maybe you feel unappreciated or unnoticed by your husband or a child. Maybe you have a father or mother who has walked out on you. Or perhaps a friend has quit calling or caring. Maybe you have missed church a lot lately and no one has called to see if you are okay. Or maybe you have helped someone…more than once… and now you need them, and they are no where to be found. And maybe, just maybe, you wonder sometimes if God has forgotten about you too. It hurts.  I know. Today, the Good Morning […]

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4 Qualities We Need to Be Used By God {Genesis 1-38 Review}

hands of a potter

Last Friday, I missed making a video, so this week – we’ll have a Wednesday video – and Friday devotional. Have you ever felt like you aren’t enough? You aren’t good enough, smart enough or talented enough to be used by God? Then this video is for you! Today’s video lists four qualities from scripture, we need to possess — to be used by God: {Are you reading this in an email – click on over to the blog now to see this video} As we read through Genesis we see –God uses broken and messy lives for his glory. […]

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November Bible Reading Plan {11.2.14}

November Bible Reading Plan

  November has arrived!! I love the month of November!  The cool crisp Ohio air and crackling leaves beneath my feet put a spring in my step. I also love our reading plan for this month.  Genesis has taught me SO much. This month we finish Genesis and move into Psalms. Some of you asked why we are not starting at Psalm 1 (good question!). The reason is because we read Psalm 1 & 2 in September (see my post here).  So we will begin at Psalm 3 on November 24th and then continue on in December in the book […]

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Making Disciples of All Nations

Go and make disciples of all nations

I do not have a Genesis post for you all today.  I’m so sorry! You might notice that my site has been updated with a fresh and clean look.  As a result, I did not get my video I had planned -made – so I’ll save that message for another day. Instead, I wanted to share with you about how God is working in Germany through Good Morning Girls AND invite you to join the GMG International Team…(that’s coming at the end of this post). First – let me introduce you to Katja. Katja and I met on-line in 2010 […]

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More Love: Less Comparing {Genesis 29-31}

More Love Less Comparing

Have you experienced a mean girl in your life? Mean girls watch and compare.  They are discontent, jealous of anything good that comes your way, insecure and keep score.  Mean girls happen outside the church, inside the church, and even in the family. What we need in this world is more love and less comparing.  Competition can sneak up on us when we least expect it. Maybe someone else’s Facebook status leads us to envious feelings or someone’s new decorating makes us insecure about our home.  Maybe it’s the success of a sister or the failure of our own dreams […]

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This Week’s GMG Reading Plan {10.26.14}

Genesis Reading Plan Week 5

Here is this week’s reading plan:   For those who like to plan ahead…here’s next month’s printable book mark. Please note that starting next week – there’s no weekend reading.   The reading plan will only cover Monday through Friday. Use your weekends to catch up if you are behind or to reflect and go deeper with the reading from that week.   This is a free printable – click here to print it.   Did you miss Friday’s video?  Here it is again for those who missed it. See you back here this Wednesday and Friday to discuss this […]

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When You Are Tired of Waiting On God {Genesis 27}

sad girl on the windowsill looking out the window

  Have you ever been at the end of your rope and just simply tired of waiting on God? You pray and pray and you can’t possibly see how God can come through… If you are in this place today, this video is for you: {if you are subscribed to Women Living Well and are receiving this in an email – don’t miss out on the content of this video – please click through here to view it.} Isaiah 40:31 says: “But they who wait for the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; […]

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