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Motherhood Is Like…Spinning Balloons…

Motherhood is much like an amusement park ride! 
I remember the thrill of loading up the kids on “The Spinning Balloons.”  The ride started off smooth – we went up high and we went down low and then it began to spin and spin and spin… and spin – oh friends this mama was dizzy!  At this point the “thrill” had left me and the dread of the ride had begun. But to the children’s great pleasure no one else was in line, so the “KIND” man who ran the ride allowed us to ride extra long!As the ride went on and on…and on, my sister began taking photographs and I began to laugh hysterically at the situation I had gotten myself into!  In the end, I kept lunch down and to be honest – I think I’d do it all over again!

Have you found motherhood to be like the spinning balloons?

Before you know it the ride will be up. Your children will be grown and there will be no more rides to take together. Come visit me today over at MomHeart.Org as I share a few tips for surviving the ride of your life.

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  1. I sometimes have to just shake my head and laugh or I’ll cry. I homeschool my 3 children. As you know it is a huge task with hurdles each day. Well worth the hard work but none the less I confess to sometimes being jealous of the Moms who send their kids off each day. Then I read blogs like yours and the encouragement to bringing them up with God’s word reminds me why I do what I do each day. Thank you for that!
    Erika in California

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