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When I first married, I spent a lot of time reading Emilie Barnes’ books on organization.  At the time, I could not imagine how busy and stressful life would become by my 30’s!  So I really didn’t master organization so well (as yesterday’s post mentioned).  BUT what I have found since then is many wonderful resources to help me get serious about conquering my organizational issues!  Resources such as my schedules for cleaning, meals and school (which I very loosely follow), my chore pack system (which I used faithfully for 2+ years but this year the children are doing their chores automatically, so we may be growing out of this system) , my exercise notebook (which is getting dusty – do we see a pattern here people? lol!), and most recently a Christmas organizer (that I hope to show you on a video someday soon) taken from the ebook Untangling Christmas

Untangling Christmas is co-authored by Karen Ehman and Karen Ehman is my new go-to guru for organization!!!   I just love her blog and her spirit!  And I’m trying to learn as much as I can off of her!  Today she has offered 2 copies of her book, The Complete Guide to Getting and Staying Organized to 2 Women Living Well readers!  Woohoo!!  Karen is a  Proverbs 31 Ministries writer, author of 4 books on organization (plus the ebook) and speaker.  Here’s what The Complete Guide to Getting & Staying Organized is all about!

The key to good organization is not a one–size–fits–all method. It is a unique plan that considers personality type, lifestyle, income level, and family schedule.

Karen believes that with her simple step by step process you can recognize your own personal style of managing your household successfully and develop a unique plan that gives you the freedom to:

  • manage your time wisely by prioritizing and then working smarter, not harder
  • de–clutter and organize your home (an entire chapter is devoted to teaching you an easy method for to de-junking!)
  • plan menus, shop more efficiently, and become both comfortable and creative in the kitchen
  • get children involved in pursuing an ordered life and home
  • avoid the trap of overcommitment
  • use practical tools to assist in organization

Getting and staying organized means more time for the important things in family life—concentrating on cultivating a close, personal relationship with the Creator, drawing His word into every aspect of living, and ultimately tying your children’s heartstrings to God.

To enter this giveway:   leave a comment below and share one area of organization you struggle with the most. 

For bonus entries:  Share the link to this giveaway on Facebook or twitter and leave a comment letting me know you shared it.

This giveaway ends Saturday, October 22nd at 8pm.  Two winners will be chosen at that time!!!

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  1. The area I struggle with the most is storage areas I.e. Closets, storage room. So much to organize so little time!

  2. I struggle with keeping our closets organized. From our “coat” closet to my 4 daughters closets, it seems I am forever re-doing them to stay on top of things. Thanks for the giveaway contest!!!

  3. I struggle mostly with my desk area and homeschooling stuff. We live in a small space and stuff overflows from my storage areas 🙁

  4. I LOVE organization! It makes me feel so accomplished to cross off items on a to-do list and feel productive. An area I struggle with is remembering to prepare my husband’s breakfast and lunch for the next day and not wait until 10 p.m. to do it. He leaves for work very early. I always end up tired b/c I stayed up late cooking!

  5. I really struggle with organizing a cleaning schedule and sticking with it. I also need help with menu planning healthy recipes.

  6. I struggle with a variety of areas when it comes to organization…. time management, meal planning, clutter, etc. My biggest struggle comes with keeping my house clean. I mean, CLEAN as in sanitary! lol! I have tried numerous cleaning schedules, cleaning products, fly lady cleaning bingo… you name it, I’ve tried it! I’m desperate!

  7. Our computer room/craft/library room could really use some talc! Also my kitchen!!! You don’t even wanna see my tupperware cabinet! It’s pretty bad!

  8. I struggle with lack of space and hanging on to things that I know I will need eventually and don’t want to throw away or get rid of. My apartment has a severe lack of storage spaces so I find myself hiding things in my utility closet and behind a love seat that I have an angled in the corner… shhhh dont tell!

    I will also be linking on Facebook and Twitter for 2 extra entries 🙂

  9. I would love to win this book. I just attended a workshop of Karen’s on this topic and I almost bought this book. I struggle with paperwork.

  10. I am debating….should I enter just to get ONE. MORE. BOOK. in my house?? 😉 If you look at my blog, I have been doing a 31 day challenge of my own and it is fun, but almost overwhelming. I am loving the new, clean, uncluttered feel!!
    The area(s) I struggle with the most are my kitchen bar and my big walk in closet that I am currently working at….all week, I might add!! 😛

  11. Oh boy am I allowed to share more than 1 area?I struggle with clothes organisation,changing seasonal clothes keeping closets tidy etc.To go along with that the kids toys can also be an area of stress for me,I have heaps more to add to that but it is a journey and I am learning everyday Praise God!!

  12. Yea…would love to win this! I can get ..organized…I can’t stay organized:) I need help with sticking to a schedule..especially for cleaning, paperwork and computer work!

  13. I struggle with organization in my kitchen. Well, I shouldn’t say that, we struggle with keeping it organized after we organize. With 5 teenagers in the house, its hard to keep anything organized in practically every room in the house!!

  14. I really struggle with just about everything when it comes to organizing! I get things looking good and then it just seems like nothing ever gets put back and I have been struggling even more lately with my family living with our relatives because of a more confined space things have gotten worse! I need HELP! 🙂

  15. This would be amazing!! I am a first year teacher (teaching Pre-K (4-5 y/o)) and I have SO many things that need a place. HA! Oh gosh, organization is at the TOP of my to-do list!:)


  16. I feel like I struggle in all areas of organization but I just made a menu last week & I’m following it well & seeing just how easy dinner is now makes me want to make everything easier which organizing will do. Chaos causes my 3 y/o ( who is autistic) to have meltdowns so I really need all the help I can get to make life easier!

  17. I struggle with just getting the energy to clean & organize anything. Single mom with a preteen….but God is good. Thank you.

  18. My laundry is a constant battle. trying a new idea this week. paper clutter is another big one. thanks! blessings, jen in al

  19. I have recently started cooking more often and I need help with meal planning. I also have a problem with keeping my bedroom organized because right now it’s a place to sleep, sew and craft, and do office work.

  20. shared on FB. I also liked it on FB, i don’t know if that is the same. I know it posted twice. blessings, jen in al

  21. The mountain of papers that pile up so quickly! Mail… Notes from school… Reminders… Cute drawings and pictures from the little ones, graded work, homework, bills, invitations (deep breath!!)…. Etc:)

  22. My area of struggle right now is the kitchen nook turned homeschooling area for my 4 year old. I know I have many items I am not utilizing because they are buried right now.

  23. Organizing paper clutter is my biggest challenge. I always have all the grocery store ads and my coupons all over the place. Not to mention the problem I have that I want to read every little thing that comes across my path! I like to be informed, but it takes time to read everything that makes it’s way into our house.

  24. I struggle with just about every area of organizing from meal planning to decluttering to cleaning to managing my time wisely. Would love to win the giveaway to share with my Sunday school class. We are studying How to have a Martha heart in a Mary world. We are also using the e-book 31 days to clean

  25. As the mom of a toddler living in a small house, I struggle with keeping up with everything, a to do list that never ends. My husband and I still have not been able to go through all of our “stuff accumulated while single” belongings. Too much to do, too little time to do it in, and not enough energy!

  26. Hi Courtney,
    I want to thank you for all of your encouragement. I love your blog and how sweet you are. You are a true inspiration. Thank you!
    I shared this is facebook. I definitely could use some help organizing. We moved from a small apartment to a 3 bedroom house and it is a whole new world of organizing here.

  27. This would be such a blessing to me! My weakness is stopping clutter before it starts…I’d love some help there! thanks.

  28. My basement and my closets becoming dumping zones because I can just shut the door to them – out of sight out of mind mentality! : ) I would love to get a better handle on these areas of my home.

  29. I would love to get my hands on this book! Organizing and prioritizing my time seems to be my biggest hangup…and everything else kind of follows suit, I guess. When I’m overcommitted, I’m stressed and just can’t get it all done – so I want to know this secret!!

  30. My office is a mess most of the time. I just have too much stuff, i guess. My biggest hurdle in my home is that I put things “away” up high and they pile up. On top the mantel, the buffet in the kitchen, on top the piano, etc etc. The kids don’t get into things there, and they get cluttered SO EASILY!

  31. I guess i need help with everything, I am a grandmother raising and homeschooling 3 grandchildren. Scheduling does seem to be my biggest problem. At the end of my days I am so exhausted and most of the time feel like I get nothing accomplished.

  32. I have so many areas that need organizing that I get overwhelmed and find it hard to start, let alone finish, any one area. One thing I do manage to do each morning, though, is spend time with God and in His Word…also journaling my thoughts, and what I feel God is speaking to my heart about for the day.

  33. I struggle with papers & mail & things that just create little piles here & there! A cleaning schedule would be helpful too…I’ve been working on that one. Hope I win!

  34. I love organization!! BUT, I struggle with paperwork, homeschool stuff and crafts. Thanks so much for this opportunity. I would love to have your book.

    By the way, I shared the link on facebook!

  35. I really struggle with keeping ALL of the flat surfaces in my home de-cluttered. I have mastered one or two areas from time to time, but soon they are back to being completely covered again. It feels like a never ending battle.

  36. I absolutely love your blog posts!!!– Please enter me in this giveaway> I need help in several areas of organizational challenges:) One would be time management with home school work.

  37. I posted to Facebook & I struggle the most in keeping all important paper work of ours plus my husbands Air Force documents organized!

  38. You know the phrase, “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”? Well, I believe this because when when our homes are neat and organized, we have more time for all the extras, to incude, and especially God and serving. Well, with that said, right now I feel like I don’t have enough time for the most imporant person because as of lately, I am always struggling to keep up with everything! Thre is my ONE thing, everything :O)
    I also shared this, as I do most of your posts, on Facebook!!

  39. I had a melt down today because we just started fostering and the initial paper work, appts. having to take my 2 small children to the appts., meetings, her school activities, my son in preschool, Working in Student Ministry and not having family to help. MELT DOWN! So I could absolutely use some organizing help!

  40. Just shared on FB! I’d love to get this book… My biggest struggle is keeping a schedule: cleaning, cooking, shopping, etc. I’m trying to organize my Holidays this year… any help will be sooo welcomed!!

  41. This book would be great for our family. I struggle with the “catch-all” area in the kitchen. You know…the place where things that don’t have a place go.

  42. Lately, I am struggling with everything as I care for my mom who is living with me and is under hospice care. But the area I struggle with the most is the Master Bedroom walk-in closet which you cannot walk in!

  43. Oh, so need this book! CLUTTER…just, CLUTTER control, period! Clutter is everywhere….a little pile here, a stash there, a secret compartment, or junk drawer there…etc!!!! LOVE your website by the way, I check in almost daily! 🙂 God bless!

  44. Thank you for this blog and all of the encouraging information you share! I love the whole idea of being organized, but can’t seem to actually accomplish it! Could really use some help!

  45. Living in Florida there isn’t much room for attic or outside storage. I struggle with finding a place for all the off season clothes, kids’ toys and games and extras that aren’t used on an every day basis. We moved in 3 years ago and I still have boxes in my garage!

  46. I can’t pick just one area that I struggle with …. there are so many! Organizing my time is probably at the top of the list, though.

  47. You would think that since I have hit 40 I would have my act together. But,I still battle with that blasted kitchen.

  48. I need this book! One area? My whole house needs this! I used to be organized-really! We had a crisi hit last November and I lost my way. My Christmas tree stayed up until February-can you believe it? I am reclaiming my house and my life. Thanks for all the encouragement you give!

  49. Awesome! What a perfect resource for an “organization challenged” person such as myself! I have a hard time keeping the piles of paper under control – who can throw out those cute pictures that your children color ‘just for you’ at school? 😉 – and my menu planning.

  50. I struggle with clutter… not alot, but even a little bothers me. AND I struggle with keeping up with other people’s messes…

  51. Oh I so need this book. Every season I say I’m going to get organized and stay organized and it never happens…perhaps it’s due to my busy life with four small children. It has to change, because I’m tired of trying to stay on top of it all. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  52. I need all the help I can get, and this book will be awesome. I really struggle with finding space for stuff, because I don’t like to just throw away willy nilly.

  53. I struggle with keeping a daily schedule. I used to work full time and after having my 3rd child within 3 years, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay home with the kids and just work a couple nights a week. Now that I have all this time not being at work outside of the home, I struggle with organizing my time within the home: when to clean what and where and how to get my toddlers/preschoolers engaged, etc. Right now, I am just utilizing tips as I get them!!
    Thank you for all that you do!

  54. I would love to enter. I struggle in many areas with clutter. Stacking clothing that needs ironing or putting away and paper such as mail and kids school stuff! Ick!

  55. I have a LOT of areas that need to be organized but I think the most important is all the stuff that collects on the kitchen counter! School papers, mail, coupons, homeschool stuff, EVERYTHING! If I had a special place for all this stuff it may help, but I don’t~maybe there are some ideas in that book!
    Organizing my time to its best use would be nice too.

  56. I struggle with finding time to organise myself. As well as that I hoard. Memories are important but I keep things to remind me of events, people etc. Thus a HUGE pile of clutter in my loft.

  57. I’m struggeling with wise time managment (and clutter). I’m working on my two thesis right now and while internet is a big help it can be so distracting! It’s so difficult to get back to work after reading “just one” blog entry or “just 5 minutes facebooking”. I often feel unmotivated and would rather do chores than writing those papers. And clutters… I was always told my living area (and more) looks like as if “a bomb has exploded there”.

  58. need help in preparing healthier meals, husband has been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. and trying to keep up with the family laundry and also master bedroom walk in closet, (its mine ) husband has his own closet in the master bedroom.

    thanks for the needed help

  59. Love to win this book! As I wrote to you, I just discovered your site and your blog and it is a great help for me. I struggle mostly after dinner when I have to make the next day lunches for my two boys who are at school all day and for my husband. After cooking dinner I am really tired and I want to sit down….but then I have to make lunches and also make sure that my little daughter gets her bath and is in bed by 7.30. My husband is often late from work so I do this on my own. But I am not complaining!!! Love to take care of my love ones!! (Can I win even I live in Europe)?

  60. my weak area surely is time management. want to do too much and forget that the day has only 24 hours… you are shared on twitter and facebook and on my blog.

    greetings from germany

  61. Paper! Paper that comes into my home via mail, magazines, etc., and homeschooling papers and curriculum.
    I also still struggle with meal planning.

  62. Courtney,

    Thank you so much for introducing this awesome giveaway. I have posted this on my facebook page. 🙂 One of the many areas I struggle with in organization is Schedules/ Time management. Any scheduling I have tried to put into practice such as meal planning, daily schedules, house cleaning seem to go right down the drain. Which leads me running around in circles days at a time. 🙂 HELP!!! 🙂

  63. The nitty Gritty cleaning routines. I need routines I can stick with so they will happen regularly. I am so busy keeping up with the daily chores, I rarely can squeeze in the bigger stuff but haphazardly. Routines rule, but as far as housekeeping goes I am at a loss! Simple weekly routines to follow and put in place with specific steps and simple instructions. Thanks for your uplifing posts. Glimpses of hopefulness shining through daily!

  64. I would love to STAY organized!! I fall back into my old ways rather quickly:)
    I need help sticking to a plan:)

  65. How wonderful! Thank you for this Courtney! :o)

    One area of organization I struggle with is with all our homeschooling stuff!!! 🙂 I have sooo much and don’t really seem to have the place to keep it all. I get it all organized…then it gets unorganized much too quickly!

  66. Where to start…I struggle with all areas of organization. I start out with a bang then it gets cluttered again. I can’t seem to keep up with any system I try to develop or use. Help me please!

  67. My biggest struggles are piles, both my own and those of family members. It seems that in our home flat surfaces have only one purpose – to be a dropping spot for things. I’ve gotten worse instead of better over the years, and there have been times when table tops have been nearly invisible under all the things that have been placed on them. There has been some progress this week, at least as far as the cedar chest turned coffee table goes. The only items on it are, and have been since getting placed there, the fall decos. And a stray remote once in a while. 🙂

  68. The biggest struggle is not having enough space, or designated places for important papers, so we get all cluttered…. Every other day!

  69. Awesome giveaway!

    Areas in which I struggle with organization: time management…this is especially true with our homeschool schedule vs. my cleaning/cooking/”home duties”
    Also struggle with meal planning…I have tried a couple of different ways, but as you mentioned, so much plays a part in whether a plan will work for you or not…”that considers personality type, lifestyle, income level, and family schedule.”

  70. I would love to win this book. It sounds wonderful! My weakest areas are scheduling housework and meal planning.

  71. The area I struggle most with is closets. They have become a dumping ground, and with 2 small children and the fact that I work from home at night, I can’t really pull everything out to organize it whenever I get a chance. Help!

  72. I struggle with rooms and areas that are not seen. The file cabinet, closets, guest room, under the bed totes. Like life it is easy to look like I have it all together, but under it all there are struggles and sin.

  73. I think right now I struggle in every area…clutter, organizing what I have and over commitment! I love Karen too and have been wanting to read her book.

  74. I struggle with most areas of organization mostly because it’s hard to stay on task but I think if I could get piles of clutter under control, the rest wouldn’t seem so overwhelming!

  75. I like to think I am organized, then I open my closets and it looks like an explosion went off! I am excited to have found this website! Thanks a million!

    Following the KING…….everyday and everyway!

  76. I love the look and feel of being organized. I struggle with the time to get and stay that organized in everything.

  77. Oh man, I struggle most with my office. that is where my paperwork gets so backed up and stacked up that i get so overwhelmed i don’t even want to go in there. that’s by far the worse!!! ugh.

  78. I struggle with managing my children’s toys and clothes. A lot of this is due to over-indulgent grandparents. I would love to tell the grandparents to cut back on their giving, but I’m not sure how to without hurting feelings. I also struggle with stockpiling consumables. How much is enough?

  79. I pray everyday for the Lord to equip me to plan and to organize. I am not a natural born planner or organizer. I struggle everyday in these areas. Clutter and lack of planning just overwhelms me. I desire it so much and it inhibits my desire to open my home ,to have peace and efficiency in my home. I don’t desire a Better Homes and Garden home. I desire a home filled with joy and peace. I often feel a slave to my home rather than a cultivator of warmth, love and joy. I desire our home to be a place our children, their friends and all others who enter will feel comfortable and loved.
    Courtney, thank you for being so transparent the other day with your video.

  80. I shared this on FB with my other organizationally challenged friends. 🙂 I am so encouraged by your posts! Blessings to you!

  81. I need more organization for the toys. I struggle with maintaining consistent go to sleep and wake up times also so that my energy level is better during the day.

  82. I would love an organizational book that is Christian based. I have read others & followed tips here and there but, its not the same perspective I need with my own room. How awful is that and not a good example for my kiddos. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  83. I struggled with my office and homeschool areas and now I see my own children starting to follow in their momma’s footsteps with being organizationally impaired. What a blessing it would be to win. Thank you for your posts & site – you are such a blessing to me 🙂

  84. My biggest organization struggle is our computer/sewing/catchall room. It always seems to be in constant upheaval. Could be because we use it for too many different things. Wink!

  85. God Morning,

    What a wonderful give away! My struggle is my desk area. I have lots of papers that I need to deal with. Would love to read the book, it sounds like a good one! Thank you for the chance! Have a wonderful day!
    Mary Ann J.

  86. Thanks so much for all your time and energy invested in the lives of ladies like myself! It’s an encouragement to hear and read your tips and advice. God bless you real good.

    I need more organization in the drawers and closets of our bedrooms. period.

  87. My biggest problem is the open areas in the living room, dining room and kitchen. I just seem to always have piles everywhere and can never find a home for it all. It’s so frustrating and causes real depression about it all. Plus it makes it embarrassing when we have company show up unannounced. I would really love to buy this from you if I don’t win it! I NEED this!!

  88. I have issues with clutter collecting on those “easy” surfaces — the kitchen island, the dining room table, the ledge near the stairs by the front door…

  89. The children’s bedrooms … oh my, between toys and clothes I don’t know where to start and the hallway by the front door … boots/coats/shoes/gloves/hats/skates/swimming gear/dance gear … i need a huge closet but there’s no space and it’s knowing what to do … which I haven’t figured out 🙂

  90. I sturggle most with the “hot spots” – finding ways to collect all of the stuff that gets drop at the door, at the table; and organizing in a small home with no storage!

  91. I loose papers & important mail all the time because of not being organized . I shared on Facebook with friends who also have an interest in this subject

  92. I struggle with clutter through out my whole house. It is very upsetting to me and my husband.


  93. I struggle with organizing my bedroom which seems to be the catch all for everything, as well as my home office.

  94. I have the hardest time staying organized. And clutter is my worst enemy. I am a piker by nature and its crazy but i know what’s in each pile ( most of the time 🙂 ) I Homeschool and have two primary ministries with my church. And I tend to let the house go once it reaches. The overwhelming part. I struggle with trying tobbapance my life out and being that virtuous woman God has called me t e. I want to be her but get overwhelmed when I think of all that it involves and how much I am not like her. This book. Could really helpe.

  95. Oh wow where to start…. I think my biggest struggle is finding and keeping a home for everything. I can get the house clean when I need to it be and livable most days but really struggle with finding proper homes for everything. Things like the linen closet, even my pantry and kitchen cupboards, drawers, shelves, counters… they all just lack order!

  96. My biggest organizational/clutter challenge is the growing pile of unsorted, outgrown children’s clothes in our basement. I bought vacuum bags to pack them in some time ago, but have never gotten around to the task. I don’t want to get rid of them yet as we are planning on still growing our family. I have to get to it…that’s all there is to it!

  97. I struggle with keeping up with house chores. Especially the ones that I cannot stand doing! Oh and menu planning and cooking.

  98. I struggle with disorganization in so many areas! My drawers, cabinets and closets are good; it’s the things lying around that are the problem. Not having a home for things is my biggest issue. Once I find homes for things, I’m good. But until then, my kitchen bar, kitchen table, office desk . . . well, just about any flat surface! . . . remain cluttered! Thanks for the opportunity to win this book! 🙂

  99. I have definitely gotten better the last several weeks with the menu planning. I have a problem just being in a chore routine….all the time, without ALOT of exceptions! It seems like everything gets me off track! Maybe I have a focus problem! LOL! Thanks for this giveaway!

  100. My biggest challenge is keeping these straightened with working long hours and caring for my husband and 3 yr old daughter. Would love some help in bringing back some sanity to my household 🙂

  101. We have 4 children and live in a small 3 bedroom ranch. My biggest struggle is finding room to go with everything!! I really need tips on organizing in small spaces!

  102. I would LOVE to win this! I would be so blessed by it. I struggle with maintaining a proper schedule for keeping my house clean and also scheduling meals is hard for me.

  103. The toys of our 11 month old are slowly taking over our house! We live in a small space so we need creativity in organizing! Help!! 🙂

  104. I too want to learn to tame the toy monster that takes over the living room. We also homeschool and it seems that school stuff is everywhere.

  105. Would love to win this book. My main struggle is clutter. Also right now we are into changing clothes for the seasons. They get left in piles to be sorted through when I have time… ha! Love your blog – it is very uplifting! Chris

  106. I really struggle with items we use everyday and menu planning. I make plans but don’t follow through. This book sounds wonderful.

  107. I am totally unorganized in everyway; at home and at school! I am a school teacher and we have to do a reflection at the end of the year. I ALWAYS say that the way I want to improve in is in the area of becoming more organized. I have been saying this for 17 years now. Please HELP!

  108. We have waaaay too much “stuff” and it seems to multiply, resulting in clutter, clutter, and more clutter. I don’t want to continue the pathway of a packrat. I want to free up space for my kids and husband to enjoy….to create an organized and positive atmosphere in our home.

  109. Our bedroom isn’t given priority because no one sees it. It is far from a haven-which it should be after a long day of taking care of kids and the house!

  110. I would love to win this book! I need help with clutter/de-junking and getting the kids to keep their stuff organized. Thanks so much for offering this chance to win! God Bless!

  111. I struggle with cleaning in general and not being frazzled walking out of the door with the kids each morning….UGH!

  112. ONE AREA?!?! Really?!?! MY LIFE! I’ve moved 4 times in the last 2 years including as we speak am moving. I don’t get all my stuff outa boxes cause I don’t know where to begin. I start, and it ends up a mess. My last house you’d have thought a hoarder ( not the filthy kind) lived there cause I just don’t know where to put it all. I’ve tried downsizing this time but its tought being newly divorced with 2 kids and figuring life out on my own. Also if this includes timemanagement then I would be forever greatful as that is now affecting my job to the point of potential loss because I have more tasks in a day to do then there is time. PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BOOK!!!!

  113. This sounds like the perfect book! I really struggle with staying on top of mail, specifically bills. I have a baker’s rack where I leave all of our mail as I enter the house, and I’ll sort all of the bills by due date, and then I tend to get sidetracked by everything and pay the bills at the last minute or be late with them. I should probably pay them as they come in, but I definitely need more organization in this area!

  114. I think I struggle to be organized in every area in my home. Paperwork on my desk is a problem, and my bedroom is a huge problem. I use it to stash things. I want it to be a sanctuary, a room in our home that is peaceful. Clutter does not bring peace… I’m asking the Lord to help me get it organized and to stay that way.

  115. I struggle with managing my time ever since I stopped working in the corporate world. It seems like I’m always doing something but I need to be more efficient with blocks of time for certain areas.
    Thank you and blessings!

  116. I struggle most with craft items and paperwork. I feel like there is always a pile of papers to go through whether it is mail or things I printed out, recipes, craft ideas, etc. It is never ending.

  117. I already shared on FB. I have read lots of magazines and watched showes on organization. I have also bought tons of items marketed to save time and space. Over the last 20 years I have gotten better about purging the house of clutter and things that can be used if recycled to others but I still struggle with the motivation to STAY organized! One day after cleaning out a closet I’m already piling clothes on the bed instead of hanging them up. I take way to many “short-cuts” that never benifit in the end, only make more work. My mother was super tidy and would catch a crumb before it hit the floor! I want to be more like her but apparently have a lazy bone in this area. I would love the book and got tickled by the comment about “another book in the house”.lol. I recently started recycling some books to my church library where I can share good news with others without the clutter in my house. Thank you for all you do for us. God Bless…Debbie Jackson

  118. This book would be a lifesaver! I struggle with Clutter…and finding a “home” for stuff. Maybe we just have too much stuff!

  119. My biggest struggle is with paper – everything from mail and bills to magazines and books. There are places in my living room, my dining room, and my kitchen that catch all of this paper, and I hate looking at it. I would love to get it under control & keep it that way. Our bedroom, while not cluttered with paper, is far from what I’d like it to be. Things just tend to pile up in there.

  120. I am most interested in learning about time management. I struggle with finding the balance between cleaning, playing, teaching, and then getting in some mommy craft time!! What a great giveaway courtney- I told all my FB friends about it!

  121. I would love to win this book! I could definitely use help with developing a cleaning schedule. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to keep up with it all!

  122. I would love to received this book. My biggest area is our bedroom. I can never find the time to put all the clothes away. My husband works out of town all week, so it is me and my 3 yr old son. It seems everytime I ge started putting the clothes away, my son stops me and asks me to sit with him – so I do. He will only be little and want his mommy for a short time. The clothes will always be there.

  123. I struggle with the piles of stuff that build up. My husband likes to pile things and call it clean, but then those piles will sit there and grow. I also struggle with my son’s room-his toys are quickly taking over everything else. Help!

  124. I used to be super organized until the army became our way of life and now I have to write everything in on my calendar in pencil and “go with the flow” is how I like to describe it. I am a full time nanny, full time student and a full time wife. My biggest struggle and the reason for my messy house is time management. I can’t seem to find time to fit everything in. I feel guilty for not spending loads of time with my husband like I want to. He returned from his deployment 4 months ago and I am still having a hard time being away from him. He should totally be my first priority but I do have grades I need to keep up on the line so it’s tough. I will be sharing on facebook!

  125. Menu planning is the worst for me because schedules are different based on kids activities, meeting, and husband’s work hours. I have gotten into the habit of using the crock pot once a week, so that’s been an added benefit!

  126. My greatest struggle is keep our house clean. Can’t figure out how to involve my children to learn and have it clean and organized, also.

  127. Yes Please!! I would love to win a copy especially as with my new born baby daughter life is a bit less organised right now 🙂

    God Bless

  128. Overall, I’m very organized, but I feel like I struggle in my closet. Everything is hung up, but it’s so crammed full of stuff that I forget I have certain pieces of clothes because they get shoved in between others and I can’t see them.

  129. The homeschooling closet and my kids bedrooms–legos, legos, legos….
    I would love to win this. Thanks for the chance!

  130. Oh, I need this so bad! But to list only one area I need help organizing, that would be my entire house! Thanks for this opportunity to win this book. I shared this on my facebook page and with my GMG girls.

  131. I seriously need help with alot of things but more important how I over-commit myself to alot of activites and such. As a result takes away alot of my time to take care of my husband, children and the housework that is my duty.

  132. I have the hardest time with the endless amounts of paperwork! Even when I have it in different “bins” to file/trash they just become full and messy! 🙂

  133. I struggle with keeping clutter, especially paper clutter, under control in our one-bedroom apartment. This looks like a great book. Thanks!

  134. Could so use this book. Since my home has limited closet and storage space I struggle with where to store things. Also the kitchen seems to always get cluttered.

  135. I think my whole house is a disaster. I just have so much stuff… papers, clothes, plus all of my son’s toys all over the place. There are loads of toys in each room and I just get so overwhelmed sometimes because I just honestly don’t know where to start. Plus I have such a hard time getting rid of old things I really don’t need. I would really like to win this! I need all the help I can get!

  136. One of my MANY organizational downfalls is that I put things down to put away later! So I end up with stuff everywhere and none of it is where it needs to go and then I get overwhelmed with all the organizing I need to do because I wouldn’t just put it all the way away when I first had it in my hand!

  137. With four kid under four, organization is so difficult. But with four little ones and homeschooling, it becomes even more crucial! Currently, I am really struggling with the bedrooms.

  138. I shared the link on facebook and twitter, but I struggle with organization of my home in every instance!! Haha! I try, I make lists, I keep a calendar but when it comes down to it, my day gets thrown in a tailspin about 5pm, well sometimes earlier. I would love to know some tips and tricks.

  139. The area I struggle with the most is the master bedroom and bathroom! With two toddlers in the house I feel like I am always rushing when I get ready in the morning, and in the evenings I just want to relax with the hubby. The hamper is always missing when I need it, and I can never seem to put my “beauty” products away when I finish using them. Sigh, I really want our room to be a relaxing and organized retreat.

  140. The area I struggle with the most is our bedroom. Or wait! I’m sitting in a cluttered office as I type this. Maybe that’s it. I have a hard time keeping up with all the mail, filing, etc.

  141. I struggle with our bedroom! As I clean the rest of the house a lot of stuff ends up being put into our bedroom to get it out of the other areas!

  142. The area I struggle with the most is organizing my “chores” – how do I schedule my time so I don’t get behind.

  143. I struggle with organization all the time. I have a 13 yr old & 3 yr old. Plus I babysit through the week two other children ( 1 1/2 yr old & 3 month old). Therefore, I struggle keeping things picked up. I would like to spend the weekends doing stuff I like besides catching up! Lol

  144. I struggle with the ‘hidden’ places of our home that are not seen…..closets, drawers, under beds, etc. Also I have a hard time keeping the bathroom super clean. It’s picked up, but I know the tub hasn’t been scrubbed in a long time and the back of the toilet is disgusting! The things that are seen are ok because the mess is shoved in closets and places people don’t see. I would love a copy!!! Thank you for this website. It’s awesome!

  145. I struggle with clutter and organizing the stuff that lays around the house. I was pretty good when it was just my husband and myself and meal planed and had a cleaning schedule. Then three kids happened in less than four years and I work casual shift work. Life got in the way and now what a mess. We are moving and I am finding stuff everywhere that just doesn’t have a home. I really could use help

  146. Thank you for your post…you have so many great ideas and I greatly appreicate your encrouagement. I struggle to plan meals…especially when the weather changes warm to cold…and office organization/kids schooling bits.

  147. Oh Gosh, my biggest organization is clutter like mail, bills, and other things that don’t have a specific place. Plus, I’m struggling with time management. Thank you for your time.


  148. Just found your website and I love it! I could really use some more ideas with our entry way. Everyone comes in and dumps shoes, backbacks and jackets. Everything needs a home!

  149. I can’t seem to get my kitchen table and counter clutter free! And also my living room is over run with toys even though there are 3 bins to put toys in. And I can never seem to finish my kids room after I’ve managed to clean the rest of the house. And my daughter is still sleeping in her playyard in my bedroom because I can’t seem to clean out her crib which has become storage for kids clothing and other items.

    I think that’s it. 🙂

  150. Gosh I need this, I’m in the middle of organizing and it just simply isn’t working out like planned lol
    So I’m just sitting and staring at it most of the time *sighs*

  151. paper piles and menu planning — I’m starting to get some good action in these areas but still working on it!!!!

  152. I was just complaining about this yesterday~ I sooo need to organize my life- and home- I need to de-clutter in many ways:) And learn to Stay organized! I SOOO NEED HELP!

  153. what perfect timing for some organizational skills help!!! My WORSE area of the home is the counter tops-it’s mostly paper clutter and not always put there by me so I hope this book will help teach me how to retrain EVERYONE in the house-lol!!!

  154. Paper Clutter! I feel surrounded by paper! lol Papers from our home school, scouting, church, the children’s random drawings, invoices, junk mail…there’s paper everywhere!

  155. I struggle with the mail! It seems to just pile up in one cabinet and I have never set up a system for organizing through it. Great giveaway!

  156. I would love this book! – as a stay at home, homeschool mom of three and a home business ( and trying to be self suffiecient on a small homestead – life gets very crazy around here. I’d love to master the skill of organization and keeping organized both for me and my kids! Thanks

  157. Books! There I said it!! My fam may not believe that I said it. I have not met many books I did not love and they obviously love to live at my house. Books on counters, books on shelves, books beside beds, books beside chairs. books in stacks by the shelves. Which creates other clutter and more. I need help

  158. Having two kids ages 5 and 18 months I really struggle with keeping my whole house organized. It feels like I just finished putting things away and everything gets messy again. I know it is something that happens with everyone that have little kids, but I surely hope there is a way to make clean up easier. I want my house to look good again!!!!

  159. I struggle Greatly with my laundry room and also keeping areas organized for more than a few days after getting them to look better. I need some type of routine cleaning schedule to maintain organization once I have it organized. Can’t tell you how happy my husband would be if I won this book, he Loves organization and tidiness. Sharing on Facebook for an extra entry. Thanks and God bless

  160. Thank you for the giveaway! As a teacher, I struggle with piles of paper… As I wife, I struggle with keeping the bedroom organized and clothes put away…

  161. What a great giveaway! I struggle with all of our homeschooling supplies/projects/papers, etc. And also, all of our shoes for a family of 9!

  162. Paper! Paid bill stubs, bank statements, etc. pile up on the counter until I move them to a new pile in the “office”!!

  163. My husband is a Pastor, we run a full time business, we homeschool, and I am a Blessings Unlimited consultant. For us it’s paper, paper everywhere! Have a system that works somewhat, but not always company ready here!

  164. hmmmm…paper, laundry, kids and their stuff!!!!! I get overwhelmed, then don’t do anything until it gets to be so obnoxious that I go on a cleaning binge…I am a hamster on a wheel!!!! I would love for my home to be neat and homey…not chaotic and uninviting!

  165. Don’t anyone look under my bed! It’s a MESS! 🙂 Under beds and in closets and our pantry. It’s too easy to “hide” it away but then it PILES UP! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  166. I need help in ALL areas of organization, but I would say that my hardest area would be clutter. I am a pack rat, by nature, so that definitely does NOT help with getting rid of the clutter in my house! HELP!!

  167. I LOVE organization! I have so many visions on different areas that I can tackle to become more organized. I have anxiety when I see clutter. My biggest struggle is staying organized once I complete an area. Life gets hectic and it is so easy to just let stuff go and say “I’ll get to it tomorrow!”

  168. The dining room table is our dumping ground. I’ve tried putting a pretty tablecloth on it so that we’d stop dumping on it, but it always seems to be cluttered with paper.

  169. For me it’s the kitchen counter!!! Why does it seem like I clean up that mail/grocery/junk 4 or 5 times a day and yet it somehow is there again every evening!?!? I waffle between staying on top of it (with a tray for paper, a desktop slot for mail, and good self-discipline for grocery-putting-away) and having a bad attitude toward it all and saying “Fuggedaboudit!” =0)

  170. My biggest organizational challenge is paper filing. I have a tote bag I keep all the bills in instead of a filing cabinet. I just can’t seem to get motivated, HELP!

  171. My catchall coffee table is often covered with books (including a Bible), homeschool projects, catalogs I want to browse, but never buy from, a box of tissues, and a few toys… 😛

  172. Please enter me in the drawing! I have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Fibromyalgia and have found that being and staying organized is one way to help manage these health conditions. Also, being organized helps me to homeschool and try to keep up with my 6 kids!!! 🙂 Would love to have this book for some ideas that would help. Thanks!!

  173. The kids papers from school. There are so many! I would love to keep every paper they color or craft they make but I am drowning in all their work.

  174. My biggest struggle is by far the little things! A stray button? A homemade name tag on a gift? A square of wrapping paper that could be used again? A chopstick or shoelace or earring that has lost its match? These little things drive me crazy! Please enter me in the drawing. Thanks! 🙂

  175. Ah…this would be a God-send. I am SO struggling right now. My main issue is storage, what to keep and what to donate. Ugh! And, keeping the storage area organized. 🙁

  176. WOW!! organization, how that alludes me. We have 3 children at home and have opened our home to foster 2 additional children. We seem to be exploding at the seams of the house. I need help!!!!! every room seems to scream my name for a touch from some gifted organized person. Apparently that is not me.
    I would love to de-clutter…but can’t seem to find the time or energy.
    Will repost on face book as well for even more chances to win.

  177. Clutter!! Wow. So this is the perfect book after reading yesterdays challenge! I have already posted this on my blog – with pics LOL – but my kitchen pantry is a big sore spot. The other spot is a book shelf that has become a catch all for our homeschool stuff, gift bags, etc. This book is needed!! haha

  178. Funny thing, I love to organize but I hate to clean and I cannot decorate. My mother mocks my lack of cleaning skills (and desire) my husband makes fun of my decorating skills but I can assure you no one can tease my organizing skills. (only I can kick myself when I don’t use it regularly and end up with a whole mess to {gasp} clean)

  179. I struggle with everywhere. I need help de-junking. I just want to get a huge dumpster and just start throwing out everything that isn’t nailed down. lol.

  180. I would love to win! My biggest issues are menu planning and just having too much stuff. We have been trying to downsize our belongings for the past several years. And while we are doing better I still have things piled up on tables or desks or in baskets under those tables. Time to really downsize stuff and mean it.

  181. My problem with organization is my dear family. I think I have a pretty good system in place but no one else seems to think it is very important to keep the house clean, lol. Maybe there are some good tips in there to help get the rest of the family on board. :o)

  182. I so need help with meal plans. To help save a little money. Also getting the kids on a cleaning regimen would be real nice. Before they head into the world and are on their own I want to teach them how important this is. They are teenagers so it may be more difficult but I’ll do what I can while I can.

  183. My kitchen countertop (and lots of other areas, but that is the MOST annoying). It is the first horizontal surface you come to when you walk into the house. I have even thought about tilting the countertops to rid myself of this eyesore!!!

  184. My biggest organizational struggles come with dumping the paper & mail on the kitchen table… And then never finding the time to organize and put it away. And the other biggie is with my son’s toys. Who knew 5 year olds could make such a mess!

  185. I JUST checked this out from the library and thought this was one I need to own instead. My family is in twelve directions at once and there is so many things that need a home location. The worst of all for me is PAPER. Kids papers, my papers, work papers home school papers… seems just when I get something organized I forget about it and don’t send in what needs to be sent. So glad you are sharing your thoughts about this!

  186. I wish I could be organized at home. Being married to an ADHD man handicapps me like no other. I’m not blaming him but much of our issues come from his picking things up and setting them down ANYWHERE!
    He tends to pile stuff up and never go through it.

    Again, I’m not being a big blamer. But the messes get to me and I’m constantly picking up and trying to find “homes” for all the stuff! 🙁

  187. My kids’ stuff. So much paper comes home from school, and you want to save all the projects and pictures that they make for you – what do you do with all the stuff!

  188. The biggest struggle with a family of five and an extremely active lifestyle is all of the ‘stuff’ that accumulates during the week! Papers, mail, shoes, socks, backpacks, more shoes, trash …. by the time Wednesday rolls around, it looks like it was hit by the Tasmanian devil himself. I try to tackle one area every night, but, as a working mom and the wheels of the family, it just doesn’t happen as often as it should!

    Thank you for your thoughts on how to handle the never-ending clutter of life!

  189. I have problems with STAYING organized. I can declutter, but it doesn’t stay that way. What can I do to STAY decluttered and organized? HELP!

  190. My biggest challenge is the everyday things, like mail, my sons school bag and laundry. I am trying to get organized with these things AND get on a daily and weekly shedule for house cleaning.

  191. I struggle with every aspect of organization. I’m great at work but can’t seem to get things together at home. First and foremost is my desk. Everything that anyone has that looks like paper ends up with mom. My home is small and very little storage space, yet I’m having a difficult time deciding what to get rid or and what to keep. I have very few clothes, yet my closet space is so small I can’t get summer and winter attire in the same close, so one season stays in Rubbermaid containers. We have Rubbermaid containers running out of the garage. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m ready to get rid of it all and start over. 🙂

  192. I pretty much struggle with it all. I have tried so many plans and systems, but I think I over organize, and we have too much stuff. I seem to have follow through issues as well. I always have a great intentions, but most days my house is a complete mess.

  193. You’d think that at 54 and having been married for almost 32 years, that ny life would be fairly simple, and that I’d have gotten control of being organized! Wrong! Life is better and busier than ever, and I’ve finally figured out that organization is not one of my gifts! Whether it’s watching my granddaughter, working on my girls’ scholarship program in Rwanda, or paying bills, I feel like I’m on a hamster treadmill! I’ d like to use my time more effectively to get everything done that I need to on a daily basis.

  194. I could definitely use help in the organization area! Right now we’re turning our basement into our home school room and I have no clue where to begin with organizing! And my laundry area is down there too, and is in desperate need of a good system to keep everything tucked away!
    By the way, is it a bad sign that I out grew a junk drawer ages ago, and have moved into having a junk cupboard? Don’t stand in front of it when you open it, and if you do get ready to duck and cover! 😉

    Thanks Courtney!

  195. The area I struggle with the most? I have two actually, and they are equally yoked. They are my office space, with books upon books, and my basement/storage areas. As much as I try to keep these areas junk free and in appropriate spaces, oh my, how I fail.
    I would love, love, love, to be better organized in these areas. Is there really a method to doing this well? I have tried and tried again, but can not seem to get it right.

  196. I struggle with papers….ours, the childrens, I can’t seem to figure out a good way to deal with all of it. Important and not so important. HELP! please 🙂

  197. cannot wait to read this book! i used to be a “put it where it belongs the first time” person…not so much anymore…”set it down where ever and put it away later” is what i’m plagued with these days (years)! thank you for helping the masses!!

  198. I struggle with clothes organization. my closet is a mess! everything is always wrinkled and I hate wrinkled clothing so I always have to iron it, then it makes me late to work.

  199. I have been struggling to find the time to tidy and organize my office space. It has been a dreadful eyesore for over 3 years (since I had my first child). I have to get into gear otherwise this room will become a disastrous storage closet…..ughhhh! HELP me Lord!

  200. I need help with keeping our kitchen table, the first place we pass when walking in the door everything evening……………………………….Geez, I am constantly decluttering….and then of course, the usuals, closets, and garage !

  201. Thank you for the opportunity to enter the give-away! I struggle the most with paper, mainly homeschool materials.

  202. I need help with organization overall, but especially with surfaces…..counters, tables, etc. Would love to have this book!

  203. I really struggle keeping our home school area organized (and my laundry room, and closets, and underneath the sinks in the bathroom …). Ack!!

  204. I so struggle with the kids toys. They have taken over our home. I also have been struggling with organizing all my crafting/sewing/cake decorating stuff.

  205. I would like to enter! I would love to know what her advice is for living in small spaces, since we have needed to downsize to a tiny apartment (compared to the house before) and the things that worked before do NOT work with this space!

  206. I love reading your blog!! The area of my life that I struggle with the most, in terms of organization, is my desk. It’s a roll-top, which I love, but it’s just not BIG enough for all the stuff I need to do on it! So it’s constantly getting jammed up with the paper work I didn’t finish with yesterday, etc. I’m 56, so you’d think I’d have figured this out by now, but I’m still working on it.

  207. Closets and drawers are my downfall. I don’t like clutter out where it can be seen so it’s “hidden away”. Also, the utility room. It has always been a joke in our house, “What! Were you raised in the utility room?!”

  208. Every cupboard that I can close and not look at the stuff inside has clutter! Sharing your post on Facebook with the handy dandy share button!

  209. I have far too many piles of paper to deal with. I seem to get it handled for a few days and then it starts all over again.

  210. The area I struggle with most is our bedroom. I am constantly running late for something, trying on a couple outfits and leaving the rejects strewn about the floor. My husband leaves his dirty clothes on the floor as well, so it’s hard to stay on top of the mess we team up to create!

  211. I need help in the area of chores. My kids do their chores but it seems like it still isn’t helping in the war on clutter. Help!!

  212. I would LOVE to win this book! I struggle with paper and book messes the most. As a Pastor’s wife and homeschooling mom of 5, there are a lot of papers and mail that come through my house every day! And the books are EVERYWHERE! Thank you for this offer!

  213. I shared this on FB. My biggest is probably time management i know how to organize love it! But don’t seem to get it done.

  214. I struggle with compliance from my family. I’m organized but my family is not. So it’s a continual battle to stay afloat.

  215. I have trouble staying organized in almost every room of my house…I have tried different things and with no avail they have not worked..any new suggestions would be a god send

  216. Learning how to organize “everyday life” is my biggest challenge; specifically prioritizing the important things and creating order to the day.

    I shared your link on facebook 🙂

  217. I struggle with meal planning because I don’t feel like it’s something that I’m good at. Also, I have picky eaters!
    My other big struggle is my scrapbooking and keepsakes. I have them sorted and in bins but don’t feel like I have time to work on them like I want to.

  218. I struggle with keeping lots of things organized; but if I had to choose one area that is the biggest struggle, it is probably the closets in the bedrooms.

  219. I struggle with organization!!! I have too much stuff and too little storage area and become overwhelmed very easily when I try to get a handle on it all.

    I am also sharing the give-away on facebook.

  220. When my home is in order, 2 or more loads of laundry done per day, meals planned, and carpets vacuumed, I can assure you my homeschool schedule did not stay on track. When my homeschool schedule is humming, assignments are done, and we don’t skip Latin, I can assure you that my laundry has piled up and there are dust bunnies multiplying like wildfire. I’d love more of a balance! LOL!

  221. I stuggle with paper. It can be mail, school papers, newspapers. I feel like it goes through my hands too many times. I always feel like I may need it again.

  222. I struggled wih organization in my entire house, but particularly in my bedroom and craft room. I do all kinds of crafts and it seems they end up all over the house!

  223. Without a doubt, my organizational struggles revolve around my kitchen cabinets and freezer storage. My family is getting kind of tired of being attacked by things falling out of the cupboard each time they open them! 😉 I also shared on facebook!

  224. My biggest struggle is definitely MAIL…. We have signed up for as many E-papers/bills/etc as possible, but somehow we still end up with so much paper mail! And my husband wants everything with our name/address, etc. shredded, so I can’t just throw it in the recycling bin….. i’ve tried all kinds of baskets, mail sorters, etc, but they all end up overflowing, until I make the time to shred it all and recycle it. 🙁 It all ends with me… I need to make it a priority and so far have not been able to do that.

  225. I struggle with keeping up with organizing. I get caught up, and then it just starts to slide… again & again, and again. And each time it gets harder & harder to get re-organized. I guess it’s a daily self-discipline that I struggle with.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win this.

  226. My biggest struggle is managing time! I make a list that is much too long for the day or week. By the end of the day, I am overwhelmed. I was much better with managing and getting my list done when I was younger and all the kids were home. I have only one left home full-time and still homeschooling. I don’t remember how I managed so much with three. I’ve come to the conclusion is it easier to manage with three then one 🙂

  227. I can never keep up with all the incoming PAPER! Even while attempting the “one touch” rule and going paperless on most bills and mailings I still find myself with piles of things that I know I have to deal with at some point soon, just not now. 🙂

    Great blog!

  228. Blessing to share with my friends on FB!
    Dear Sister in Jesus,
    Thank you for being real. I enjoy your continual posts of real life stuff. Looking forward to meeting you in heaven if not on earth 🙂
    In Christ,

  229. My husband and I bought the house I grew up in from my Mom.
    I have a hard time letting go of things that I really do not need or like But it was Grandma”s … or we bought it on a vaction or it was a gift.. on and on…
    So everything piles up in the basment and closets, really every where.

  230. I have been struggling in all areas with organization. Between work, home, family, etc.. I never got the ‘hang’ of it. I just recently unpacked (and donated everything) in boxes that were from when we moved into the house — 11 YEARS AGO!! I am losing my job this week, and plan on using the “spare” time to hopefully get organized better so I can maintain when I get a new job.

  231. Courtney, I love your website and come here daily for my cup of inspiration. I would love this book as I am involved in several volunteer activities to support moms and the community, so getting good tips on time and paper management would help me become more efficient. I am hoping to impress upon my daughter the joy of service to others and would also like to give her the gift of calm and peace that comes with a well-ordered home. Think this book would help in all these areas! Thanks for reading! Paige

  232. I LOVE to organize. Actually, it’s a good and bad thing so my boys say. They love the fact they can find everything. However, that means getting up and going to get it from it’s proper place. Not the living room floor where they left it.

    Areas of help: all areas. I’m not perfect. 🙂

  233. I would like to enter the drawing. ONE of my toughest areas is the dreaded storage room (or dungeon, as i like to call it!) :>.

  234. I struggle with organizing all the kids stuff they take home from school every year. I also struggle with their photographs. My albums are way behind. I do need help in all areas. Busy life!

  235. I struggle with mail clutter! I never seem to be able to keep up with it. I am also horrible with appointments. Cleaning and organization are a huge struggle, I would love help in that area of my life!!!

  236. I doubt there is little if any hope for my problem with being disorganized. I’d love to be proven wrong. There are so many things I know how to do and want to do and mostly have supplies for doing, and find myself wanting to learn more things to do, and buy supplies more. It jsut goes on and on and on. I have 3 sewing machines and 2 cabinets, I have drawing and piinting supplies, I write a lot of stories and have books etc as resources. I make and give away dolls for sick kids (67 so far) so hae lots of fabric. I knit and crochet and embroider and have supplies for that. It is all in one room and all over the floor. It just goes on and on . I can’t afford to buy lot, also a large computer desk. I don’t have hardly any storage units or have money to buy shelves. Hard to make priorities as to what to do next or what I should eliminate, never mind having 13 great grands to make things for. As I said, I feel scatterbrained with it all. I clear a path to the sewing machine now and then, but mostly bring in whatever I am working on to the living room and it sits in there, till i am off and running at something else. It is a relatively small bedroom I have it all in. It is pretty much a hopeless situation. OH WOE IS ME. You’d think someone in their beginning 70’s like me would have known better. My mom was a great housekeeper so where did my total messy ways come from??? Beats me. Of course my mom only did housework full time. YIKES and hoping this makes some kind of sense.

  237. Oh dear! Where do I begin? When I met my husband, he already owned 40 years worth of bachelor stuff, then in the 3 years we have been married, we’ve added two more little people to our already clustered mix and as you can imagine, we now have a recipe for disaster. I have to say I live with a pack-rat husband who finds a use in everything we own, even if it’s “well one day we might need a 33 gallon trash bag full of hemp” (he is a special effects artist at heart). I’d like to reclaim my dining area as we’ve transformed it into a “garage” since the birth of our newborn (we moved his art studio into our dining room and transformed the studio into a bedroom for my 2 year old). My home is like a giant game of dominoes! 🙂 We can’t reclaim the dining room until the back patio is finished, but that can’t be finished unless we begin my daughter’s closet revamp, does this sound familiar to anyone? I guess my biggest need and prayer is for time management and teamwork. Even if I don’t win, please pray for us! 🙂

  238. I need help getting rid of clutter without getting overwhelmed…we have so much and it is almost too overwhelming to even begin.

  239. Hi! I would love to win the book!
    My struggle is with paper! I have papers everywhere, the kitchen counter has a stack, the dining table, etc..

    Janet W.

  240. I really struggle with getting started. I am a very “type A” person, and have so many ideas – I just can’t seem to turn the ideas into reality.

  241. I struggle in the area of closet space. I have stuffed closets that when you open the door things fall on top of you.
    It is my secret hiding place.

    I would love to win any help is appreciated.

  242. I have two problem areas–my closet and office area. What to do with the “off-season” clothes and way too much paperwork. Thanks.

  243. I am a very organized person by nature but I’m also a huge procrastinator. Those 2 sides of my personality don’t get along at all. I need help managing my time and then all those other areas will fall into place. Like right now, I had planned on getting several things done on the computer. I got the first done and then I got on Facebook which lead me to this blog and now I’m entering this contest…you see, the pattern. Help!! I would love this book!
    Thanks, Jessica

  244. Id love to know and try your system for organizing paperwork. I did share your giveaway promotion on my Facebook page. Thanks for publishing something useful!

  245. I struggle with organizing the way I work through couponing. The coupons are organized, but not how I work through my week of searching, printing, and prepping to head to the store(s). I need to get a grip on which days I sit down and track the match-ups, which day is our consistent “official” shopping day, etc.

    Courtney, you mentioned the children perhaps outgrowing your old system of chores. Have you settled in to only doing certain chores? Or do they know which chores are not daily and which day those non-daily chores fall on? Also, are you still doing a chore allowance? If so, what do you allow regarding spending of that money? Trying to fine tune what we do here.

    1. Toni – they always do similiar chores each day and just verbally telling them works at this point. They are being very compliant go figure??? This may not work forever – but at this season of life I say “go make your bed, shower, clean up your room and empty the trash cans and then we’ll start school” and the kids do it. Then later I’ll say – can you water the flowers? And they do it. Or I need you to empty the dish washer – and they do it…so since they are cooperating right now…I feel like that’s easier than the packs…but if attitudes return I may need an incentive system but right now it’s going smoothly.

      As far as allowance – it’s always been a quarter a day in our house with a bonus quarter for a good attitude for the week – which equals $2 a week. They get paid extra for larger jobs like helping to wash the car or sweep the garage etc. As far as spending…we don’t have a good system yet. We bought Dave Ramsey’s Jr. Money management kit and it was too advanced for our kids so we put it up and plan to return to it when they are more in the right age range. My son gives $5 a month towards a little boy in Guatamala our family adopted – if you do the math – he’s sacrificing quite a bit – Lexi isn’t willing to do the same and I’m not pushing her as I trust God will work in her heart in time to do the right thing.
      What are you guys doing for chore systems and spending? I’d love to hear!
      Lots of Love,

  246. Hey everyone–
    I am LOVING reading all of your comments and hearing your hearts about kicking clutter to the gutter and getting organized in your homes. You can do it!

    And thanks to Courtney for featuring my book. I hope it helps many of it to take care of the “have tos” of life so you can get around to the “want tos”! God bless.

  247. I would love to be able to keep my recipes better organized. I feel like I have SO many great recipes that I never use because they are not organized. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!! 🙂

  248. I have tried to “control” the clutter…but fail each time…I can keep my house neat and uncluttered for only a day or so…and I am ONLY ONE person!!!! I have trouble parting with items…I have clothes that I know I won’t be wearing and yet, I can’t seem to give them away,,,,,sometimes I will give lots of things away, telling myself that someone needs/wants them more…that can help…

    PLEASE, please, I so need help!


  249. Paper…paper and more paper. It comes from all directions…the school, the mail, work, etc. Sometimes I feel like I am so knee deep in paper that I can’t get out. I know that I will someday…I also have the problem of my dining room table and kitchen counters becoming the dumping grounds for all sorts of things. HELP!!!! May each of you have a blessed day!

    Smiles, Robin 🙂

  250. I have many areas of “clutter”. Paper seems to be the largest contributor. However, I now have

    3 grown adult kiddos. Last one left 4 years ago. What to do with all their treasures, papers, school work etc. They don’t seem too interested. I can;t part with most of it. Life during those days was so incredible!!!! Help!?!?

  251. Thanks for the entry! I struggle with keeping up with the clutter. I work outside the home, adn my husband travels. It’s hard to keep up sometimes. Extra tips and solutions would be great.

  252. Wow… I’ve spent most of my 73 years trying to get a grip on this organization thing… now if only other folks would leave my system alone… and stop superimposing their systems on me…

  253. The area I need most help with organization is my boys’ room. They are one of only 3 rooms upstairs and it’s so easy to put their area on the backburner.

  254. Priotizing and meal planning. I’ve been doing the coupon thing for a year, and wow, we’ve had so much more as far as groceries are concerned, but I feel like I LIVE in a grocery store (or a CVS lol) . Being able to get the savings and well planned meals in a more organized way would free me up a LOT! Thanks!

  255. First of all I have to say I love your blog! I have just started a women’s book club where we focus on books and topics that promote and encourage being a proverbs 31 & Titus 2 women ( under events). I just recently had a baby and have been working really hard on getting my life and home on a schedule and organized. She is almost a year and I am still working hard on this but things are slowly coming together praise God! I have started to light my candle reminding me to pray for peace in my home yesterday and I love it!

    I would love to win this book so I can no only get some good tips for my household but also to share with the women in my book club meetings. The area that I probably struggle with the most is laundry!! It seems like it is a battle that I am always fighting to stay on top of.

    Thank you so much for taking the time to put together such a encouraging and wonderful blog I know it is time consuming but wow what a blessing to so many different women including myself! God bless you and your family!

  256. I would love help with organizing all our mail and bills! Just having a good system for keeping them.
    I also tweeted about your giveaway!

  257. Well, sadly you name it and I probably struggle with it!:) My house is usually clean but not picked up, if that makes since. This book sounds great!

  258. I need this right now. I have tried other organizing techniques but am finding it hard to get organized at my new house. The room I know I’m going to struggle is my laundry room/storage room. I want the work table back so I can fold clothes on it. However, I can’t find it.

  259. I struggle with battling laziness – I just don’t want to clean the house – I want to do other things instead, so I do and my house falls to shambles! I also struggle with getting rid of stuff and convincing my beloved husband to get rid of stuff! There is too much in this house and I can envision it being gone, and how much easier it will be to stay organized, but I cannot seem to make it go away! I would so love this book right now – this has been a focus for me personally the past few weeks! It is my God-given job to make this a home, and I need help!! This book sounds like it could be that!

  260. I struggle with not knowing where to begin in terms of organization. I also struggle with allowing my homeschool to take up my entire day, but I know my husband would be blessed if I kept things more organized around here.

  261. There are SO many areas I could use help with organizing. We have four children, homeschool, and work as a family. I struggle with getting rid of things and getting the stuff we keep organized well. My sewing/quilting stuff is probably the worst area(s) of the house, homeschooling fall a close second. There’s stuff in various areas where there’s room to catch something.
    I need help with all of it. Sounds like this may be what I need!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  262. Oh boy, this working momma could probably glean some great information from this book. I am really working on my prioritizing these days.

  263. Geez do i have to limit it to one area i struggle with the most? I don’t think i can because I struggle with all areas in organization. I think i live in total chaos. Help!!!!

  264. I’ve been married 16 yrs and have 2 children, 1 mother-in-law, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a snake in my home. I can’t seem to follow any kind of routine or schedule. My most difficult times are after school when the kids come home. My concept of time seems to go out the window!! and of course…I’m in the kitchen at 5 wondering what to make. I NEED this book!!!!!!!!! I also shared this link with everyone on my FB friend list:)

  265. it seems that every flat surface attracts “stuff” in our home. would love to see your book, have piles of “stuff” here & piles of “stuff” there! yikes, definately need to manage “stuff” better. loved your thoughts on “clutter”….

  266. I feel like I get nothing done, so organization is surely something I need. My house, my paperwork…everything needs help.

  267. I love organization! But with 5 kids it is a struggle at times. I can get lazy for weeks, and then decide to organize all the cupboards & clothes b/c they are driving me nuts. I would love to win the book for ideas and inspiration.

  268. I struggle with actually doing anything, I get so far and have it all sorted in my head but if I do manage to get anything organised (very rarely) it doesn’t stay that way for long. A day or 2 if I’m lucky.

  269. Wow! Viva la comments! Ugh, I am not organized with paper clutter and getting rid of things. I will decide I am going to deep clean a room and I find myself keeping more than I want to or just moving things to another location (i.e. I just cleaned some stuff out of my kids closets and their clothes to friends, but I take my clothes and my husband’s clothes to a resale shop. They have been in a hall closet for three weeks bc they have to be ironed before I can take them.)

  270. I try to stay organized, but with being a working mom, I find it difficult to make the most of my time. Any help with trying to “fit it all in” would be great!

  271. I struggle with organizing my time, papers, stuff – I think I have too much! This book sounds wonderful, and I plan to check out her blog. 🙂

  272. Just daily papers from kids school or mail stuff. It is the little things that are hard to find a place for and end up cluttering my house up. I shared the link on Facebook also.

  273. I need help with cleaning routines! I have the basics down, but never seem to get past the day-to-day sweeping, mopping, dishes, etc to the deep cleaning I know I need to be doing as well!

  274. I struggle with our office/craft room/ exercise room! It seems to be a magnet for everything that doesn’t have a place.

  275. I struggle most with committing to do more fun projects than I have time to complete and then having to make hard decisions to let go of fun projects.

    I posted the link on Facebook as well.

    God Bless

  276. I love your blog and one of my area is keeping the house vaccum. My husband an i both work from home w/ two differnt schedule and it seem like someone is always doing something when i want to vaccum., keeping the main bath clean is a little difficult for me too

  277. Courtney, I have an Uncle or two…who are Catholic. Strong Catholic Men. This actually has nothing to do with organization but I’m wondering how to contact you….so i’m just posting. I’m not Catholic. But I do love the Catholic Church. While visiting tonight, he leaves me feeling i’m doing something wrong by not being Catholic. I don’t know if you’ll even discuss this sort of thing on a post. My email address is Why when I say to him the bible this and the bible that he says to me, “The bible came from the Catholic Church.” I know he knows it’s the inspired word of God. But he is a very smart man and we have a good relationship and all…but he just keeps going back to it’s the only and first church…… I don’t know, my brain is burnt out from our conversation today so I’m just looking for some insight. Thankyou, Robin Albright,IL.

  278. The area I struggle the most with is the office and paper clutter!!! It never seems to stay clean in there!

    Thank you for the chance 🙂

  279. Clutter, including bills, paid bills, receipts, junk mail, coupons, and school flyers, and advertisements create a mound of paper each day on my family kitchen table/eat in area! If company is coming, I quickly sort through, then grab a shopping bag, and pile all the paperwork into it, and into my foyer closet it goes. By the end of the month, I sometimes end up with 2 or 3 shopping bags full of these similar items! HELP! Time always escapes me, and these 2 or 3 bags pile up after a month or so!!! Paper paper everywhere! God give me peace of mind, amen!

  280. Paper clutter — not so much the newer mail, magazines, etc. It’s the backlog including boxes and file drawers of stuff that “ACCUMULATION”

  281. Oh I really need to win this…. or go buy it if I don’t. I struggle the most with time-management… which makes everything else messy. Laundry piles up, papers pile up, and usually I’ll break down and have one massive cleaning day each week just to get it all back together again. I hope one day, I can just do what I’m suppose to do, when I’m suppose to do it…. and keep my mess to a daily manageable level.

  282. I wish I could say I have one area to organize. I have many…my main problem would be any counter space, it always seems to collect things.


  283. I have two big areas that I have trouble getting organized meal prep and laundry. I have a problem getting my daughter to keep her room clean too!!!!!!!!!!!

  284. I need help with my kids rooms and our homeschool area. Then there’s meal planning, I have not been able to figure that one out.

  285. Paper clutter is my biggest challenge. Bills, permission slips, schedules, information to keep, things to keep for later…. Also, my kitchen counter is always cluttered with misc. things that really need to go somewhere else but just seem to have a permanent home on my counter.

  286. I shared this on Facebook and twitter. The area I struggle with the most is creating and maintaining a cleaning schedule.

  287. I need help organizing the paperwork in my home. I have a daycare plus just regular home paperwork and I am not good at keeping that organized

  288. I struggle with clutter in general. I just never seem to have enough time to get any significant amount of organizing done. When I do, it’s undone in a week.

  289. Oh, how I love books about getting organized. I didn´t learn it at home so these books are my survival guide. The area I most struggle with is definitly my laundry. Doing the laundry for 10 people seems to me like a lifetime challenge. Thankful for every new idea on that part. I love your blog and your inspiration. This is a great challenge. Love from Germany

  290. My wife is disabled and I work very long hours. She struggles with energy because of her illness and she is confined to a scooter. When I get home I am exhausted and the house is usually a mess. At this time there is no treatment for Friedrich Ataxia (nerve deterioration disease). Her nerves are dying so her brain doesn’t communicate correctly with the rest of her body. We need help getting ourself organized.

  291. I struggle with organizing the paperwork and storage spaces. I don’t want to pass on my lack of organizaion skills to my daughter and I can see she is starting to save everything already!

  292. I struggle with piles. I end up with items that I’ll use but not every day and they create islands which create continents and then life just becomes difficult as we navigate around these new land masses. Still trying to figure out how to prevent them from forming.