How 5 Years of Blogging Has Changed My Life

how 5 years of blogging has changed


Has it been that long?  Oh yes – yes it has!!!

Next month, I will have been blogging for 5 years. At this point, blogging has taken up a HUGE chunk of my free time. This ministry has changed my life.

The emails I receive from hurting women – has changed me.

The encouragement and support from women whose lives are being changed – has changed me.

The criticism I have received from angry people – has changed me.

The writing of other bloggers in the “blogging community” – has changed me.

But most of all – the King of Kings and Lord of Lords has changed me.

He has opened my eyes to the needs, hurts and beauty of my generation. He has opened my eyes to the powerful truths of the Proverbs 31 and the Titus 2 woman. He has opened my eyes to what the word GRACE really means.

We do not and will not all look alike. There is no cookie cutter mold for how we as women will serve our God. We each have our own story from where we came, where we are today and where we are going tomorrow.We are journeying together in this thing we call life.

During these 5 years, I’ve been surprised by some of my bloggy happenings…things like the Rachael Ray Show producer emailing me (I remember being weak in the knees during our phone call!) or when my readership spiked over 1,000 visitors in a day, then eventually 10,000 visitors a day and a few times over 100,000 visitors in a day because of this post and this post.  Or when the reality show casting agent arrived in town to meet me and my friends (which we would later turn down this opportunity – 4 times) .  Or when I held the official contract in my hands for my upcoming book.  Or when a little thing called Good Morning Girls here on this site turned into and then caught wind and grew like rapid fire.

All glory to God – not one of these things happened because of Courtney Joseph.  If I have ever appeared to have it all together – I apologize – because I am a very flawed sinner saved by grace. Nothing more.  I am only a tool – if I did not do it – God would use someone else. He does not need me, but I am so grateful that he allows me to be a part of his work.

And sure, these moments are exciting. But it’s not what my blogging is all about.  For me, it’s about me being faithful to what I believe God is calling me to do. As I listen to God, submit to my husband, train my children, serve in my home and then turn my attention to the social media world -I open myself up and say – “here I am Lord, use me”.

Has God laid a ministry on your heart?

Have you surrendered your life to him saying “use me Lord Jesus”. Oh, it’s scary to say those words – but let me testify – it’s so exciting too! There are hard nitty gritty painful days but THEN there are those moments when I sit on my deck, with my face towards the sun and the wind blows and I feel his presence like a warm coat around me.

I have never been more confident in my life that this is the work God prepared in advance for me to do (Ephesians 2:10) .I am reminded of Noah building the ark for days on end. Others walked by and wondered what in the world he was doing! (and trust me I have had plenty of people say “you do what? You blog? Why? Who has time for that?”) In Genesis 6:9 the Bible says “Noah walked with God”. This is what Noah was doing – walking with the King! And this is what happens when you walk with the King. The King might ask you do to something outside of your comfort zone!

Dear sisters, take risks – follow the King of Kings!

Is he asking you to submit to your husband? Is that scary to you? Do it – and you will find freedom there!
Is he asking you to sacrifice something you enjoy so that you can spend time training your children? Do it – you won’t regret it.
Is he asking you to step out of your home and talk to your neighbor, your cousin or a mom on your child’s soccer team? Do it! Be like Noah – who surrendered his all to the King – took a risk – and found joy on the other side. Do it!

If I can – so can you! But you must be listening – you must be sure that the quiet voice you hear is God’s. And when you are sure it is – surrender.

I’m reminded of missionary and martyr Jim Elliot’s quote “Where ever you are, be all there. Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God.”

God can use anyone and he wants to use you. Below is a 4 minute video by Author and best seller of Crazy Love, Francis Chan. At birth his mom died. At 9 his step-mom died. At 12 his father died. His only close family was his aunt and uncle and at 16 they both DIED! And so at 16 Francis had nothing…

Are you living a “safe” life? Then You MUST watch this video – it is only 4 minutes long – but it will prepare you for the day you meet Jesus!


(if you cannot see this video – click here to view it)

Join me in abandoning the safe life – let’s serve our King of Kings with every breath we have – till we all meet together in heaven! I’ll see you there!

 Chime In: What is it that you feel God is calling you to do today.  It does not have to be big in the eyes of the world – it may be that God is calling you home, to love more on your own family or maybe it’s God calling you to spend more time in his word or prayer.  Or maybe it’s a ministry you have been fearful to step out on faith and join or begin.  Whatever it is – the important thing is that you obey God’s promptings. Sometimes the best way to start is through the accountability of sharing it with someone – so share what God is calling you to today in the comment section!  I’ll be praying for you!!!

Walk with the King,


  1. Beautiful Courtney! It’s amazing to hear about when God works in the lives of other believers. I’ve been blessed by your blog and many of the other blogs you are associated with.

    Right now I feel God just calling me to be intentional with my time. With parenting,marriage,and my blog. Trying to get it off the ground again since it sat dormant due to pregnancies and babies. I just want to glorify Him in all I do.

    1. Yes! Intentional with our time – it’s so important!!! Babies are a great reason for it to be dormant – keep glorifying Him and shining!
      Lots of Love,

  2. Congrats on 5 years! Feel like I’ve been reading this blog since your header was the girl in the bathtub and your site name was impossibly hard to remember lol!

    Loved the video and this post. Great reminders to walk BOLDLY with the King! Keep up the good work and fighting the good fight! Can’t wait to see what the next five years have in store for you!

    1. Wow Emily! You have been around a LONG time – I’m so humbled…speechless really –that you would keep coming back to read the words of this very flawed girl. So thankful for faithful sisters in Christ. Your comment blessed me tonight!
      Keep walking with the King!
      Courtney 🙂

  3. I feel called to do thing things 1. Love on my husband, and support him in this time of transition. He is vying for a new job. 2. Raise our daughters and homeschool them. 3. Blog. I am using it as vehicle to encourage other women and share my testimony. It took a few years of prompting on both The Lord’s part and my husband’s part for me to finally say, “I will do this.”

  4. With great hesitation, I began blogging two years ago when God led me to writing devotionals. I have learner much about myself, others, and God. It has been a true blessing which would have been impossible without obedience. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

  5. Congratulations! I have been following you for years (bathtub girl days) and you have been such an encouragement to me in every area of my life. Thank you for sharing so much of your life, time and heart with us. I look forward to all that is yet to come! God Bless you~

  6. Congratulations! I am so thankful for your ministry. Over and over I am pushed to reach for higher levels in my marriage by the things you write and post on FB. Can’t wait to see what He has in store for your next 5 years 🙂

  7. I feel Him telling me to be the wife and mother He calls me to be, and to reach out to the other mothers in my church and community. I’m so far from being a social, host person, it’s scary.

  8. This is super encouraging to me. You have been a huge blessing in my life, a role model really. I thank you for your faithfulness and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store for you!

  9. With a big move coming up, God is calling me to start getting my house in order, prioritise my time, support my hubby in his ministry, continue to invest in our four little ones, and reach out to women worldwide through my blog! Whew! that’s quite enough to keep me busy!

    Thank you for sharing so beautifully and openly, and for that fantastic video! What a challenge! Ouch :-)!

  10. Thank you so much for sharing the Francis Chan video. He was gorgeous, and just the kick up the pants I need! Congrats on 5 years of blogging, may there be many more 🙂

  11. Congratulations and praise God. Thank you for committing to blogging as one of the ways you serve the Lord. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and it has helped me be closer to our Father on a number of occasions. Have a blessed weekend. Tara.

  12. I’m awake at 1:58 a.m., filled with fear about a new and huge ministry God seems to be calling me to. It feels impossible, and yet he’s been speaking it to my heart for months. Thanks for “being awake” to speak courage into me this morning.

  13. Dear sweet Courtney! Congratulations from all the way over the ocean! Now five years are a long time – it’s so wonderful that you are blogging and blessing women around the world (!) with your ministry. So from Germany a big “Dankeschoen” (thank you) to you and “Gottes Segen” (God bless you)!. Did you realize you are the reason that I started blogging and brought Good Morning Girls over to Germany? Thank you for your ongoing support and all your nice and warm eMails! Hope we are able to meet some time in real! Until then…

    Big hugs over the ocean!

  14. Hi Courtney! First, congratulations on five years of blogging! I have been following you for a few of those years and find such encouragement, motivation and challenge in your words. Reading your posts and studying with GMG has helped me strive to be the wife and mother that God wants me to be.

    I have been hearing God’s voice calling me to begin a special ministry for a while now, and recently His voice seems to only have gotten louder and stronger. Back in 2009 and 2010, we endured four heart-wrenching miscarriages in a row while trying to have our first baby. God did what only He can do and used our fourth loss to show our doctor what my physical problem was, and he put us in the hands of an amazing surgeon who fixed it and paved the way for us to now have our two perfectly beautiful little girls. I started blogging during that very painful time in my life, but I woke up one day this month to a feeling of disappointment and frustration with the “crafty” path my posts had somehow taken. I feel like God is calling me to use my gift for writing and my broken past to help other women who are also trying to survive infertility and pregnancy loss… and so I saved the posts of value, deleted my blog and have now been praying and seeking final confirmation from God to move forward with this new ministry.

    It is a scary thing because it will require so much realness, openness and honesty from me; the raw emotions I will no doubt feel from reliving the past will certainly be a challenge. However, this is a topic that it seems more and more of my loved ones struggle with every day… and it’s not talked about enough! Words like “miscarriage” are often spoken in such hushed, timid tones, and I want to change that for women. I want to give them a place to be heard without fear of judgement, to be encouraged by hearing the love of the God who is holding them, and a way to connect with someone else who truly gets it.

    Thank you SO MUCH for your challenging words this morning, Courtney! I’m still working through the fear and doubt of getting started, and I’m trying to figure out where to begin and what this ministry would look like, but you have definitely given me the final kick I needed to take God’s calling much more seriously. 🙂 Your prayers as I figure out how to move forward are very truly appreciated!

  15. Congratulations on 5 years! You have encouraged my heart so many times with
    your posts. Thanks for being available to our Lord and serving Him in this
    unique way. Keep your eyes on Him as I’m sure Satan does not like to see a
    work like this encourages thousands to walk with the King. Put on the armor
    of God.
    Hugs Courtney from your unknown sister in Christ in Canada…who will be
    spending eternity with you too!! What a day that will be!!!! 😀

    With love in our Lord Jesus,
    Liz Miller,

  16. I, too, have been around since the “girl in the bathtub” days! I remember the first time I stumbled on your blog (you commented on something from Sally Clarkson,maybe?) I spent about an hour reading lots in the archives, (I think one of the first ones was after you moved into your new house and you were discussing being efficient in cleaning with supplies left in each of the bathrooms–I thought, ah! what a super idea, why didn’t I think of that?!) I was super excited to have found someone so like-minded with so much godly wisdom to impart! (We’re about the same age, I married my high school sweetheart and my kids are 16, 11, 7 and our churches even have similar doctrinal statements!). I have been so blessed by this ministry (“Tasty Tuesdays”, wasn’t it? then turned into Janelle’s awesome blog! And SO thankful to have linked up with Clare! And your posts on organization, cleaning and schedules were so inspiring. I appreciated the early vlogs of loving your husband, being intentional in your home (wasn’t there one where you were outside near a weed pile talking about not letting weeds/ poison grow up?!) And the first time I ever heard “If you think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, it’s time to water your own grass” in relationship with my husband–was here! I followed along with the first studies of GMG, James, Ministry of Motherhood and I was so convicted by last summer’s excellent study on Proverbs 31. (I’m the one that emailed you last week about the printable b/c I am revisiting the memory work this summer!) You have always been so real (remember the vlog on what your house looked like on a random Friday night, not a birthday or dinner party?) and I had the privilege of meeting you in person at Relevant—you were just as gracious and enthusiastic in person.
    Had you not been so honest about how God was working in your life, I don’t know if women would have been so impacted. I’m sure there have been lots of things that you shared that you would have much rather have been silent about—it’s not really anyone’s business to know, but you weren’t selfish or aloof and”private.” Never once, did I sense that you had a “I’m better than you” attitude. Yes, we all need godly role models, but no one has it all together in perfection, so thanks for being you! You’re right, God doesn’t NEED us to accomplish his purposes, but I’m so thankful that you have allowed him to use you for his Kingdom work. God has blessed many through you.
    Many more blessings!
    ♥ Kim A.

  17. Well – it was that blog on modesty that someone shared on their FB page that introduced me to you. Until then, I didn’t realize that there was even a Christian blogging community out there! I am amazed at how God has used that community of women to encourage and teach me. Thank you for your faithfulness to The King and putting yourself out there for women. I am not sure of all that God is leading me to do. For now, I feel that I am to be home, working on some special projects for my family (pictures and stories) and teaching piano to young people in our church. Thank you again for being such a blessing!

  18. I love this post! Once again you have encouraged me to the fullest. Thank you! Congratulations on 5 years!

  19. Thank you for an inspiring post, Courtney. So glad you’ve been willing to be used by a mighty God. May He continue to bless the ministry He’s given you, beginning within the walls of your home and stretching far, far beyond, as you continue to faithfully serve Him. That was a terrific video by Frances Chan, too. I’m so glad you included it.

  20. This is such a great and timely article! I was really blessed by and had to share it with our women’s ministry director this morning. I knew she would find it encouraging as well. Congratulations on 5 years and your upcoming book release! Blessings on the journey…stay close to Him, Vita

  21. Thank you Courtney! I have enjoyed your blog for years now. Congratulations on 5 years! For me, God has called me to homeschool our 3 kids, a 5th grader, 3rd grader, and a preschooler. Since the older 2 have been in public school up to this point, I am completely overwhelmed and terrified by this calling, but I know God is in it. I know He will be with me and lead me. I know that He has great things planned for our family because of this decision. I would not do it, if God were not in it! Thank you for encouraging me to “walk with my King”.

  22. Thanks Courtney for your wonderful post! It brought me great encouragement today! My husband and I have been dealing with some very hard, sad, and painful news these past 2 weeks and especially this week. News that our first child, our wonderful, beautiful baby girl who is still inside my womb has trisomy 18 and most likely will die inside my womb or soon after birth. Through God’s grace and love He has brought us a lot of comfort and hope. That is how AWESOME our God is!! That is something I would love to share with others around me and try to reach out to women who might be going through the same thing out there in the world. Reading your post really encouraged me because during these past 2 weeks, I have been thinking about journaling. It has been something that I have been doing steadily now since 2006 and at times would post them to encourage my friends. I LOVE writing especially when I treat those thoughts and time as a letter to God, my Father, my King. It has brought a lot of encouragement, comfort, and strength for me as I talk with my Father in Heaven. I kind of trailed away from journaling this past year with adjustment to being a newlywed and it seems like God is using this hard time to bring me back. It has also been heavy on my heart for the past 2 years now how to reach out to women and children in ministry. I love how God has been able to use me to encourage the women around me through prayer and through His word. In fact, it has gotten to a point that I want to quit my full-time job as a teacher and just focus on a women’s ministry. The only problem is I haven’t figured out how to go about it. This leads to reading your post today…I felt led to start up a site where I can share my thoughts, my trials, and my pain to encourage women from around the world and see how God will use that for His glory. Spent some time praying about how I felt that God is leading me this morning right after I read your post and feel at peace about the decision, but at the same time still apprehensive on how to start it out. I don’t even how which site to use that would be safe. Any suggestions?

    1. Congratulations on your decision to start a blog and to follow your heart!
      I had to chime in, I know exactly how you feel, I hope you don’t mind.
      I too just began blogging. I use Word Press. It’s free and they have allot of themes to choose from. I was totally lost when I made this decision and Word Press is Very user friendly.
      Good luck!

  23. Congratulations Courtney! I have been reading your blog for about a year now and it is such an encouragment to me. Thank you for always being willing to write what God calls you to write even when it is hard and you know many will disagree.
    God had been dealing with me for several years about starting a children’s choir in our church and June 1st I did it and it has been wonderful! The kids are loving it and I am having a great time. While there are several other people who are more qualified or a better fit for this ministry, God called me and though I do not understand it He does and I am just trusting Him. Thanks so much for your ministry may you have many more years blogging!

  24. Happy Anniversary, Courtney!! Here is to many more years as the Lord is willing to use your ministry to impact the lives of women all across this world! Wow! I can not tell you how this blog you just wrote pierced me and touched me! The Lord knows how some of the specific words you wrote rippled thru my spirit because they related so perfectly to what I was JUST praying this morning. We serve a right-on-time God and I couldn’t possibly explain to you how right on time discovering your website, your YouTube videos, your ministry has changed me, challenged me, and is speaking to me to press in to what I feel God has been birthing in my heart. I know that He has placed a call and a desire in my life to serve Him and I am praying so fervently for Him to establish my steps in the direction of the things He wants me to do and, in echo of what you spoke of, have the courage to step out and do! Thank you so much for your obedience and humility…God bless you and your family mightily I pray in the name of Jesus! And I most certainly will keep walking with the King! 🙂

  25. Courtney,

    This is my first time commenting. I know that you have mentioned that you sometimes get overwhelmed with comments and with this many followers chances are that you wouldn’t read it anyway.
    Today I have to tell you…..You ARE a blessing!
    I have never blogged and there was a time that I didn’t even know what a blog was! Some how, I believe through God’s will, I came across one of your videos. I was hooked! The video led me to your FB page and then from there to your website. I now follow most of your friends also!
    Here is the real reason that I had to reach out to you. Before I came across your video and before I discovered “Blogs”, I felt that God was calling me to do something for him. The more time that I spent on the other social networks (you know the ones) the more depressed and burdoned I felt. I hated the way I felt reading all of the Godless quotes, the ranting, the hate! I wanted to unfriend everyone! But I couldn’t. That’s where the burdem would come in. I had to reach these people! But how?
    Then enters Courtney. You were such an inspriration! Could I actually blog?? I began to pray about this for a long time. I made every excuse. I didn’t go to a bible institute. I’m still growing! Who am I to tell others about God? If any of my family would find out they would probably laugh at me. But then Courtney, the answer was now screaming at me. Everywhere I turned I would get another smack in the face as to why I SHOULD start a Christian Blog for Women.
    So now I have been blogging for not quite a month. I figure If I can reach only one person with God’s word, it will all be worth it.
    That is why I’m telling you Courtney, you did reach one person, me. Thank You.
    I can only hope that God will use me the way he has used you.

  26. BTW- in my previous post when I said that you probaly wouldn’t read it anyway. I meant to follow up by saying it was only because I know it would be impossible to read 10,000 post a day.
    I apologize if it came across as being rude.

  27. Congrats on 5 years!!! I have been following you for about half of that time or more. And I have gleaned and been so encouraged by you. You are an inspiration to many and encourage us mamas along the way. Thank you for being faithful to this blog God has entrusted you with. To truly lead women to The Lord in all that they do!!


  28. What a Beautiful post Courtney! We live in a suburb about 10 miles out side of East St. Louis, IL. I think GOD is calling us to go and help that community grow, and succeed!! I’m going to Church on Sunday and asking if we can make that one of our mission trips, why do we have to go far away from home to make a difference when the need is in our backyard!! Thank You for inspiring me to take the first step in what I think will be a life long goal of ours to make a difference!!

  29. I don’t even really remember how I came across your blog but I think it was when I googled Amy Dacyczyn which led me to Kelly Crawford’s Generation Cedar blog. That led me to your blog, which led me to Sheila Wray Greigoire’s blog. All I can say is that was God’s work in my life because HE knew that I’d need your wisdom to help me through some upcoming trials in my life. And He was right because it was your (and Sheila’s)words that helped me through the worst time in my life. I’m still standing, strong as ever with a long way to go!

  30. I’ve been feeling called more and more lately. Now, I see that I looked liked he did on that video…clinging to beam. I have 3 babies and an attic full of their stuff. I’ve been feeling God whispering to me to clean it out. Get rid of it all. But, I ignored it for a long time. It’s a walk in attic. I was clinging to the more of an idol than anything else. Saddened that my babies no longer needed it. Then, I was worried about the ‘what if’s’; specifically what if we have another baby. So, I thought this is crazy, other people hold on to baby stuff. But, the holy spirit wouldn’t let up. Finally, I began asking different questions. Does God want me to free up this space for something else? I have a lot of pregnant friends that all needed different stuff. They WERE actually having a baby…not a ‘what if’ I have a baby. Then, peace came.
    This was amazing. I started giving it away. I prayed about this because extra money would be great, but this did not sit right with me. Then, my Pastor gave this sermon about Jesus’s life on earth and I had my answer. It’s still exhilarating to think about what God has in store for us and our journey, now that I’m listening and asking different questions; the right ones. I just received my degree in psychology and a minor in writing. I want to write while I work on my masters of counseling, but I’m waiting on God to present that for me.
    I’ve been reading your blog for 2 years, and I’m so grateful for it. You’ve helped me become this girl who truly believes in what God has for me and for what Jesus did for me. I finished the book study on ‘Anything” and it was AMAZING!! I’m going to read it again. I love Jennie and I love you lovely God-filled gals!!!! Thank you so much for all you do!

  31. I have not been as intentional in my writing as I’d like to. But over this summer God has really called me to get out there and write more. I think about where you were 5 years ago and where you are now with your writing and it’s amazing to see where God is taking you in this crazy journey we call life. Thanks for all you do to help encourage women. Blessings, N

  32. I definitely feel God calling me to homeschool! I hated school growing up. I struggled so much to just stay focused enough to read what I needed to read, to listen to the teacher, that even to this day I have anxiety about finishing my college degree. I would literally spend hours re-reading the same page in a text book well into the night, and end up breaking down and crying because it just wasn’t sinking in and I couldn’t stay focused enough for it to sink in. (ADD?) It was unacceptable to bring home anything but A’s to our abusive home, even if that meant resorting to cheating. I feel like I spent my entire time in school trying to get A’s and didn’t learn a thing, even in college. I wish I would have just enjoyed what I was learning and didn’t worry about what letter grade I brought home… And so, though I feel God calling me to homeschool, I am struggling with how in the world I will find the desire to follow through, the energy, the enthusiasm to make learning a good experience for our children. But time is running short because our first child is about to start public preschool 🙁

  33. For several years, I’ve felt The Lord leading me to homeschool. My prayer is to determine if this is truly His will. Your blog is such a blessing and always encouraging and challenging. Thank you for heeding the call of the King!

  34. I feel like God has been preparing my husband and I to reach out to the community we live in. It has been a tough year and we have been praying for revival in our valley. Recently, our little town made national news as our neighbor boy died in a trunk in his yard while 2500 people came to search. God had me and my husband where he wanted us that night and my blog in place for such a time as this.

    I have to say that I am learning that God does not wait for us to be even close to perfect to be used. My husband had to increase the bandwith on my site because there were so many interested in the story. I’m not sure where to go with all of this, but this post is another encouragement for me to just continue to follow His call and not try to make something happen. I do feel a weight of responsibility and so I need to give it to him….His will and His words…not mine.

  35. Congratulations on 5 years, Courtney! What a great ministry God has developed through you! I’ve been reading your blog for 3 of those years, and it has been such an encouragement to me as a Christian, a woman, and as a wife. Your blog also led me to GMG, and the fall session will be my fifth session doing that! God has really used you to reach me!
    I know there are things God is calling me to do for Him–and the GMG Anything study has really helped open my eyes and heart to those things! One thing I’ve been praying about is whether or not to take some personal enrichment classes through Moody Bible Institute. For a long time I’ve felt led to dig into some actual classes, not just my Bible studies that I’ve been doing. But I’m waiting to see if it’s really God leading me to that or if it is just a personal desire to do it. Either way, I’ll wait for Him. To God be the glory!
    Thanks again for all you do!

  36. I prayed and cried and prayed and cried about being home for my children and husband. My son starts school in the fall and struggled with if it would be worth it. I had a demanding job as a high school administrator and my husband works over an hr away from home. We both felt our kids were suffering. I didn’t know it then but I was praying for my Anything. I still wonder how the bills are going to get paid, but I do believe I am following God’s plan. I know my friends and family think I’m nuts and I even wonder what am I doing? I had a great career on the fast track and I traded it in for pull ups and no income. Is this God’s will? Thank you for your post. This past year, GMG has changed my life. Working on my Anything…..

  37. The video was right on!
    When you have a heart for the Master, you have a heart for ministry.
    In 2005 I put up a sister for women called, “M” Words & the Christian Woman.
    I wanted to reach the woman sitting in front of her computer who was lost, hurting, alone and discouraged. The world wide web enables us to have a ministry where are arms can reach out and encircle the globe. We have the ability to reach sisters in Christ, and those who are still wandering lost and need Jesus. This was my passion then and it still is today.

    And when you have the opportunity to make a difference in the life of someone on the other side of the world, or around the block, it is humbling. It will bring you to tears. Knowing that the Lord placed a particular woman on your path and through the internet you comforted her, encouraged her and told her of eternal life found in Jesus! WOW, if that does not drive your engine to travel on and find more on the road of life, I don’t know what does.!

    Someday I know I will meet women who I never had a chance to hug in person. Someone who I never got to hold as she cried and told her story. Someone who needed me to listen and tell her of the peace HE gives. I will meet them someday in our heavenly home. What a blessing to look forward to.

    I pray that those of you who feel convicted to step out, and reach out will do so.
    But first, look in your neighborhood, in your church, at your child’s school, at the neighborhood grocery store. They are there. Women who need someone. They may need to know Christ, and then need a sister in Christ to help them grow spiritually.

    Women need women, through all phases of life– (that’s how I got the name “M” Words)
    Mistakes, Maturity, Men, Marriage, Maternity, Motherhood, Money, Menopause (God had a sense of humor there) and Making a difference.

    Courtney, I pray other’s will see what you have accomplished and be encouraged to reach out to other women around them. So often we forget those in close proximity to us and focus on the internet, while our neighbor down the street needs help with grocery money and knows nothing about salvation through the precious blood of Jesus.

    Blessings to you and to all women who have that born-again desire to reach out in the likeness of Christ. We are sisters in Christ for eternity.

    All for Him,
    Jo Wilmer

  38. Yes, this is more like a question, and statement.
    I honestly do not know where to turn. However, i turn to God. He is there, I know I am doing something wrong. I am single mom of a sixteen year old beautiful daughter. Her dad has given her tons of dissapointments. She is aware of his bad behavior, and has pulled away from hin. I just know, or pray one day he will figure it out. He talks ugly about me to her, because I can’t give her a home. Or other things.However her needs are being met. He wants her to live with him, he has a brick home, we live in a mobile home park. She does not want to live with him. Please help with info how can I get us out of this park? Inside is nice, and clean. Outside is a dump. We have questions, just no answers. I have been on medical disability since 2004. I need to show my girl I can provide for her, before its too late. How can I give her a better life? A nice place to call home. Please point me to the start, and finish line. PLEASE!!

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