It’s Moving Day! {Exodus 40}

Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded him.

Have you ever moved from one home to another? It’s a lot of work – but it’s exciting! I remember preparing my boxes for the movers.  Each box was labeled by a big black marker. On moving day, I stood in command, pointing the men in the right direction. In Exodus 40, it’s moving day and God is in command! God is telling Moses to set up the tabernacle and exactly where to put each piece.  God is detailed and Moses is obedient. “Moses did everything just as the Lord commanded him.”   (Exodus 40:16) Seven times we are told […]

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What Am I Doing Here?

What am I doing here?

This is the conclusion of the “Women Leading Well” series!  Today we have a guest.  There’s a message from me to you – at the end – please don’t miss it! Sometimes in the midst of babies, baths and bedtime stories, we can lose our way.  We desire to be used by God but perhaps there’s no time left in the day for leading anything! Rosilind writes: “What am I even doing here?” The question reverberated in my head as I stood in the middle of my living room rocking my baby and weeping. 7 years ago, I had boarded a […]

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If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow never comes

By Sonya Schroeder at I was 15 when I heard these words for the very first time, “We are getting a divorce”. I remember it like yesterday. My eyes filled with water, my stomach started to ache, I could not breath. Then the thoughts started hitting me like a ton of bricks. My world as I knew it for the last 10 years was about to change with the breathing of those 4 words. What would tomorrow look like when there is no mom & dad just mom? Would we have to move? Where would we go? The biggest […]

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Introducing the Book of Matthew! Are You In?

The Book of Matthew

Here we go again!!! Our time in Genesis and Exodus has been great.  The depth of study in our personal quiet times and the sharing on the GMG Facebook Page has been nothing short of amazing! That is why I am SO excited to pause our reading in the Old Testament and move into the New Testament into the Gospel of Matthew! Our reading in Matthew will line up perfectly with the remembrance of Good Friday and the celebration of Easter Sunday! Here’s the details: What: The Book of Matthew When: Begins March 2nd – Ends April 8th Who: YOU!!! […]

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How Pinterest Makes Us Feel {Exodus 31,35}

How Pinterest Makes Us Feel

Pinterest – it’s a virtual pin board where we can pin recipes, cute shoes, birthday party ideas, great quotes, home decorating ideas, DIY tutorials, hair styles, and much, much more! We love it (it’s the fastest growing social media platform right now) and apparently…according to my google search (I screenshot for you  below)–we hate it. I typed the words, “pinterest makes me feel” and this is what automatically came up: So this is sad right? Because there is so much to learn and enjoy on Pinterest.  But clearly the feast for our eyes there, makes us feel really bad about ourselves. […]

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When You are Wounded By the Church – Part 2

when you are wounded by the church - part 2

{This is a follow up –to the post titled: How To Deal With Wounding in the Church} Wounding happens – in the church, in our families, in our friendships and in our workplaces. One resource I have read that has spoken to my woundings, is the book titled: Wounded By God’s People by Anne Graham Lotz (the daughter of Billy Graham). In the video below, Anne shares her story of attending a church for over 15 years where she raised her children. Her husband was not only removed from leadership by the vote of an elder board but the congregation […]

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15 Book Giveaway For Moms!

15 Book Giveaway!

I am so excited to have the opportunity to share these books with you! These authors have generously offered up free books to Women Living Well readers and I pray these are a blessing! So let’s get started! Are you a weary mom? This first book is for you. Hope for a Weary Mom: Let God Meet You in the Mess By Stacey Thacker and Brooke McGlothlin The author’s write: “Do you feel like you’ve come to the end of yourself? Are you waving the white flag? We know there is weariness a nap won’t fix. It settles deep down […]

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Good Morning Girls Resources {Exodus 31-35}

Good Morning Girls Resources Exodus 31-35

Just 2 weeks left in Exodus!  I am blessed by your commitment and perseverance and hunger and thirst for the meat of God’s Word. If you missed a post – here’s a review of what we covered together: Be Brave {Exodus 1,2} 5 Characteristics of Our Mighty God {Exodus 7-10} Trusting God in the Midst of a Trial {Exodus 14} The Problem With OMG {Exodus 20} If We Don’t Understand This We Don’t Understand the Bible {Exodus 24} Heaven is For Real: What the Bible Says About Heaven {Exodus 26-30} Next week I will have all the resources available for […]

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Heaven is For Real: What the Bible Says About Heaven {Exodus 26-30}

Heaven is for real - what the Bible says about heaven

There have been a lot of books written about heaven that sit on the best seller lists. Clearly, people are curious about the after life. But rather than listening to a 4 year old’s story or hearing from the “Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” who recently announced it was a lie and he did not go to heaven –  I recommend we look into God’s Word and see what He says about HIS dwelling place. As we read Exodus 26-30 this week, you may have felt bogged down with the details of the building of the tabernacle ….but check out […]

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How to Deal With Wounding In the Church

How to deal with wounding in the church

Insults hurt from those outside the church but inside the church, the wounding can hurt so much more deeply.  The reason is because the church is meant to be a safe place. Over the years, I have experienced my deepest wounds from my church family. I suppose it’s because I trust the people in my church and have assumed that if we are all following God’s Word, wounding should not happen.  But it does. Why? Because the church is filled with sinners and the reality is we fail each other. Sadly, I have been naive at times and too trusting. […]

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Chocolate Chip Blonde Brownies

choc chip 5

Are you looking for a dessert to take to your next Bible Study or Pot Luck Dinner?  Janelle from Comfy in the Kitchen has a wonderfully delicious and easy recipe for us today! Janelle writes: Words from my dear friend, Amy (An alias has been used to protect the reputation of this “said friend”): “Janelle, these are the best things I’ve ever tasted – they are like a cloud of deliciousness. I thought I was going to bite into a chewy bar, but it wasn’t so- it was…. fluffy and….and….. cloud-like! Can I eat the entire pan?” Bahaaa…I warned her […]

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Good Morning Girls Resources {Exodus 26-30}

GMG Resources Exodus 26-30

  Welcome back to week 6 in the book of Exodus! Are you wondering what’s next? It’s the Book of Matthew!   It lines up perfectly for us to be reading about Christ – headed to the cross – on Good Friday. {I’ll post more details soon but here’s a few.  There will be no break between our study in Exodus and Matthew – we will finish Exodus on Friday, February 27th and begin Matthew on Monday, March 2nd.  We will finish Matthew on April 8th and then take a spring break.} This week’s reading is in Exodus 26-30. We’ll […]

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