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We are almost there.  We have just 3 weeks left in the book of 2 Chronicles.  If you are still going strong – I’m proud of you.  It is not easy to complete a 7 week study in the middle of the summer! Keep going!!!

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This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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2 Chronicles 21

We read today about the severe consequences of compromise. Jehoshaphat was a godly man, but he compromised by not only forming an alliance with Ahab, king of Israel, but also giving his oldest son in marriage to Ahab’s wicked daughter. After Jehoshaphat’s death, his son Jehoram killed all of his brothers to ensure that no one would steal his throne. Judah deteriorated at an alarming rate, with Edom’s revolt and then Libnah’s. Following that, the Philistines and the Arabians came and raided his house, taking his wife and children – leaving only his youngest behind. Jehorah reigned for only eight years, died in agony, and was not mourned by anyone. What a tragic story!

If Jehoshaphat had been given a glimpse into the future to see the consequences of his compromise surely, he would have chosen differently. But God does not give us that luxury. We have to trust that when he warns us to make no alliances with those who hate him, he sees what we cannot see. While to everyone else around us, yoking ourselves with those dishonor God seems like the most logical choice, God warns that it won’t end well, but that obedience to his commands is greatly rewarded. Have you been tempted to compromise, just because it seems to make sense? Or have you already made a compromise that you regret? Pray and commit yourself to following God’s commands, even if it doesn’t make sense right now. God did not destroy the house of David because of his covenant. He is always faithful to keep his covenant, even when we’re not faithful; and this is how we know we can trust him, even when we cannot see the end from the beginning. He is faithful and true!

2 Chronicles 22

The consequences for Jehoshaphat’s compromise with Ahab have now reached to the second generation, as Ahaziah, son of Jehoram, ascends to the throne. His greatest adviser was his mother Athalia, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, who gave him wicked advise. Because of King Ahaziah’s close ties with the house of Ahab, that is still ruling in Israel, he went to visit Jehoram (the son of Ahab, also named Jehoram) to comfort him as he recovered from being wounded in a battle against Syria. During this time, Jehu was rebelling against Jehoram and killed him. Ahaziah, in fear for his life, hid in Samaria; but Jehu and his men found him and killed him also.

King Azaiah’s mother, wicked Athaliah, saw a golden opportunity for herself and killed all potential heirs to ensure that her reign would not be overthrown. All, that is, except one: Little baby Joash. His nurse took him and hid him in the temple for six years. It may have seemed to some at the time that evil was completely overtaking Judah. Now the house of Ahab is ruling both the northern and southern kingdoms, and their wicked influence was continuing from generation to generation. But God had made a covenant with David, a covenant that would not be broken. God always has a plan to save and redeem. Do you see patterns of sin in your family being passed down from generation to generation? Are you worried that these patterns may be repeated in your own children or grandchildren? God’s power can break those patterns and replace them with righteousness and godliness, as we are about to see in the chapters that follow. These patterns do not have to continue, they can stop with you. Spend some time today, and in the days to come, praying that God would cut off the patterns of wickedness in your family and replace them with patterns of righteousness and the fear of the Lord.

2 Chronicles 23

Athaliah has ruled Judah for seven years when Jehoiada the priest gathers the captains of the people together and reveals the fact that one of Ahaziah’s children escaped Athaliah’s assassinations. God had orchestrated events so that his covenant with David would stand – that his throne would be established. Athaliah was not one of David’s descendants, but Joash was. So, a great ceremony commences as they crown 7-year Joash king of Judah. Athaliah realizes that she is being dethroned and cries out, “Treason! Treason!” The captains of the people grab her and carry her out of the temple and execute her. A great revival occurs as the people not only execute Athalia but also the prophets of Baal. They tear down the temple of Baal, the altars, and images, and begin restoring the house of the Lord and worship in Judah.

Because Joash is still a child, Jehoida oversees the restoration of the house of the Lord. God had reserved for himself a remnant in Judah who had remained faithful to him, even in a time when great wickedness and rampant idolatry were overtaking the land. The six years that Joash was hidden a way, Jehoida mentored him in the ways of the Lord, and righteousness rules in the land of Judah once again. Are you discouraged by the amount of wickedness and idolatry in our culture today? Are you concerned, or even fearful, about the impact it can have on your children? God always reserves for himself those who will remain righteous and faithful, even in a culture of rampant wickedness and idolatry. He wants you to be one of those people. As you pray today, make a commitment to him that you will be one of the faithful who will live in righteousness and fidelity to his word and then pray a wall of protection around your children to protect them from the ungodly influence the world.

2 Chronicles 24

The sons of Athaliah, daughter of Ahab and Jezebel, had raided the temple, taken  instruments consecrated to the worship of God, and used them for idol worship to the Baals. The temple was in shambles, but Joash and Jehoiada began to restore the house of God and make new instruments of worship that would be consecrated for holy use. Finally, worship was restored and burnt offerings were once again offered to God. But this lasted only as long as Jehoiada the priest was alive. Once Jehoiada passed away, so did Judah’s faithfulness to God.

Sadly, we see the decline of King Joash’s faithfulness to God as well. In fact, he descended so far into wickedness that he ignored the several prophets God sent to Judah to warn the people of their unfaithfulness. God sent Jehoiada’s son Zechariah to tell them that God had forsaken them. Instead of repenting before God, they conspired together and stoned Zechariah. As a result, Syria came to attack Judah and God delivered them into the hands of the much smaller Syrian army. This defeat must have been humiliating for Judah, since by all accounts they should have soundly defeated Syria, but God allowed them to be defeated by their enemies because of their wickedness in serving other idols and killing of his faithful prophets. While King Joash began his reign with righteousness and justice, he ended his reign in wickedness and idolatry. He did not finish well. How are you running your race of life? Are you floundering? Maybe you feel weak and tired of fighting. Isaiah reminds us that when we wait on the Lord, our strength is renewed. Jesus instructed us to come to him when we are weary and heavy laden, and we will find rest. Have you made resting and waiting on the Lord a daily habit in your Christian walk? It is essential that we find our strength and rest in the Lord if we want to finish well. Do not be like Joash, who started well, but finished shamefully. Purpose in your heart today to develop a daily habit of waiting on God and resting in him, to find strength and stamina for your Christian walk, and make the determination to finish well.

2 Chronicles 25

Joash’s servants have killed him and now his son Amaziah has taken the throne. Just like his father, he started off well by living in a way that pleased God. When going to war against the Edomites, he had originally hired troops from Israel. After being warned by the prophet to not allow the army of Israel to fight with Judah, he heeded God’s warning and sent the troops back home and chose to trust the arm of the Lord instead. God gave them a great victory and Judah defeated the Edomites. However, following this great victory, Amaziah stepped right into a trap.

After God gave Amaziah a great victory against the Edomites, he took their gods back with him, burned incense to them, and bowed down before them. This angered the Lord, because it was God who had given him the victory. The prophet came and chastised him, but in pride and arrogance, the king shut up the prophet. This pride drove him to the king of Israel to a battle. The King of Israel warned King Amaziah to not assume too much, but Amaziah wouldn’t listen. So, Israel defeated Judah, took Amaziah captive, broke down the walls of Jerusalem, and raided the temple of its treasures. Later Amaziah was assassinated, just like his father. Have you ever experienced defeat after a great victory? The Bible warns us to be cautious when we think we’re standing strong, because we have the tendency to trust our own strength instead of God’s, which will lead us to fall. If this has happened to you, think back to that moment when you began trusting in your own strength to stand, repent for your pride in that moment, and then ask the Lord to help you come back to a place of humility and trust in the arm of the Lord and not the arm of flesh. 

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Johoshaphat had no plan except one – to fix his eyes on the Lord. That was a good plan!

Remember to leave at least 20 minutes for your reading each day. I am in prayer for you all and asking God to help us understand his word clearly.

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