How To Create New Habits That Stick

We can make changes in our lives, but the question is will those changes turn into new habits and will those habits stick.  #WomenLivingWell #Habittrackers #bulletjournal

Welcome back to Week 3 of the 31-Day Habit Tracking Challenge! If you are new here – jump on in and join us!

Today we are looking at How To Create New Habits That Stick

This includes 5 R’s:
Remember, Rehearse, Routine, Repeat, & Reward.

1.) Remember: It’s important to create triggers that help you to remember the new habit you are working on. For example, pull out your workout clothes the night before to remind you to workout or if you are working on reading the Bible daily – put your Bible on the kitchen table so you see it first thing in the morning.  Do something that triggers a reminder for you.

2.) Rehearse:  This is all about getting the right mindset.  What we focus on grows.  Our thoughts can discourage us and make us want to quit or look for an easier path. But our thoughts can also encourage us and keep us going.  With a right mindset you can push through temporary discomfort to reach your goals.  So rehearse in your mind how the next day will go.  How will you work out?  What you will eat or not eat?  How will you get to bed earlier?  What will you read in God’s Word?

3.) Repeat:  This is the endurance part.  Continue to repeat the remembering and rehearsing part of your habit, until it becomes a routine that you do, without even thinking about it.

4.) Routine:  This is doing the habit over and over and over.  Remembering, rehearsing, and repeating your routine.

5.) Reward: This is the final result!  Sometimes the reward is a change in dress sizes.  For others, the reward is a cleaner house from decluttering or feeling better because you got the sleep or water your body so desperately needed.  Reaching your desired goal is the reward!

But sometimes you need to give yourself an extra reward along the way!  And that brings us to this week’s challenge…

Week 3’s Challenge Is:

Reward Yourself for your hard work!  Plan a reward for the end of this week.
(Some suggestions for you: dinner out, new book, new shirt, new piece of jewelry, a bubble bath, new candle or flowers)

It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit so this week is critical!  This is often when most of us give up because it has gotten too hard.

If you have missed days, you are normal.  Rarely does anyone do it perfectly or quickly.  As the saying goes… “Rome was not built in a day!”  It takes time and patience to build new habits.

Endurance is needed.

Hebrews 12:1 says:

Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us.

The toughest part of a race is usually the middle.  We all start strong and often times when the end is in sight, we get an extra boost to get to the finish line, but the middle can be daunting and tough to endure.

Some men in the Bible who are examples of endurance are:

  1. Noah
    He spent 120 years building an ark!
  2. Moses
    He led hard hearted people through the wilderness for 40 years!
  3. Paul
    Paul walked over 10,000 miles – mostly on foot, to spread the gospel.
  4. Jesus
    He endured the cross so we could be saved! There is not greater gift!

The definition of endurance is the power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way.

Is this process unpleasant at times? Yes.

Is this process difficult at times?  Yes.

Do not second guess your goals or your abilities just because it is unpleasant or difficult.  If you are struggling, you are not a failure – you are normal.  While the saying goes that it takes 21 days to form a new habit – for some it takes 50 days or more.

We will all face illnesses, trials, roadblocks, struggles and setbacks as we try to reach our goals.  No matter what difficulties you face – endure – stay the course!

Sometimes the struggle is not big and dramatic. It’s small and it’s private.  But – If you have ever worked out and gotten very sore then you know that the best way to relieve your soreness is…to work out again!

Doesn’t that seem counterintuitive?

But the more you work out – the less you are sore and eventually – you’ll even hit a plateau!  Your body adjusts to the workout.

It is the same way with new habits. The best way to overcome the middle is…to do it again and again and again!

**Check In Time!**

How did this week go? 

Have you seen any results yet?

Do you have a reward planned? What is it?

If you fell off the bandwagon this week- refocus.

Remember the 5 R’s: Remember, Routine, Rehearse, Repeat, Reward.

Keep on going and make your new habit stick!

Walk with the King,



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  1. This habit tracker has been helpful, especially with reading the Bible. I don’t cook or grocery shop.. ????????‍♀️ But I want to really start… I have been tracking so much stuff , it keeps me in line.

  2. I had surgery yesterday so I won’t be able to exercise for several weeks. My goal this week is to read the Bible more, spend more time in prayer and get lots of rest.

  3. I am using the tracker daily. Now to get in the gym, out for walks and meal planning/organizing. 🙂

  4. Everyday has been a struggle this last week, but I stayed the course and even got all the charity sewing finished a day early! I love my tracker Blessed) and will be setting up my new one (Beautiful) next week with a focus on the weak spots I’ve been able to see these last 10 weeks! Thank you!

  5. Checking in for week 2. I’m doing pretty well. I’m reading 2 chapters of Proverbs a day and also the book of Revelation. Keeping up as best I can with my habits. I go back to work next week so I feel it will be harder to keep up. I pray for endurance. I’m going to buy a study book of revelation at the end of the week if I endure.

  6. It has been going very well. I feel like the habit tracker has really helped me keep up with my goals. I have been reading the Bible everyday (Proverbs and John). I am planning on purchasing your study for Proverbs for next month’s read through. I have been hitting the gym and just overall feel better spiritually, mentally, and physically. I haven’t decided on a reward but I will make it something for me!!

  7. My goal is to do more in the mornings before the day gets away from me. Seems Satan is on the attack trying to prevent even mornings from being quiet and peaceful to start out.

  8. I just found this post through Instagram… somehow I am not getting the blog in my email anymore! I just re-subscribed with my other email, but wanted to let you know in case others had the same problem. I love the habit tracker!!!!

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