Christmas Morning Breakfast Ideas

 This is the very best list of easy and delicious Christmas morning breakfast ideas that make it special and fun. Your family will love these! #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #breakfast #easyrecipes

Janelle from Comfy In The Kitchen has some GREAT Christmas breakfast ideas for us!

Hi Ladies! I wanted to share with you one of my favorite meals of the year~ Christmas Breakfast. I wake up early to start the cooking, but it isn’t long before I hear the pitter patter of footsteps down the stairs! Let the festivities begin!

I will set the table on Christmas Eve, so that is ready for everyone in the morning.

I will get up around 6 am to start breakfast ….this year I am going to make Homemade Cinnamon Rolls. I can already imagine it now- My children waking up to all the excitement AND the smell of these! Memories in the making!

Nothing is as refreshing as an Orange Julius!

This is the very best list of easy and delicious Christmas morning breakfast ideas that make it special and fun. Your family will love these! #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #breakfast #easyrecipes
I’ll make a Chef Mickey’s Breakfast Pizza for the kiddos.

 This is the very best list of easy and delicious Christmas morning breakfast ideas that make it special and fun. Your family will love these! #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #breakfast #easyrecipes

Sausage Gravy Over Biscuits – I simply double the batch and place it on low in the crock pot with biscuits in a bread basket.

This is the very best list of easy and delicious Christmas morning breakfast ideas that make it special and fun. Your family will love these! #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #breakfast #easyrecipes And of course…2 Easy Ham and Cheesy Quiches

This is the very best list of easy and delicious Christmas morning breakfast ideas that make it special and fun. Your family will love these! #WomenLivingWell #Christmas #breakfast #easyrecipes

 I will also lay these delicious homemade soft sugar cookies with frosting out on a tray for after breakfast with coffee. This is a very special recipe in our family! I love this time of Christmas morning! I pray this post gives you inspiration for YOUR Christmas breakfasts! Blessings upon all of you!


WOW! Thank you Janelle for sharing these recipes with us!!!

Walk with the King,

*Janelle is a woman who is dependent upon Jesus, a mom, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and an advocate for meal ministry. You can find her displaying step-by-step photos of her recipes, giving devotionals, and sharing meal ministry stories on her blog. You can follow Janelle’s blog at


  1. I love seeing that other people have a special Christmas Breakfast too! I start mine with my daughters on Christmas Eve Day. In fact, most of it is prepared ahead of time, which makes Christmas morning stress-free. First we make Ambrosia. We used to make homemade doughnuts but after years of tradition, we realized that not many us actually liked them. 🙂 So now we’ve switched to homemade cinnamon roles that my husband makes with one of our daughters. Very yummy! I also make up a huge egg, cheese, and sausage casserole the night before and put in the oven while we open presents on Christmas morning. The orange juice is prepared the night before too. The only thing I make in the morning is a big pot of grits. Then everything is ready by the time we finish opening our gifts. Have a blessed Christmas season! Dayna

  2. You just inspired me to start this as a tradition in our home! I will invite my mom, dad, and younger brother over for Christmas Brkfst this year : ) Since you’ve offered them up, I’ll piggy back on the wonderful sausage gravy over biscuits (my husband will LUV these) and mixed berry dish. I think I’ll do yummy donut muffins to have w/coffee and a brkfst casserole as well. Great post – a Merry & Blessed Christmas to you and yours : )

  3. What a wonderful post! You’ve inspired me to give cinnamon rolls a try. 🙂 Typically Christmas morning is the same every year. Because we go to my mother’s (my Italian side) for dinner in the afternoon, which of course is a 4 course Italian feast (!), I make a Polish breakfast for my husband, as he’s from Polish descent. I usually make pierogies (admittedly, not homemade), polish sausage, and pickled beets. I’m not a fan of the pickled beets but he loves them so I make them specifically for him. 🙂 My children are a little harder. They are extremely picky eaters. They don’t like eggs, my daughter only likes waffles – and they have to be store bought…she does not like homemade waffles. Imagine??? lol My son only likes pancakes or poptarts…..ugh!!!! So it’s usually a mish mash of everything that morning. My daughter does like Polish sausage though, so she’ll have a little of that, but I imagine I’ll have to toast up some Eggo’s for her and make chocolate chip pancakes for my son! 🙂 And since my sister lives across the way, and we said last year we would do this, I’m inviting her over for Christmas morning breakfast! 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing and have a Blessed Christmas!! P.S. I love the sugar cookie and coffee idea too!!! 🙂 At least THAT is something I know my children will gladly partake in! LOL

    1. Sounds like your family is keeping you busy in the kitchen! I love your willing heart to accomodate everyones likes…such a blessing you are to your family.

    1. You know where I live- of course you can come!!!!!! lol!!! I would love that Ruth! We need to have a girls get together 1/2 way in January..miss you!

    1. Oh Sally, I would just love to have you over someday 🙂 You are such a blessing to us moms. Thank you so much for the inspiration with your delicious homemade cinnamon rolls! I pray there will be many homes on Christmas morning enjoying these!! Love to you, Janelle

      1. Sweet Janelle,
        I just found this and would love to come to your home–we would have such fun and so much to talk about. Hopefully you can come to my house sometime later……..Hoping.

  4. I am not nearly that industrious with cooking on Christmas morning, I go with a much simpler brunch, but I love all your recipes and think I would find a good time to use almost all of them throughout the days around Christmas and including Christmas. I definitely love your sausage gravy in the crock pot, the only time I ever have sausage gravy on biscuits is when we are traveling and it is on the breakfast bar in the hotel dining room.

    If you do all this for breakfast, I am wondering what do you do for Christmas dinner?

  5. wow…can I come over to your house on Christmas morning! I usually make everything the night ahead. Last year I made a bacon and veggie strata and stuffed french toast casserole that I could pop in the oven in the morning. I also make extra rich hot chocolate from scratch, and of course christmas cookies! I better start planning, and may use one of these!

  6. I love the quiche and fruit idea but we do the same traditional Christmas breakfast every year which is very Southern…..Rabbit (chicken for those who want touch rabbit), rice, gravy, and biscuits. YES, this is breakfast! LOL!
    Quiche and fruit will have to be day after Christmas!
    Maybe I will take photos of our traditional Christmas breakfast for a post.

  7. I am drooling over those cinnamon rolls…you found my weak spot!!! I’m on my way to the store now to get some dry yeast since we have all the other ingredients…I must make them today!!!

  8. Oh! We do Christmas brunch with the in-laws too. But living in NY, it’s bagels, cream cheese, and lox! 🙂 Instead of sausage I make a spiral ham so I don’t have to be cookin’ up bacon all morning. Last year I made a French Toast casserole so that it could just bake. This year the crockpot is getting a berry cobbler for dessert. Yum!

  9. Your meal plan sounds absolutely “comfy delish!” Those cinnamon rolls will definitely be a hit too. We do a huge Christmas Eve traditional Polish dinner, so our Christmas morning meal is small stuff. But I may have to make just those cinnamon rolls with mugs of mocha and coffee for all. We had to move away from family in northeast OH back in 2005 and your post makes me miss our days of coming together for Christmas and Easter meals. It’s just us here in Indiana (no other relatives close by).

    And this next comment could only be made by another woman (because a man wouldn’t likely notice, lol). I love love LOVE your paint color, white plates, and curtains in your dining room, Janelle. Soooo pretty and inviting.

  10. Hmm..I think I am going to make cinnamon rolls too. I think my family will love these. We usually eat croissants and dutch christmasbread (check: ) boiled eggs and baked eggs with saugages and bacon on Christmasmorning and offcourse fresh fruit and jus d’ orange.

    Have a blessed Christmas!!

    Your sister in Christ,

    marjolein from the Netherlands

  11. Looks scrumptious!!! 🙂
    In our house, however, I fear being lynched if I break from our tradition.
    For as long as I can remember we make a Birthday cake for Jesus Christmas Eve. After reading in Luke we open stockings, sing Happy Birthday and eat cake!!
    One of my girls asked me when/how it got started that we eat the cake for breakfast rather than later in the day…. honestly I don’t remember :P.

  12. How fun to see my recipe here. I hope it goes well for you. I am so high in the mountains, (7300 feet), that sometimes my recipes don’t work for others. But if anyone can do it, I know you will do it beautifully. Wishing you a lovely and wonderful and blessed Christmas, sweet friend!

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