Good Morning Girls Resources {2 Chronicles 26-30}

This is it! Just 2 weeks left in the book of 2 Chronicles.  Keep on going!!! We are almost there.

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This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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2 Chronicles 26

Uzziah was one of the longest ruling kings of Judah, and God truly blessed his reign. He made Judah strong by strengthening its defenses and inventing new weapons. He gained the trust and confidence of the people of Judah and was well-known far and wide as a good and powerful king. Sadly, in the strength that he built as a ruler and in his kingdom, his heart was filled with pride. One day, he went into the temple and began burning incense before the Lord. Azariah the priest, and eighty other priests with him, confronted King Uzziah but he refused to listen. Instead of repenting for his overstep, he grew furious with them and was struck with leprosy and had to live out the rest of his days as a ruler in isolation.

The Bible says that as long as he sought the Lord, God made him prosper. Jesus reiterated this in Matthew 6 when he said that we should seek God’s kingdom and righteousness first, and all these things will be added to us. King Uzziah’s demise began when pride filled his heart, and as a consequence for his pride, he lived the rest of his days in humiliation and isolation. Do you see an area of pride in your life? Do you see where your pride is causing you to miss out on God’s blessings? Pride is a universal struggle. There isn’t a person on planet earth that doesn’t struggle with pride on some level. The anecdote for pride is to humble ourselves before God and seek him with our whole heart. How can you surrender yourself and humble yourself before him today so you can begin walking in the abundant blessings he has for you?

2 Chronicles 27

King Uzziah has died and his son Jotham takes the throne. The Bible doesn’t tell us a lot about Jotham, except that at a time when the people of Judah were behaving corruptly, he did what was right in the Lord’s eyes. Instead of settling for the status quo, King Jotham stood alone and did what pleased God.

Many kings of Judah began their reign righteously but ended poorly; but we don’t see that with Jotham. From the little we read about him in the Bible, it seems he was the quiet, steady type. Seeking God’s face, strengthening Judah, extending the kingdom into the mountains, and forests, and understanding that his position of king didn’t overshadow the duties of the priest. He stood alone in a time of great corruption in the land, kept his eyes fixed on the Lord, and walked with determination and humility. When your time on earth is finished, what would you like to be said of you? How would you like people to describe the way you lived your life? So often we get caught up in the details of life that we forget the big picture, and we lose sight of what is truly important. Jesus told us to seek first the kingdom of heaven and his righteousness. When you look back over our course of your life, what will stand out to those around you? Will you leave a legacy of one who sought the Lord and stood alone in a culture of corruption? Take some time today to share below a fresh prayer of dedication to God and a promise to live in a way that leaves a legacy as a woman who rejected the status quo and ordered her ways before the Lord her God.

2 Chronicles 28

King Ahaz is now on the throne of Judah and is perhaps one of the most wicked kings of Judah. Not only does he not walk in the ways of David, but he offers his children on the idol Molech. Judah is entering its final stage before being completely carried away into captivity. King Ahaz angered the Lord to the point that God delivered many of the people of Judah into the hands of the Syrians.

Israel also came against Judah and carried off 200,000 women and children along with much spoil. However, the people of Israel were Judah’s brethren and had the law of God. So, God sent Oded the prophet to warn them to return Judah’s captives and the spoil, because they were no better than Judah. They, too, had sinned against God. When we see a brother or sister in Christ fall into sin, it is very easy to join those condemning them by pointing the finger and calling them out for their sin, forgetting that we have all failed God at some point in our life. In the end, Israel clothed the naked, gave them food and drink, and placed the weak on donkeys, and sent them back home. They gave them grace. Has one of your sisters in Christ fallen recently? How can you show her grace and the love of Christ? Spend some time today praying and asking him for wisdom and direction, and for your sister to come to a place of restoration.

2 Chronicles 29

It is interesting that from one of the most wicked kings of Judah, comes one of the godliest kings, King Hezekiah. In 2 Kings 18, we read that he did something even most of the godly kings of Judah didn’t have the courage to do – he tore down all of the high places and the sacred pillars. The temple of God had been abandoned and was filled with refuse, because it hadn’t been used during the reign of his father King Ahaz. King Hezekiah was about to change all of that. He ordered the priests and Levites to sanctify themselves, repair the temple, cleanse it, and sanctify each part. Worship to God was about to take place once again!

After the debris was removed, the temple and utensils cleansed and sanctified according to the commands God had given to Moses, the priests and Levites let Hezekiah know that the temple is ready for worship once more. They began by bringing a sin offering of repentance. Then, they began to worship and offer the burnt offering, consecrating themselves to the Lord once again. Revival began in the land of Judah. Paul urges us in Romans to offer our bodies a living sacrifice holy and pleasing to God because this is our spiritual act of worship. Consecration means to be set apart for holy use. If God expects us to give him our bodies for holy use, which is pleasing to him and a spiritual act of worship, we must ask ourselves: how consecrated are we? Have you asked yourself that question lately? How consecrated are you? Are you like the temple during the days of Ahaz or the temple during the days of Hezekiah? Has your temple been neglected and gathering debris, or is it maintained and consecrated for holy use? If you’ve been neglecting your temple lately, take some time today to sit in God’s presence, allow him to cleanse your heart, and then purpose to live your life consecrated to God in holiness and worship.

2 Chronicles 30

The temple is dedicated to the Lord, the people of Judah have repented for turning their backs on God and worshiping the abominations of the nations around them. Now, King Hezekiah wants to celebrate Passover in a way that hasn’t been celebrated for many, many years. In fact, he is so passionate about celebrating Passover, that he invites the remnant of northern kingdom of Israel that hadn’t been taken captive by the Assyrians. He sent his messengers throughout all of Judah and Israel, calling the people to humble themselves and return to the Lord. For if they would return to the Lord, he would not reject them. He would be gracious to them.

Sadly, these messengers were met with mocking by most of the northern kingdom of Israel. A portion of those left in Israel did come to celebrate with Judah, and what a celebration it was! There hadn’t been a Passover like this since the time of Solomon. Not only was this the first Passover celebrated in many years, but it was being celebrated by both kingdoms of Israel! They kept the feast for seven days, and when those seven days were over, they agreed to go on for another seven days! The enthusiasm they showed for hearing the teaching of the Levites, worshiping God, and celebrating him together was tremendous. When was the last time you came before God with such great enthusiasm that you didn’t want to leave? If it has been a while since you felt such a longing for God’s presence that you wanted to continue to linger with him, take some time today to do as King Hezekiah instructed the people of Judah and Israel: yield yourself to him, enter into his presence, and spend time worshiping him. If you do, he will not turn from you, he will meet you with grace and abundant joy!

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