When the Bottom Falls Out

Last summer, my husband was walking down our deck stairs holding my daughters hand… they stepped on one stair (these are higher up than they appear in the picture) and it gave out – then they stepped to the next stair and it gave out too!  Thankfully my husband had my daughter by the hand and she did not fall through.  He strong armed her onto the 3rd step down but he got injured from gripping the railing – the wood punctured his hand and later developed an infection – it was just a mess!

The bottom fell out literally for him that day.

But I think of so many blessings in that moment.  I am thankful he was holding her hand…if he had not been holding it – she would have fallen through!  I am thankful that he has a strong hand that was able to get her to the next step safely.  I am thankful that he took the injury in place of her being injured…and it makes me think of Jesus and his strong hand and how he has endured the pain of the cross for us..

In Hebrews 13:5 he says “Never will I leave you, Never will I forsake you.”

God is always with us – he has a strong hand that upholds us when the bottom falls out.  He has taken the pain of our sin upon him and covered it over at the foot of the cross…he loves us, protects us, comforts us and never will leave us.

So the bottom fell out for me today…

I had a rough week last week with a cold that turned into Laryngitis and then my washing machine broke with a load in it and more loads to go… and really I was just feeling whiny last week!  I thought surely this week would be better…

But today my son tied our wagon to his bike and my daughter got in and he pulled her along – until she flew out!  She knocked out her two front teeth (which thankfully were baby teeth) but really scraped up her face.  Her lips are swollen and right now she can’t close her mouth to drink or eat…I’m pouring water into her mouth 🙁


Sitting in the emergency room – I put on a smile for the kids…but inside I wanted to just throw up!  The blood was a little more than I could bare!  And the butterflies came as I worried about all the worse case scenarios. After X-rays, some reassurance from the Dr. that her mouth will eventually close again when the swelling goes down (lol! I needed that reassurance!), and some comfort from facebook friends 🙂  I am feeling a little better.

(I took a picture of my daughter’s face but I could see at the Dr.’s office she was embarrassed of it – she complained that she looked like a clown – so I thought it best not to share it with you all right now…but on Saturday we are having her 7th birthday party – so I’ll be taking pictures then – you’ll get to see her toothless smile next week when I post pictures.)

But as we drove to the ER, I prayed with the kids and I told them – even though this took us by surprise, this did not take God by surprise.  When we woke up this morning – God knew this accident would happen today.  His strong hand was with us – and he carried my little girl to the 3rd step down.

And in hard times like tonight – when the tears seem to flow easy…I’m reminded of John Piper’s words:

It is crucial that in our darkness we affirm the wise, strong hand of God to hold us, even when we have no strength to hold him.  This is the way Paul thought in Phil. 3:12 “Not that I have already obtained this or am already perfect, but I press on to make it my own, because Christ Jesus has made me his own.” ESV

The key thing to see in this verse is that all Paul’s efforts to grasp the fullness of joy in Christ are secured by Christ’s grasp of him.  Never forget that your security rests on Christ’s faithfulness first.

Christ is faithful first!  It is HIS mercies that are new every morning (Lamentations 3:23).  HE gave me just enough mercy to make it through last week’s inconveniences.  HE gave me the mercy I needed for today – when this frazzled mama just wanted to cry her eyes out in the waiting room and I am counting on HIS mercies for tomorrow’s trials!  I can testify – HE is faithful first!

Some days we have to fight for joy.  We have to fight to see God in the hard things of life.  It is crucial that in our dark moments we remember that though our grasp on God may feel weak – He has a strong hold on us.

Walk with the King,


  1. What a day you’ve had! It is so inspiring that even on the very day that you are still in the midst of your pain and struggle that you are finding a way to praise and thank God. This is a lesson I’ve been learning as well lately. Praising Him and thanking Him even in the dark times. I pray that she recovers quickly!

  2. If if makes you feel any better, my Olivia had to go to the ER last night because she fell off her bike while riding in flip flops (Can I get a “girls will be girls” amen?). Her left elbow is absolutely raw “meat”, her left inner wrist is clearly bruised, her knee has an abrasion on it, there are several cuts on her calves, and the worst is her left big toe. She took the tip of it off. A good 1/8″ deep by 1/4″ wide, gone. It looks NASTY. There was nothing to stitch. They had to just trim it away because it was going to die anyway. Gross, I know (I know!!!) but I’m just glad she didn’t have a head injury (rode without a helmet too. NOT so happy ’bout that). Girl, our summers are off to a bumpy start and we’re not even out of the gate, lol. I’ll pray for your sweet girl as I’m praying for mine (and for us parents too.) So glad it was baby teeth. Wish she wasn’t hurting though, poor baby. 🙁
    Toni (who should also be in bed and heading there now)

  3. God bless you, and your daughter, Courtney!

    Your post is giving me a flashback to the day my 3.5 year old son took a header down a flight of wooden steps…face first. With me diving half a step behind him, trying to catch the back of his shirt the whole way down. I can still see the back of that shirt…and feel my fingertips almost stop him. (shiver). Crying my eyes out in the ER.

    Christ is faithful. I am looking at the 6ft something nearly 14 year old working on his Algebra at the table, thanking God for his mercy … and that big handsome smile!

    Someday you will look back at today and shake your head, as a “Remember that terrible day?”

  4. Sometimes the hardest thing for us is when our children struggle. We can handle the washing machines breaking or having to push the car off the road when it dies (this was MY yesterday), but when our children have pain and suffering it is much harder for us to rest in His grace.

    It’s during times like this when I remember that HE loves my little ones even more than I do and His care and love for them surpasses even mine. And I’m reminded that He IS faithful to take care of them.

    Thanks for your very transparent post today and may He bless your love and compassionate Momma’s heart today!

  5. Oh, Courtney! I can so feel your pain! In December, my 7-year-old daughter had a completely freak accident on a video rocker. I will never forget the sight that met me when she came into the kitchen not really realizing what had happened. She had no pain (the nerve in the roof of her mouth was shocked), but her brand new top permanent teeth were thrust from their position of being about 2/3 in, to literally hanging down on her tongue. I could get no help at the E.R or the dentist. Finally, almost 20 hrs later, I was able to get her into an oral surgeon 90 minutes away. He was doubtful about trying to save them,
    but knew we wanted to try. He pulled them back up and wired everything to her more stable back teeth. After lots of money and lots of trauma, we are seeing progress. He took the wires off after a month, and by mid-summer she should be able to bite down with those teeth again. The oral surgeon also found that she had broken the gum bone on top and lacerated the roof of her mouth. Of course, you know how the swelling is. I would never have known all of that had happened!
    As soon as all of the intense emotion faded, I could see God’s hand of protection. Had her nose or temple taken the blow, she may not have lived to tell about it. And…just a word to those who have video rockers…never underestimate them. Those warning tags mean exactly what they say. 🙂

  6. Praying for sweet girl as well as the other kiddos on here praise god none of them had life altering injuries my baby boy is only 2 and alrdy Scares the mess out of me my husband says I’m too over protective I think not if I can protect him from getting hurt I am thanks for reminding us to remain joyful in all situation because god is in control

  7. Ugh, what a crazy time. I really really appreciate what you shared about the conversation and prayer in the car. You are a good example of trust in the Lord and teachable moments with our kids. Thank you!

  8. Ohh gosh, praying for you guys! Reminds me of my now almost 2 year old (she’ll be two Saturday)- about 6ish months ago she fell out of a chair in our office, you know the metal folding ones? Into the side of another one of those and the metal chipped one tooth and shoved two of her teeth way back up into her gums. She was bleeding FOREVER and her mouth was crazy swollen, the urgent care was no help at all when we finally got to the dentist when they opened we were lucky enough/really blessed/she didnt damage anything too serious and didn’t need them adjusted etc. the dentist said they would come back down on their own and a couple months later they did. For at least two weeks after I watched her like a hawk and wanted to cry every time I looked at her (just thinking about what happened/how she felt/etc etc ) 🙁

  9. Courtney, so sorry you had such a difficult past two weeks!! You will get through it. You have such a faithful group of followers thinking of you and your wellbeing 🙂

    This is unrelated, but I was wondering if you could do a post/video on important qualities to look for in a husband. I value your opinion! Thank you!

  10. What a nightmare for her and for you! I am sorry for her pain, and yours. I am so glad they were baby teeth!!!! Huge comfort comes from knowing that even though there is pain now- you and your beautiful daughter are strong and will come out of this stronger- and all will be well. I hope you get through this difficult time okay, and I hope she has minimal discomfort for such a hard injury =( What a trooper!!!! You both are!!!!

  11. God – You always know what we need to hear and when!

    Courtney – no kids here but definitely feeling like the bottom is falling out. However, I will grab hold of that strong hand of God and find JOY. Thank you for your amazing encouraging words!

  12. Wow love, what a day you have had, ok what a start to the week and what a week last week! But to know through all that someone had your back no matter what …even more wow! Thats awesome and to think of people who dont have that security of Christ to fall back on. It makes my heart sick and ache. Thank you for sharing your deep hun, its truly appreciated to see other mommies going through the same struggles that I am going through . Its a hrd journey this Christian Wife and Homeschooling Mama one, and though I am glad I am on it…boy is it hard. Thank you , and many blessings and prayers to your family today.
    In His Light

  13. My prayers and thoughts for a smooth recovery are with your daughter and you. My own daughter (2.5) had a bottom falling out moment for herself last Wednesday. She fell in the tub and cut open the underside of her chin. I felt so very much like you described in this post and am also unbelievably thankful for God’s strength and grace. He carried me and my daughter through that terrible ordeal and I know that it would have been much worse had I not gone to Him in the midst of the chaos and prayed for Him to hold me up and protect my daughter.

  14. Aww poor Lexi….she’ll be ok…it’s scary when our babies get hurt no matter how minor the injury. Her front teeth were probably pretty close to coming out anyway. Hope she looks better for her birthday party this weekened.

  15. Been praying for you guys since last night and will keep it up. Last month was a rough one for us. I’m so glad to be past it! Now my sis and some friends are having a rough time. I’m lifting everyone up to the Lord.

  16. Oh my goodness. I am holding my mouth. Yes that is very traumatizing and even though we birthed these little ones, I’m with you and don’t do a lot of blood. I’m thankful for older siblings that have rescued our youngest when these things happen. Good learning lessons I guess if you can find something positive in this experience. I hope the birthday weekend makes things a little brighter for her and yet I’m sure you feel you failed but I love how you reiterated to the kids that God knew, truly He knows all things. Sometimes when I think of this, I wish I could just peek ahead and know certain things of the future but I know that wouldn’t be good for us. Reminds me of the song I Don’t Know About Tomorrow, But I know Who Hold’s My Hand. Have a wonderful day and hope you are feeling better.

  17. Oh, how I’ve had that kind of week….only expecting it to get better and then it just gets worse! Your post was so true and so beautiful! Praying your daughter feels better today and your week just gets better and better!

  18. Courtney,
    Thanks for sharing that quote from Piper. It’s so beautiful, and I hope you keep remembering it too! Praying for a better week for you.

  19. Oh boy can I relate. Two summers ago the house we were renting was sold and we had to move. We were going through a financial crunch, husband was out of a job and we felt hopeless. Then one morning I was overwhelmed with a huge crop of corn that had come in when my washing machine kicked the bucket and 2 hours later my son broke his arm. When I called my husband to come home, his truck quit working and I had to get all 4 kids loaded in the car and pick him up on the way to the hospital. Once our girls were in the care of my inlaws and my son was in the care of the doctors, I cried like a baby. Not a fun day but isn’t it great when we feel His presence through it all?!

  20. Hi Courtney! I very rarely comment but wanted to tell you I’m so sorry this happened to your little girl! Poor thing! Anything have to do with the face and mouth always seems to hurt WAY worse than anything else. We don’t realize how much we use our face and mouth until we can’t! I’m praying for your family today.
    My 4 year old daughter broke her arm yesterday. ( She fell out the side of our new Honda Pilot as she was opening the door. She’s not used to that motion as we have a sliding van door in our regular family car). That was really hard for us. I’m 7 months pregnant with our 4th and we’re celebrating my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday this Saturday as well. This week was going to be a little stressful just with the party prep and other commitments we had this week. Thankfully it was her left arm ( and she’s right handed) and was seen very quickly at the ER. She’s being a real trooper and tough cookie. So, I hear ya!! Blessings to you all. I can’t imagine how your son is feeling too. When I saw your post yesterday I thought ” Yep, her day was even worse than mine!!”

  21. I am so sorry to hear this. My mama heart hurts for your mama heart. 🙁
    How is your son doing? I bet his heart is hurting too. Poor guy! A fun kid adventure that turned out really bad.
    Praying for you all this morning,

  22. “Some days we have to fight for joy.” That is a wonderful thought. It is strange that after the one step fell through then the other one did. It is like an illustration of the body of Christ. We are so interdependent that our “strenght” affects the “strength” of those closest to us.

  23. I’m so glad that your daughter is doing okay. Thank you for your blog today. I so needed to hear these words.

  24. Thank you for this reminder. We lost a dear friend to a roadside bomb in Afghanistan this past week, and it has been really tough. My husband has been very involved in the plans for a memorial service, and all the phone calls and emails are a contant reminder of what has happened. The prayers of the surrounding communities and his friends overseas have been such a comfort to me! It is amazing how much strength God can give during such a tragedy.

  25. First, I want to give you an encouragement for not posting the photo of your daughter that made her feel uncomfortable. Good job Momma! It amazes me what people post about others and how they maybe are not taking the other person’s heart into consideration first before they post.

    So sorry to hear that this has been a trying time. Praying that your daughter is well healed and that you all have a wonderful time at the party.

  26. Dear Beautiful Courtney,

    Receive this Hug from a Grandma in SC, along with a special prayer for you and your little ones.

  27. Had to share this on my FB and Twitter!! Awesome post.. So very sorry about your daughter. Yesterday was a bottom fell out day for me too! Got kicked in my hip and inner thigh by a mule.. :/ I count myself blessed though.. Bc nothing was broken & it didn’t happen to my girls. Thank you so much for being obedient to this calling God has placed on you! Blessings!!

  28. I am hurting with all of you. So sad to read but I am so grateful that nothing was broken.
    My prayers and hugs are for you and your family.

  29. oh my goodness! I am so sorry for your sweet girl. I will be praying she heals well and quickly. My last day like that was back in November right before Boston’s second birthday.. he puked and puked for like a day and a half and it started in the middle of the night. The hardest thing for a momma is when seeing her child in pain or suffering. Hang in there!!

  30. Thank you so much for the reminder that God is always the Strong Hand that lifts us up. I was really needing to hear this today. I will be praying and thinking of your little sweetheart!!

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