“Your Ministry” Webcast & Extra Resources

Week 2 webcast & resources

We have completed Part I of the book.

Next week, we will begin Part II on “Your Marriage.”  I’m super excited about that!!!

This book was written with our inner world in mind – but we MUST not forget that there is a hurting world outside of our home that we are called reach out to and love!

So, today we have a treat.  Many of you know and love our Wednesday recipe girl – Janelle from Comfy In The Kitchen.  She has a warm, inspiring message for you.  The first 20 minutes are Janelle sharing her heart and the last 22 is a couch discussion about “real life ministry” with the 4 of us pictured below.

session 6 group 1

{Me, Janelle (Comfyinthekitchen.com), Clare (Peak313.com), & Angela}

(if you cannot view the video – click here)

Some other resources for you from Janelle’s Blog:

Janelle’s Top 13 Meal Ministry Meals

Lasagna for 50 – Cooking for a Crowd

An Amazing Banquet for the Little Girls of our Church (part 1)

{the blog post that has the links to all the food that was prepared for the above banquet}(part 2)

Wedding Vow Renewal Celebration Dinner

Care Package Ideas for Missionaries Overseas

Other posts I’ve written on this topic:

 An Epiphany I Had About My Life and Ministry – from last January

How to Discover Your Spiritual Gift

6 Essentials to a Thriving Women’s Bible Study Group

I hope something here encourages you.

Chime In: Do you have a ministry outside your home?  Tell us about it.  Do you have a favorite ministry resource or book.  Please share it with us in the comment section!

Walk with the King,



  1. I don’t have a formal ministry with a name but I do feel that I am listening to and acting on the leading of the holy spirit more lately. I’m trying to serve others in any way I can. I have delivered a gift to a friend with the winter blues, I delivered some groceries to a friend who had the flu, I am opening my home for the WLW book club and I bought a little trinket for someone just because I thought of them when I saw it. I have to say that I have never acted on these promptings as much as this year and pray that God would continue to show me HOW and WHO to serve/love because I confess, it doesn’t come naturally to me. It’s all God’s leading! I always felt I had to be part of an official ministry to be serving but I don’t. Everyone we know is our ministry! From encouraging other believers to showing God’s love to people who don’t know Him. {This is just where I am now. I have no idea what God is teaching me but I am trying to be more obedient. Far from perfect and I miss many opportunities, but this has been an area God is working on in my life.}

  2. Other than the ministry I have inside my home….keeping my home, helping my husband with whatever he needs (currently working on his mater’s degree), homeschooling our boys, running errands, etc. I am part of an online ministry specifically for women. I am so very very blessed to be one of four ladies who participates in and moderates a blog specifically for women. There are over 500 women of all ages from all around the world who participate on this blog. This is a multi faceted ministry. We study Scripture, we talk about loving our husbands and raising our children, we talk about health, cooking, homeschooling, gardening, keeping our homes, books we’ve read. We have a place women can come to in private for prayer and counseling. We post events that are going on all around the world so women and their families can attend and fellowship with others. We walk together in love, humility and unity with God as our #1 focus. We encourage and lift each other up daily so no woman ever has to walk alone. No matter where they may be in this physical world here on earth or where they may be in their walk with God, we are all sisters in one accord with each other and God. It truly is the GREATEST ministry for women I have ever come across in all my years as a Believer. May God Almighty be praised!

  3. I am a missionary in Botswana. I volunteer with orphan and vulnerable children. I get to share Jesus with them and their teachers. My husband and I have started a ministry giving out Tswana (their language) bibles to the people God brings us into contact with. We just started this week and have been able to give out 6 Bibles. One of the ladies was so excited because it was in her language. Most of the people here know basic English so most books are written in English. The people however know Tswana better but there aren’t many books in their language. We also have a flyer that gives tells the story of the gospel in a nutshell and gives advice on where to start reading. This is in Tswana too. I also write a blog about infertility ( we’ve been trying for 5 1/2 years) and life in Africa.

  4. I do not have a ministry outside of my home. Truthfully, the video was very convicting. My husband is a wonderful cook. He is always taking food to people. He’s known for it. He buys food for people to thank them, to help them celebrate , but usually for no reason at all. I haven’t always been open to it. If I am the help mate I pray that I can be, I have some changing to do. I’m so glad I took the time to watch the video. I’m not sure what’s next, but I plan to pray about it.

  5. This online ministry is such a blessing. I get to connect with other Christian women from all over the globe. Blessings!

  6. I just loved hearing Janelle’s heart today. What a sweet woman following after the Lord. I was so blessed by her message.

  7. I know God is calling me to something, just not sure what that is at the moment. I used to lead middle school girls thru Bible study and discipleship at our old church. Went thru season of Life with babies, moves, etc part of GMG group online, and adult life group at church.

    My daughter is in 7th grade thinking about starting a Discipleship girls group for her and friends. Angela, how did you get yours going? Materials? Meet once a week or how often? Breaks in summer? Committed group or open to newbies? Please share. Restless to begin….

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