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Welcome back to Week 3 in the Book of 2 Kings!  You are doing a GREAT job! Keep on going!!!  This week we will cross the half way point of our reading.

If you missed week 1’s wrap up – it is here and if you missed week 2’s wrap up – it is here.

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This Week’s Bible Reading Plan:

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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Chapter 11

Jehosheba was brave when she hid Joash in the temple.  For six dark years, the boy hid there, and he was safe because Athaliah did not spend time in the temple of the Lord.  When Joash became king, the priest made a covenant between the Lord, the king and the people.  It was a time of renewal in the land, as all the people recommitted themselves to obey and serve God.

Sometimes the Lord asks us to give things up for him, but other times he just wants us to live committed to him. Sometimes we neglect our time with him or stop doing something good because we are too busy or distracted.   Is there an area of your life that you need to recommit to the Lord?  Write a prayer of recommitment below.

Chapter 12

Jehoash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, as long as the priest Jehoida instructed him. After the priest’s death, 2 Chronicles 24:15-22 tells us that Jehoash listened to the wrong advisers and was led astray.  As a result, he died a tragic death.

Jehoash had grown used to the strong influence and guidance of the priest in his life.  Once he was gone, he did not seem to know how to handle difficult decisions on his own.  Who do you turn to for advice and guidance?  If that person was not in your life, would you have the wisdom to make good decisions on your own?   Is there anyone that you listen to that gives you bad advice? Who should you stop listening to?

Chapter 13

Elisha commanded Jehoash to the strike the ground with his arrows.  The number of times the arrows hit the ground, would be his number of victories.  Jehoash half-heartedly shot three arrows into the ground and then stopped.  This angered Elisha because he knew this was limiting the number of victories that God would give them.

It’s interesting to see the mixture of God’s sovereignty and man’s responsibility in this story.  God wanted to give them victory, but they did not receive the full victory they could have had, because of Jehoash’s lack of fervor. He should have taken all of his arrows and shot them all into the ground, fully pursuing the victory.  His heart and passion were not into it, but God was still gracious and compassionate to his people.  He did give them three victories.  Is there an area in your life where you need victory?  Are you passionately pursuing it or sitting back waiting on God to deliver it to you?  Are you battling a sin?  God wants to give us victory, but he also wants us to be willing to do whatever it takes to have full victory.

Chapter 14

Amaziah was proud of his success in battle, so he challenged Jehoash to meet him face to face in battle.  Jehoash warned him that his pride of his win was going to provoke trouble and cause him to fall.  But Amaziah would not listen and in the end, he faced defeat.

Amaziah’s pride cause him to start a battle that should have never been started. He was encouraged by his own enemy to not provoke him and yet he refused to listen to the warning.  Has your pride ever caused you to get into a fight with someone?   Do you listen when you are warned, or do you let your emotions get the best of you?  If there is someone you are in a fight with right now, consider, how you can be a peacemaker in the situation?

Chapter 15

In this chapter, we see the rise and fall of multiple kings.  Some reign for a short time and change rapidly, while others are very long.  We see a contrast of both the good and evil kings but sadly, we see a repeat of idolatry in Israel that does not seem to be dealt with.

After each of the kings are named, along with their age and years of their reign, it says that they either did what was right in the eyes of the Lord or what was evil in the sight of the Lord.  If a story was being written about your life, would the author say these words about you, “she did what was right in the eyes of the Lord.”  Why or why not?

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This Week’s Verses of the Day:

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Here’s the Printable Bible Bookmark for the Book of 2 Kings.


Here’s another explanation of the SOAK Bible Study Method and Bible Coloring Chart if you need more guidance:

Here is the SOAK method I refer to in the video:

And the Bible Coloring  Bookmark:Bible Coloring Chart Bookmark 2Click HERE to Print the full page Coloring Chart
or here for the Bookmark Coloring Chart

Here are the highlighters, pens and pencils I refer to in the video:

Highlighters – Bible Hi-Gliders

Fine Line Non-bleeding Pens – Multi-Colored Gel Pens 

Colored Pencils – Crayola Twistables and Crayola Colored Pencils

I use the ESV Inductive Study Bible and the ESV Journaling Bible as my personal study Bible.

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