Why Is Being Disciplined So Hard?

I come from a family of thin people – Mom, Dad, and both of my sisters all seem to have this ability to eat everything in moderation…then there’s me – the baby of the family!  I do nothing in moderation lol!  Since I was little, I was the one who couldn’t squeeze into my sister’s hand-me downs and when I’d eat out of a potato chip bag they’d say “mom stooooop her.” lol!!! Cause there was no way I was stopping myself! (Now I know that you are looking at the picture above and thinking that I look just fine…but look who I tend to compare myself to – my two Godly and dearly loved… skinnie minnie sisters lol!)

Let’s just say – I’m the curvy sister and on Easter I was the only one wearing a Spanx (it’s an under garment that is a tummy tightening, thigh trimming, bottom boosting, super slimmer) and I was thankful for the help in my fitted dress.

For those that have followed me for a while, you know I’ve written about this before…a few times lol!  So it’s clearly a sticking point – a running theme – some brain clutter that exists in my life.

I heard Beth Moore talk about weight loss once and she said: “there are two extremes with weight loss: on one end there is neglect and on the other end is obsession – and in the middle there is balance.”

That’s where we want to be – balanced!

If I neglect exercise and eating my fruits and veggies I will not be healthy and able to serve God to my fullest abilities but if I obsess over every bite – my focus is off of Jesus and onto myself and I am not able to serve God to my fullest abilities.

One thing I know is I cannot be free as a size 2 because I have to obsess over every bite to get there. I also cannot be free if I neglect exercise and eating healthy – because here in 2012 I feel like…a blob lol!

I have to find the place where I am free…and it is not a number on the scale or a certain dress size…it’s when I am eating right, and getting proper rest and exercise.

I have been read all of the link-ups and comments from yesterday’s post.  Your input has been amazing!  One woman wrote about her tracking food and said her rule of thumb is “if you bite it your write it.”  Another said – her goal is to work out 5 minutes a day!  She said she knows if she gets started with 5 minutes that she’ll keep going for 30 – isn’t that so true?  I love that!

Last summer, I was invited to be a part of the ReShaping It All book club.  I made this video below for their site but it goes perfectly with today’s topic!

(if you cannot see the video click here)

Matthew 24:41 says: The Spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

Day 1 of the Challenge is over and now it’s day 2.  It is going to take a daily and sometimes hourly denial of the flesh to live a disciplined life.  As Beth Moore said – we must not neglect these areas but we also must not obssess over them.  We must seek to overcome them so we are free to focus on God and his will for our lives.

If you have not committed to this challenge yet but would like to – click on the button below and leave a comment on this post (you will find a free printable there for you also):

Walk with the King,

Back-To-School Baked Chicken Fingers and Fixins!

This “recipe of the week” comes from Janelle at Comfy In the Kitchen.  This is a sure kid pleaser and a healthy back-to-school dinner! 

Janelle writes:

 Nothin fancy about it Ladies! But, it’s still tasty! (and I trimmed some fat/calories too!)

Many people have asked me what I do for weeknight dinner planning. How do I know what to make? What do I pair with what? How do I make something quick, easy, tasty, healthy…

Well, this is just one dinner “on the go” that I made last week.

Football season has started, which means I have to say goodbye to my boys (coach hubby and my son) a lot quicker than I would like in the evenings. So, dinner needs to be set out by 5:15 and by 5:45 -we have prayed, have eaten, and have said goodbye for the second half of our evening! *tear*

Just because we are a busy family doesn’t mean that we must  run through McDonald’s every night (I must admit, I have made those trips though!)…but I also know that I just can’t make huge elaborate dinners every night either. This is where the “easy middle” comes in…

My goal is this:

Meat, Starch, Veggie

That’s it!

These are homemade baked chicken fingers. They are SO easy. I baked them on the top rack of the oven…

And placed red potatoes on the bottom rack.  I rolled them in olive oil and covered them in salt-

I baked them at 425 for 45 mins. These were set in before the chicken fingers because they take longer to cook. But, they can both be cooked in a high degree oven! That helps!

While those two items were baking, I sauteed asparagus on the stove in olive oil. I added salt and cracked pepper.

This is my plate (I typically show you my hubby’s plate, lol) A little honey mustard for the baked chicken fingers is on the side…I topped the small red potato with a squirt of ” I can’t believe it’s not butter” a tsp of cheddar cheese and a sprinkle of bacon crumbles.

It helped to have a Veggie Tale plate advertising the Asparagus. But, my children call

Asparagus green noodles anyways..lol.


Baked Chicken Fingers

(serves 6)

6 chicken breasts (1 breast per person cut into thirds -fat trimmed off)

3 egg whites (in an individual bowl)

1 cup bread crumbs (in an individual bowl)

salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 425

Rinse chicken, pat dry and remove fat. Cut into thirds. Dip chicken pieces into egg whites then roll in bread crumbs. Foil line a cookie sheet (easy cleanup) Spray cooking sheet with Pam. Salt and pepper chicken fingers and spray the tops with cooking spray. Bake for 20 mins until cooked through. Serve with honey mustard or BBQ sauce.


***Wow Janelle!  I love it and this will definately be hitting my dinner table next week when we start our first week back-to-school! Thanks for an entire meal idea!  I love it!  I hope you all enjoy it too!

Walk with the King,

If you are in need of some fresh new recipes for the fall – then visiting Janelle’s blog at Comfy In the Kitchen  is a must!  She also has a Feasting In Fellowship Friday Link-Up Party happening right now – join the fun!! 

Media and Our Health

Let me be honest…either I’m getting old and my metabolism hit the brakes this year or blogging is causing turbo weight gain!!!  Here’s the deal – I started blogging 3 years ago and in those 3 years of blogging I have put on 20 pounds!  I can only conclude that blogging is not physically healthy – nor is hanging out on Facebook and twitter all evening long!

Years back I shared my struggles with my weight.  Some of you may look at my pictures and videos and think I have a screw loose for worrying about my weight…but I come from a family of thin people and I am the only one who ever seems to have trouble with her weight!!   So 3 weeks ago Janelle from Comfy in The Kitchen,  invited me to join Weight Watchers On-line with her.  I entered in my height and weight – and indeed even Weight Watchers told me – I was one pound from being considered over weight!  I’m not trying to be as thin as my sisters – I’d have to lose over 30 pounds to do that…and I understand that I was not created to be like them – I am me.  BUT I would like to fit in my clothes in my closet and stop the weight gain before it does become a real problem health wise.

 So I turned to my real life friend and now blogger – Clare from Peak 313 Fitness and asked her to write on the topic of Media and Our Health (and you must check out her new “Deskie Workout!”).  Clare writes:

Is media affecting our health? The answer is a resounding YES!!!  Adults and children spend over 70% of their waking day at a desk, in a car, on the computer etc. We sit down to read our emails. We sit down to browse the web. We sit down to write our blogs.There is even a new science of “sedentary behavior” or “inactivity physiology”. There are people who actually study this for a living!

Here are some common ways media is affecting our health:

1.) Lower Back/Neck/Wrist Pain: Whether it’s an uncomfortable office chair, a computer monitor that’s at the wrong height, or hours of punching in numbers at the computer, we are BOUND to get pain while sitting at a desk. I know many people who have had to get intense therapy for the damage sitting has done for them. Carpel tunnel was a syndrome none of us spoke of 15 years ago and now we have people getting surgery to correct it all the time. Our posture gets worse as the day wears on and all that takes it’s toll on our joints.

2.) Exhaustion: If there’s one thing I’ve learned since blogging it’s that it’s HARD to shut down at night. I’m always looking at “just one more thing.” Experts say that we should shut down all media ONE HOUR before we hit the sack. That gives our body enough downtime to prepare for rest. So whether you’re hopped up on some blog you just read or just hitting the sack 2 hours later than you planned, we are not getting enough sleep.

3.) Weight Gain: We’re sitting. We’re eating. We’re drinking. We’re skipping our workout. And we wonder why last year’s jeans are too tight. One of my favorite sayings is “Objects in motion stay in motion. ” Unfortunately, there’s nothing “motion” about sitting in front of a computer or tv and we end up seated for longer than we plan.

4.) Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) This is the scariest one of all yet the one that no one probably thinks about. Studies show that people who sit for more than six hours a day are 18% to 37% more likely to die of diabetes, heart disease, or other causes than those who sit for less than three hours a day. Let me give you a little science into this.

We have an enzyme called lipoprotein lipase (LPL) in cells that line our capillaries. This enzyme is important because it grabs fats out of the bloodstream and moves them to the muscles or to fat cells for storage and fuel. After just a few hours of not standing, LPL basically turns off. With LPL suppressed by sitting, harmful triglycerides (fats) build up in our bloodstream, and good HDL cholesterol levels drop (HDL-C is the “clean up” crew for your body). This all elevates your risk for cardiovascular disease.

These 4 areas still affects the person who gets their daily exercise in and those who are of normal weight, so NO ONE is exempt.


Here are some practical ways to seamlessly make changes to your health:

1.) Set a timer. Every 20 -30 minutes get up and walk to the restroom. Stand up. Stretch. A timer is also handy in keeping you aware that you need to shut down for the night. :)

2.) Stretch. Roll your head forward and side to side. Reach your hands behind you and above you. Stand up and reach down to your toes. Circle your wrists and ankles one way and then the other. Keep the body loose and moving as much as you can.

3.) Small steps. When possible, stand during a phone call. Stand while at the computer. Dance a little jig. Get up at commercials. Everything counts!

4.) This workout. I have created 2 workouts with you in mind! This should not replace your usual routine. Even if you can only do bits and pieces of these in small segments, something is better than nothing. Do the routine all in one sitting or set a timer and do a few exercises here and there. Click here to see my NEW Deskie Workout I’ve created(these pictures were taken at Courtney’s house)!

One final thing. There is a difference between fidgeting and standing up. Fidgeting (which yes you can do while sitting) will help a little with your waistline and calories burned, however, in order to help fight against CVD, we must stand up (and move if possible)!


Thank you Clare for your insight!  I always love having Clare into my home to teach me new fitness tricks :)!   Let’s take care of our bodies-  our temples – so we can serve our mighty God with vigor and strength. 

Now it’s your turn!  Tell me – how has media affected your health?

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Walk with the King!


Discipline is Key!

I am being featured over on Reshaping It All today!!! 

Here’s how it begins:

In Chapter 3 of Reshaping It All, it says “I’ll hang onto the back of your bike for a while, but soon you’ll be riding alone. There is a place of freedom, when the trying just becomes living. It becomes smooth sailing from that moment on, when you finally have wings to soar.”

For me, this is what “65 Days to Reshaping It All” is all about. I feel like this website is holding the back of my bike while I practice doing the right things. And when the 65 days are up–I am praying that we all soar! That our trying will become living!

Walk with the King!

Guarding Against Gluttony In Our Lives

Janelle, from Comfy In The Kitchen, has been my Friday guest now for 8 straight months! Some of you have written and asked – “how does Janelle stay so thin when she cooks such tasty homemade food?”

Janelle’s answer “moderation“. Below she openly shares her struggles with food and what she does when it starts to take over her life.

“A lot of gluttony is born of boredom. Life is not satisfying or stimulating, relationships feel empty, and work is boring, but food is always there and tastes so good.” -John Piper

Janelle writes: Here are some photos I have taken over the past 2 weeks … 
Here are my groceries!!!! Oh wow…where is the coffee? Diet Coke? Doritos? I left them back at the grocery store, haha. Out of sight, out of mind. 
The past 2 weeks we have “downed” a lot of smoothies! I would actually prefer a smoothie to a milkshake at this point(here’s my recipe)! 

I opted for a spinach salad instead of a heavy sandwich at Subway. I made my own dressing with a little olive oil, vinegar, lemon juice and pepper. I felt full…and better yet, had no guilt. 

My favorite salad for lunch..again I make my own dressing then add beans, corn, and salsa. 

I am laughing right now…this is tofu turkey (“Tofuturkey”) if you will,  with brown rice and veggies. I am not a tofu lover, but my husband was really craving some meat so I made this for him. I ate this without the meatless meat, lol. ( I will not make you eat this) 

Ladies, I am certain I will continue to post about delicious desserts..and just about anything that tastes good, lol.  However, moderation is key to a successful eating plan. If you we are going to splurge-we should enjoy it,  drop the guilt, make our next food choice wise and run the extra mile the next day (literally). I really hope I am making sense here and not being contradictory….For me, giving up sweets for life just wouldn’t happen. Allowing myself a treat here and there keeps me on a straight path.

Love to you! 

Janelle and I are taking part in the “65 Days to Reshaping It All” challenge.  Janelle was a guest there last week and I will be guest posting there this coming week.  The 65 days have only just begun – so if you need some accountability in the area of your eating habits – please join us there (my guest post will be about more than just our physical eating habits but our spiritual ones too!)!  You do not have to own the “Reshaping It All” book to join us and you know me – I LOVE ACCOUNTABILITY (like the Good Morning Girls - which by the way are enrolling right now for the summer session!) because IT WORKS! 

Walk with the King!

If you are looking for more recipes or have one to share – visit Janelle’s link-up today!

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