New Series Announcement: Truth in Love

Truth in Love New Series


I have been blogging now for nearly 6 years. This series is born out of what I’m experiencing within my blogging community.  During these years of blogging, I have watched as Evangelical bloggers have splintered over their liberal and conservative views.  I have also watched as some have been quite brave and bold in their stance – to the point of being mean.  This has made the blogging world less friendly than you might know.  You might see pictures from our conferences where we are hugging and smiling and sharing platforms – uniting around the gospel – but there is a dark underbelly to this blogging world that no one talks about.


There are “thought” leaders with strong personalities who have told the conservatives to essentially sit down and be quiet.  Times have changed. Our old traditional views are no longer culturally relevant and it’s time the church woke up and saw this.

Now if the conservatives were talking about gray areas like length of skirt or dancing…I’d agree. But we are talking about doctrinal issues here.

I have seen many conservatives use scripture to defend themselves and often the — “they will know we are Christians by our love” trump card is played and the blogger is silenced.

Some call silence — giving grace.

Grace is a virtue.

Therefore, silence has become a virtue.

Now don’t get me wrong – I am not saying that the conservatives have handled issues correctly – NO ONE is sinless here.  And I have experienced some very very kind and gracious – left leaning Evangelicals who I love dearly.   But what I have seen is a desire for unity (which is a scripturally commanded) placed above speaking truth to those who teach false doctrine (also a scriptural command).

This is very tricky friends.

I like to write about marriage and parenting…it’s awfully risky to write on cultural topics BUT these cultural issues —affect our marriages and our parenting.

And I feel caught in the middle most days watching the twitter wars fly through my feed.  I have a million thoughts but am so fearful to offend…to lose friends…to be seen as “intolerant”…and I look around and many in my circle are silent.  They don’t want to offend either (or they do not feel called to address these issues – which I understand). We want to be “seen” as grace-filled Christ followers. And I feel like the ONLY way for me to be this, is to be silent.

But I remember a time when I was brave and bold.  In high school, I devoured Josh McDowell and Ravi Zacharias books that were written on how to defend the faith.  I was fearless sharing the gospel.  So much so, that I ended up at the Moody Bible Institute enrolled in the Evangelism and Discipleship program.

The courses I was required to take with this major were awesome.  I LOVED it!  Besides studying the great Evangelists from history and the myriad of methods for Evangelism and Discipleship – I also took classes like Church History, Apologetics (how to defend our faith), Philosophy, Theology I, II, & III, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, World Religions, Hermeneutics (Bible Study Methods), Elements of Bible Study (which emphasized the inductive Bible study method, basic principles of biblical interpretation, distinguishing between figurative and literal language, outlining passages and making applications from biblical principles) and a very cool class titled – Bible Introduction (which included the study of the Canon of Scripture, the transmission of the biblical text from the original writings to the many modern versions and an examination of the major critical questions concerning the Bible for defending the faith). I also took a year of Greek as my language class and many more Bible and message preparation classes.

I LOVE scripture –and I know if you follow my blog – you do too!

So I’m going back to my roots friends –I see in our culture that the church is under attack from all sides and yes, even from within.

It’s time I take the most grace-filled stand for truth I can.

Despite the culture today that says truth is subjective, I believe that the Bible is authoritative and we do have absolute truth.  And sharing this life-giving truth is not intolerant.

I come to the keyboard longing to lovingly hold out the word of truth in a dark world.

I Corinthians 13:1 says, “If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.”

Let’s not be gongs and cymbals as we speak truth to our neighbors.

In the midst of disunity and divisions amongst the body of Christ – we have Ephesians 4 which gives the solution to this problem:

11 So Christ himself gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the pastors and teachers, 12 to equip his people for works of service, so that the body of Christ may be built up 13 until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ. 14 Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of people in their deceitful scheming. 15 Instead, speaking the truth in love, we will grow to become in every respect the mature body of him who is the head, that is, Christ. 


I am not an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher…I’m a blogger…for whatever that is worth. Lol!  But this passage in Ephesians tells me that the way we move on to unity and not being infants blown here and there by every wind of teaching is through speaking the truth in love.

Truth unites!

Oh this is not going to be easy friends – but I hope you will journey this 8 week path on Mondays with me.

Chime In:

I’d love your feedback – What truths do you think our culture (outside and inside the church) have rejected and what topics would you like to see me address?

And can I ask…am I in a blogging/twitter wars bubble thinking this is more of a problem than it really is?

Are you all experiencing any of these struggles?  Because if this is not relevant – I’ll keep it to myself and work through it privately and cut this series short. But if working through these issues together can be of help – I’d love to discuss these things here together..

I’ll see you here this Monday as we start week 1!  Pray for me!

Walk with the King,


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  1. I am one of the ones who speak Truth boldly and unashamedly and I try very hard not to be mean but Truth does sound hard and offensive at times. I like teachers and preachers who give it to me straight. I don’t like things watered-down or lukewarm. I love being challenged in my walk with the Lord. I don’t mind writing about anything that the Bible writes about. I never want to be ashamed of the Truth but I always try to let my readers know it is Truth the way I interpret it, like being a keeper at home. I think mothers who have children need to be keepers at home. Too many working mothers neglect their husbands, children, or home. We can’t do it all and it is simply not worth the sacrifice. It isn’t easy, but I believe it is so worth speaking Truth. I think women out there want the Truth. You know the Truth, Courtney, yet I know, without a doubt, that you will teach it with love.

    1. These are extremely relevant issues in our world today! So, yes, this is valuable to delve into! One truth I see being tossed aside in today’s society is the importance of being first a child of God, second a Godly wife, and third, a godly mother. These priorities are being traded for worldly success and recognition and I believe the next generation is suffering. Children are being left to fend for themselves while both parents spend the majority of their days chasing worldly success. I am a stay at home mom to three boys ages 9,11,&13. I babysit and work part time subbing at the school so that I can be here for my husband and my boys both physically and emotionally when hey come home. I have a teaching degree but have chosen not to seek full time employment because of the emotional drain and extra time after hours preparing for class. My husband supports me and God has always provided financially. Yet I struggle with feeling guilty for not working full time outside the home. I don’t want to be judge mental of moms who work, but I see kids suffering by not having the proper instruction and support from home. As you can see, this is something I’m passionate about and struggle with:). Thank you for letting me share!
      Leah Wagner

      Sent from

      Posted: 27 Mar 2014 06:

      1. Please, let’s not turn this into a SAHM/WOHM debate. Not all of us ladies are blessed enough to have husbands who are able to provide for their wives. Me being one of them, so right now our roles are reversed. HE is the Stay-at-Home Dad and I work full-time outside of our home so that we may continue to have a roof over our head, food in our bellies, clothes on our backs and healthcare. I’m a cancer survivor and have other minor chronic health issues but they don’t prevent me from working a 40 hour a week job. My husband is laid off from his job and has been since mid-December.

        Our son who is almost 10 earns straight A’s and excels in sports. He is never left alone to fend for himself nor would he ever be. We don’t take elaborate vacations and we’ve never HAD a true family vacation since the money has never been there to allow that. We work to simply survive in this economy.

        Now that we’ve had our taxes done and owe the Feds a hefty sum….there will be no vacation this year either. Sorry Leah but your post came off as VERY judgmental of those of us who DO work outside of our homes.

        1. I don’t think that was Leah’s intention, although I am sure when you are the one who has to work, it can feel like that, just as she feels the weight of society’s judgment of her not working. Your child is not left to raise himself. He has his father with him. That is an important difference. In all honesty I have seen too many home where the child raises himself despite having a parent at home.
          It break my heart seeing so many broken families. That is what is truly a sad thing and one that should be addressed.

      2. Not all of us who are working moms are chasing worldly things. or hate our children …just throwing that out there in response to previous comments.

        I am very excited about this… I am so tired of people screaming “Christians shouldn’t judge”…. so extreme that I read comments regarding the movie Noah and people who say they are Christian were using the scriptute” judge not lest you be judged ” regarding the fact that the director is a proud atheist and that the movie isn’t exactly biblically based… heck they don’t even use God in the movie. so yes I am excited to see you to talk about stuff.

      3. Hello,
        I am a military spouse, mother of three, with two in college and one still at home, who will be starting high school next school year. I am a mother who has always gotten satisfaction from working outside the home, I feel guilty about it, but I do. I am now a stay at home mom, who is finishing her masters in marriage and family therapy, and I feel empty just staying home. Now there is plenty for me to do, not that I want to, I would rather work outside the home. The Lord has me in a season of being home and ministering to my husband and family. I think it is a honor, but I just do not like staying home. I am fighting my flesh, trying to do what Sherita wants to do, instead of being where God wants me to be. I know in this season I need to learn to praise him even though I do not like where I am physically. I envy women whose joy is to be a stay at home mom, and love it. I always think there is something wrong with me. lol.. I am praying for peace for where God has me at now. I have been a substitute teacher for awhile now, and it’s not to shabby. I must say, teachers are a special breed, I cannot make teaching a career. Please don’t judge. lol.. I won’t keep you guys, this mom is trying to find a happy median, peace with God and where he has me physically, but also peace mentally that I can overcome my flesh and stop fighting him to get my way. It is hard to be home to cook, clean, wash, be a Godly wife, and still spend the quality time with God. I am a work in progress, and I welcome God in every way to shape and mold me into what he wants me to be. hint hint.. speaking those things that be not as though they are. Have a beautiful blessed day.

        1. I don’t believe any woman should have to feel guilty about working outside the home especially in situations where your husband is not in a position to be the breadwinner for the home. I am glad for women who have that and praise God along with you but that is not the story for some of us and like one commenter mentioned, not all of us are chasing worldly success.

          Please let’s not make this about one group of mothers being superior than others. I am glad Courtney is taking this stand for Biblical truth and I’m happy to follow along.

    2. Courtney, i so agree for the need to speak the truth in love. Yes, there are those who have not always seasoned the truth with mercy , grace and love (Ive been one of them in the past) God has removed the scales from my eyes and i see that silence is NOT always golden, sometimes, its a cop out.
      I liken ut to teaching my children. I don’t let them do things that would harm them, therefore I teach them not to touch the fireplace, hot stoves, stick fingers in electoral outlets. Why? I love them, so I teach them to avoid harmful behaviors. Sex outside of marriage (in ANY FORM with ANY PERSON) is harmful, for many reasons, places people at risk, for diseases, unwanted pregnancies,, emotional damage, so i teach my kids that. But society says you are hateful if you tell someone what they are doing is wrong. If I love you, my love for you should not be contingent on you loving me back. So speak the truth in love and we will pray for you that people will hear your heart.

      1. I love how you put this, my love for you is not contingent on you loving me back. I want my kids to grow knowing how to turn away from sin, stand up for godly principals all while loving sinners.

        Thank you Courtney for this blog. There are times for us to be silent, and times to speak up. God gives us discernment to know. The Pastors and people that stand on the lawn of an abortion clinic and pray are showing love, the Westboro church is showing hate, which is a sin! You can’t overcome sin with hate, but you also can’t overcome by ignoring it.

        My kids are exposed to all kinds of sin because of unsaved family members: premarital pregnancies and living together, a gay cousin and her “partner”, substance abuse. So far, they haven’t questioned it, but what I realized is that if it is not questioned, it creeps in as normal and ok. I don’t want them to think this is ok, but we want them to know we still love them because we make mistakes too, even if they are not as obvious as these things. When I lose my temper and bad-mouth someone, that sin is weighted the same as the unwed mother! Judge not, but how will they know unless someone tells them. Great post!

    3. I totally get what Leah is saying. I chose to stay at home with my kids even though it would be easier on us financially if I worked as well. I don’t think she is trying to be judgemental, if she is like me than it is a calling she recieved to stay at home. Believe it or not, being a stay at home mom isn’t easier than working full time. Some times its not possible for one parent to stay with the kiddos and thats okay, we all do what we can. I stay at home with my kids, we pinch pennies to make it happen and I get a lot of negative feed back for staying at home, (I have taken women back to the dark ages you know). One of the things about speaking in truth is understanding that there are always going to be people who get offended. I believe that when we are confronted by something and our first reaction is offense we need to take a step back and really look at the sitiuation. Put aside your personal feelings and look at what is being presented as facts instead of relying on your emotions to decide what is right or wrong about what is being said. Most importantly, take what the person is saying to you and bring to God to reveal the truth in it. Is what they are saying bible based? It does matter. Being quick to point out how you are offended isn’t going to get anyone any where, and you will miss an opportunity to learn and grow. Is it a fact that a lot of kids are being neglected by parents who are pursuing other things. Yes it is. Does it mean that every parent who works outside the home is neglectful and selfish? No, it doesn’t. The values of home have changed a lot and the expectations have as well. Parents who stay at home with there kids and parents who work outside there homes all have a responsibility to find ways to establish biblical values in the home.

      1. I like working and doing what I do. If something, God-forbid, were to happen to my husband, I’d be able to support myself & my son. My younger cousin, also an RN, tragically lost her husband last summer. They have two young children. Thankfully, she has a career that will allow her to support herself and them.

        When a poster says they aren’t trying to be judgmental, they usually are.

  2. Awesome- speak truth in love – one of my favorite concepts – but a hard one. I totally see this, and I am a WAY smaller blogger then you! However, I think this is a great topic and I can’t wait to read along!

  3. I am so excited for this series! This is so on point and much needed in our culture. Tolerance has become an issue, which in reality is lawlessness and unrighteousness. Regardless of someone’s beliefs (or lack of), they need to hear the Truth. God holds all authority whether they want to accept Him or not. He is manifest in all (Romans 1). We are called to walk, love, and live in the Light (Eph 5). Sharing His Truth is an act of love. Tough love to some. Hatred and harshness to others. What they fail to understand is that tolerating their unrighteousness and not sharing the Good News causes believers to say it’s okay for those in denial to be destined for God’s wrath. Those who accept tolerance, are just as guilty as the doers.

    1. You are so right. If I see someone I know living in sin (and yes, I know we all sin I said living in sin) as a believer in Jesus Christ and the Truth of God’s Word I am responsible before God to correct that person in love. I’ll tell you I honestly find this hard to do. I hate to offend people. I don’t like for people to be mad at me. I don’t want to come off as judgmental. It is so much easier just to be silent, but then that person sin is on my shoulders. Now that is truly scary!

      Courtney, I am so proud of you for addressing this subject. I expect to learn a lot!

      Blessing to all my sisters in Christ Jesus.

        1. I took it as her meaning the person who willfully sins as opposed to the every day sins we all do because we are all sinners.

    2. Hi Courtney, I just read your new message and proposed new study about trying to dispel the lies and untruths concerning the gospel message and christian living. Of course, moreso in this realm of communication, you’re going to have attacks from different sides– of those who have strayed away from the faith as attested to by Paul even in his day and also his warnings to the saints about this happening especially near the end times.I think it will be worth your time as led by God through the Holy Spirit to speak on these truths in love but not get into a war battle with these bloggers, which may render your message as not being effective. Just follow the same principle that Paul and the other writers of the New Testament used in dealing with these individuals.I am not a blogger so I can’ t speak on what you have been experiencing, although from my stand point– not surprising.May God be with you! Rosalyn

  4. I am not involved in the “blogging world” other than as a reader, but lately God has been tugging on my heart to start blogging and writing in general. Then I think “God…why would I need to write when there is already a Coutney Joseph and a Jennie Allen and a Karen Ehman and a Darlene Shacht and a Lysa TerKeurst and a Lisa Jo Baker and…” well you see where I’m going 🙂 And as I focus and pray what I believe to be His call…it makes me so fearful when I notice exactly what you described.

    I find myself fearful to write down words that I know could be torn apart by someone who disagrees with me. And that would be totally fine….because I know as a Chrisian, that’s part of the package. But what about when it’s another Christian? What happens when another Christian blogger disagrees and calls me out and tears me down and tells me how intolerant I am and it goes viral and now I feel like I have done more damage to the Kingdom than good?

    So know how encouraged I am by you and your truth. I am encouraged by your honesty, your humility, and your love. I will be praying for you as you start this series and look eagerly forward to it.

    Thank you for being a wonderful mentor & teacher, Courtney!

    1. Morgan, I don’t feel called to blog or anything, but I feel exactly the same way when I want to comment on a controversial issue. I want to be truthful, but find myself hesitant to write the words for fear of inviting conflict in a public arena and therefore doing more harm than good for truth. However, truth is becoming like a fire shut up in my bones and it’s going to come out, sometime. I hope that when it does come out, it is loving yet bold and unapologetic. And just like this comment, I edit it my words to death before hitting “post comment.” Courtney, I’m looking forward to your series. I think it will be very helpful. Thank you for your courage

  5. I know that I’ve been called to speak the truth because God gave me this gift to speak boldly; however, it doesn’t seem to matter these days if you speak the truth in love, because all anyone seems to hear is hate, even when it’s clear that it’s not your intention. Truth is unwelcome in any format today. If you disagree, then somehow you’re just “hating” people, and even Christians will come against you claiming that you don’t live under grace, but instead you’re just as bad as the Pharisees. I can’t tell you how many Christians have belittled me or “rebuked” me for speaking out against any of these hot topics. You are not alone in what you are experiencing and witnessing. Everyday I seem to be more and more perplexed at how cruel and mean Christians are to other Christians they don’t agree with, and it usually has to do with doctrine issues that are somehow now being seen as acceptable and permissible in the church. When you tell fellow Christians what God says, they cruelly imply that those things no longer apply to this generation of “grace” filled Christian living. It’s not easy speaking the truth today, no matter how it’s presented.

  6. Yeah, Courtney! I’m one of those who used to speak boldly, but, ashamedly have been silenced in recent years. I’m ready to get back out there and defend the faith and truths that I love so dearly. I’m with you all the way and am greatly looking forward to Mondays. May God richly bless you for being bold, stepping out, and stepping up. You go, Girl!

  7. Very happy to see this tonight!!! God has placed on my heart these last few days this very same issue. Yes, we need to speak truth yet also love one another. How do we balance that without compromising our faith? I am seeing way too much infighting within the church and nothing good comes from it. A divided church cannot stand. We need to find a way to stand for absolute truth without coming across as judgmental hypocrites. Most of us I think do that well enough but I’m seeing so many mean and hateful comments coming from both sides that I can’t help but think we are doing more damage than good. I feel like the enemy is trying to divide and conquer from within and we are letting him. As said above, speaking truth is an act of love and we need to make sure we are communicating it in a loving way!

  8. Cannot wait to read along! As one trying to spark interest and involvement in Women’s Ministry at out church, I see firsthand misconceptions , unrealistic expectations , and the fear of being judged in some cultural matters like working outside the home. I see where these issues have been used to divide us, not unite. I’m excited to read along

  9. Courtney, you ARE a teacher, prophet, and evangelist in ways you may not see! God has positioned you with a voice to speak in such a time as this! I pray God will prepare your heart and mind and spirit to receive all He has planned to place within you to deliver up in this series! May God give you wisdom, discernment, and courage straight from His throne and may His blessings and protection be mightily upon and around you and your family in Jesus’ Name! May lives be enriched and
    changed to the glory of His name and His Spirit at work within You! Thank you in advance, sister, for what you are about to bring through the power of Christ in you!

  10. Courtney, as a fellow blogger I DEFINITELY feel this and experience this and my heart is mourning over this! So much so that I don’t know who to trust anymore, and I’m so fearful of all the people who do not have mature relationships with Jesus or don’t know the Bible well and believe untruth. My heart hurts for them. These writers/bloggers have HUGE influence and impact. I don’t want to call everyone a “false teacher” but I wonder so often if this is what is happening.

    And what is also troubling to me is some bloggers, who I’m pretty sure are truthful Christian writers who don’t agree with certian issues, still retweet and seemingly support views that are not doctrinally correct but that the writer of them is maybe popular or “cool”. I know we can’t know every person’s view on every subject, but some are very obvious.

    I think the topics I would like for you to address are the obvious ones 🙂 and also about absolute truth. I know there is absolute truth, but one thing I struggle with understanding is absolute truth and how the different denominations interpret scripture. Someone has to be right. And someone has to be wrong. But the Bible does tell us to not get hung up on certain issues. What are the issues that we should/shouldn’t get hung up on? For instance, skirts vs. divorce vs. gay marriage, etc. And how do we know the differences and explain them to people who say things like, “Well, if you take the Bible literally then we should cut off our hand” and stuff like that.

    I could go on and on! Thank you for writing this! Oh, and maybe how do we talk to our children about these issues since they will grow up with a majority (even Christian) culture telling them the opposite?

  11. Hi! I think the war is sadly very real, as you have been feeling. I, too, often feel led to speak up about the tough topics (though not quite yet) for ex. picture me 20 years ago, strolling down the street half naked with my arm around another would you love me? Because I get hate the sin, love the sinner, but how do we love the sinner? Because boy I needed it, but never got it..Less so when I began attending church. As an inner-city, ex drug addict I’d love to see how conservatives are looking to extend love – the precious essence of Christ – to their fellow earth dwellers.

    I am also a Bible student and love the Word!! But the more I study, the more I find that the Sabbath is a true delight! (Contrary to the burden I hear some speak of it) That the Lord’s Feast Days are an amazingly prophetic comfort and joy to my soul and life! (Contrary to every single Christian I know wanting to celebrate the pagan holidays instead) and that God’s dietary laws are such a blessing for not only my health, but my walk with Him! All of Psalm 119 blesses my heart…”Happy are those who observe His decrees..”

    I haven’t been told by anyone around me that I’m being legalistic because they know my crazy, genuine self too much lol! But, whoa, let me put this out in blogland, and I better put my tough skin on!

    When all is said and done, we all need to play our positions according to His convictions.

    Praying for you as you follow the Holy Spirit to say what you need to, to those who need it to hear it.

    Love, Tanya

  12. You have officially become my favorite blogger. This is NOT a blogging thing. This is a wide-spread movement by Christians and the Church to become “culturally relevant” and therefore distort the Truth as laid out in God’s Word. It really makes my heart sad. I don’t blog, but I too struggle with speaking the Truth to people, even fellow believers, without being labeled as hateful and judgmental. Thank you, Courtney, for being sensitive to the Holy Spirit and addressing this issue with love and truth. There needs to both in order for our response to be truly Christlike. I for one am looking forward to hearing your words over the next few weeks.

    1. Brenda,
      I could not agree with you more about this not solely being a blogging issue. Sadly, it is church wide. The culture is shaping us as Christians instead of us shaping the culture. Let’s strive to be a Bionically literate church. 🙂

  13. First time blog follower here….this topic is very important to me and am excited to have seen this on fb…..I can’t wait to follow along.

  14. Oh Courtney! I love reading the expressions of your heart! This is such a necessary topic in evangelical circles today! I’ll be praying for you as you step out in faith in this way!

  15. This was a great post! I am really just beginning my walk with God and along with going to church and joining a bible study I have started to read blogs like yours and interact a little on social media. I have seen some of the combative commentary that is on twitter, youtube, and other places and it has made me nervous to get involved in the online community and it can also be confusing to a newcomer when there are so many opinions on social issues within the Christian community. I look forward to reading this series. Thank you for your efforts to help Women Live Well 🙂

  16. Courtney I am looking forward to this!!! Praying for you…as a blogger I too find it more comfortable to keep silent. Move in the spirit girl! It’ll be good! Expect persecution and just rest in him because you are doing good works!!!

  17. I here a lot that it is a woman’s right to have an abortion, and if they are non-believers they should have that right. That, the person I’m speaking with is not ‘for’ abortion themselves, but this is a free country and we should continue to allow it to be free without forcing our beliefs on them. This is one I have struggled with a lot. Another one is same sex marriage….I get the same argument. And, these discussions have been with people in my own church…..and they have gotten ugly. I certainly was not trying to offend anyone by taking a stand, but at the same time…..the Bible is truth, and any country that does not abide by the basic truth in it is doomed… Sodom and Gomorrah was doomed. Anyway, I think this is definitely relative for today, and am looking forward to better ways to communicate truth without a fight.

  18. Courtney, you have NO idea. I have been praying, PRAYING all week that someone would be bold, that someone especially in the blogging community would take a stand and speak out for truth and I have to tell you that the only person I could think of that might actually do it was you. So thank you for being willing to address the hard issues with truth in love. No, you are definitely not alone in this struggle. Honestly my heart has been so heavy with all of the anger displayed among members of the body of Christ, it’s been so ugly. But I really don’t believe that “silence” is the way either. So thank you for this. I look forward to your series and will be praying for you as you navigate through these difficult topics. Blessings!

  19. I will back you 100% of the way! I am not a blogger, but have been reading your blog for well over a year now and what you say speaks to my heart and has never struck me as contrary to the Word of God.

    There is too much of the world in church today and we are too tolerant of those worldly thoughts sneaking into our hearts and lives and becoming truths. It is not just you that sees this and struggles with how to stand firm and not be seen as judgmental and intolerant! The world needs the salt and the light that we as believers are suppose to be. My husband and I are in the midst of some intense study (directed by God) in these very issues and I am so proud that you are willing to step out and risk being slammed to be obedient to God. I will be praying for you and reading every Monday.

    x Karissa

  20. I will pray for wisdom and courage for you. I admire you for being bold. It’s a scary place to be. Keep speaking God’s love and truth Courtney! Hopefully more Christisn bloggers will follow suit! Xoxo

  21. I thank you for this article, and I do agree with you, wholeheartedly, to defend the truth just the way it is in Scriptures. I would like to hear your biblical opinion on head coverings 1 Cor. 11, and Haloween in churches. You are a blessing to me. God be with you!

  22. Courtney & company reading this,

    I’ll be honest, when I read this it made me anxious. I’m fearful of this journey because it scares me to see how opening scary wounds can separate the unity we currently might share. But I’m excited and hopeful also of what God might do through this journey. I debate if it’s better to work these things out privately or publicly. I just graduated in December from a christian university with a similar background that you described. I love the scriptures but I am always anxious when people start saying “this is truth & if you think otherwise… YOU’RE WRONG!” I’ll be praying for you on this journey I know it will be difficult. I just think a lot of things in this culture aren’t completely black & white. Some things need context and honestly some sin still needs love. I don’t think that means I’m ditching my standards or being less godly. I just witness the day-to-day hurts of young women and men in this culture. I think it’s perfectly okay to say I disagree with this but I still love you. I think that’s what we should be saying more often instead of keeping silent about things that we can answer through our faith. Anyways, what do I know… I’m only 22. Hah! Regards!

  23. Be strong and very courageous, for the Lord your God is with you. Deuteronomy has a lot of great words for times like this! Can’t wait to read and be part of the journey! 🙂

  24. I am amazed at your courage and wisdom! I think this is very relevant. Just before reading your blog this morning, I read an email from AFA about the World Vision policy change and then the reversal back and that email said the exact same thing you said about the culture war happening within and without the Church. This topic has been addressed on Sunday morning at my church, and it can be addressed in love with grace that will leave others speechless, knowing they have heard from the throne of God because no man could conjure up such grace and love. There will always be some who are so blind that they do not recognize truth, grace or love but if your message falls on a thousand ears but one person hears and recognizes truth, then it’s worth it. I will be praying for you, seriously praying, that God will speak thru you and that you will be unafraid, unwavering and filled with His strength. You’re gonna need it! He will give it freely.

  25. I think we need to start worrying LESS about offending others and MORE worried about offending Jesus. We need to boldly and proudly share the Word. If someone gets offended or you lose a friend or 2, who cares!?!? We need to stop being so worried about being politicly correct.. offending someone.. or whatever. Do you think Jesus cared about who he offended and who he didnt? NOPE. He proudly stood up and preached the gosepl and then was willing to die for it and for us! We need to start being more like Him.

  26. I get these posts a day late in my inbox, however, what can I say that as not already been said.

    God is calling us as believers to speak the truth in His love. He wants His people to know ‘thus said the Lord’ Pray about what God as put on your heart and He will guide you into all His truth.

    Peace to you and looking forward to hear what God as told you to say.

  27. “Speaking the Truth in Love” ahhh… Just at this moment I’m in a situation where I have to do it. I don’t like confrontation, but there is a need for intervention. Here are some thoughts in random order that I have been pondering on for years.

    By writing about it and really doing it is a very different thing. As a blogger you write…but you cannot personally confront people through a public blog. Therefore, if you have an issue with someone, you should first contact them only. If you cannot meet, a letter is good. But according to Matthew 18 principle, first you visit a person you need to confront alone. The next time you have a friends. Then it can be made public.
    As a blogger there is a fine line in confronting a single person, but if you have followed the step one and two above, I guess you could do it. You can of course always speak about the truth and the word of God and doctrines, but avoid this becoming a battle ground where people are named before they are first privately confronted.

    Secondly, there is a real lack in maturity when sharing and receiving advice. If you would write about how to to confront someone and keep them accountable in a mature Christian, loving way, I think it’s needed. Also, how to receive criticism and observations about your life(style) without becoming defensive and angry. Real need for that. Like, if someone approaches you and in a loving way, with YOUR GOOD in mind, shares some concerns about you, are you able to hear it without drawing the weapons and killing the messenger right there and then? Or without attacking THEM about their problems/sins/lacks etc? Or without avoiding or hating them for a long time? It is hard to receive feedback that is not 100% positive, but it’s a normal part of Christian life…should be. How else could you mature in Christ (and btw, the other person might be 100% about you, but you still need to show maturity in your response)?

    Also, I would try to keep in mind that there are lots of wounded people out there. In fact, we are all wounded in a way or another. Some people take it to the extremes. For example; if you have been in a spiritually abusive church, every time someone shares a Bible verse when they confront you, you feel like they are being spiritually abusive. Or if you grew up in a legalistic church where women were not allowed to pray nor teach, you might throw away all the Bible verses that feel limiting to you as a woman (submit to your husband, take care of your home etc.).

    So having a gentle heart towards people is always good.

    You won’t be popular. That’s the hard part. As women the relationships are important to us and therefore speaking the truth might be harder than for men, who focus more on the facts, not on the feelings. But if you are just willing to write whatever the Lord has given to you, you are doing the right thing in your life. I am saddened in my own life that a relationship I thought might become a deep friendship, is now in a point where I have to confront and be unpopular. I will do this because and out of love, but it is hard. This is a lonely world for people like us.

    And I chose not to be on Twitter for all this too. I have a blog, I have a personal Facebook account, but that is all I need and all that I can handle.

  28. Amen, girl!

    As others have said, this goes far beyond even a blogging world problem. It certainly is that, but it’s also a church problem, Facebook problem, Twitter problem, and a problem within our own communities of personal, face-to-face relationships. Ever since becoming a mother, I have felt the fire burning stronger and brighter within my soul to teach my children how to live life by God’s Word alone and NOT according to the ways of this world. This has become such a tricky, sticky, difficult thing to teach, though, as the Gospel and the world seem to be colliding in a mixed up sort of way. We, the broken and sinful people of this world, have been re-writing and re-working the truths of the Gospel in order to make them somehow “fit” into the lifestyles and values that we selfishly want. And even if we’re not guilty of this, most of us (myself included) are guilty of standing by silently as we watch others tarnish God’s name through the their own mixed up “translations” of His Word. This should not be!

    Thank you SO much for being brave enough to take a stand. We all know how hard it is to do in this day and age, and your strength of conviction do not go unnoticed or unappreciated by us all. I can’t wait to see what God does through you in this study! I’ll be eagerly following along! 🙂

  29. Thank you so much for doing this. Honestly, over the years I have been one of those Christians who was more about love and keeping peace but it was mostly because I didn’t fully understand the truth in God’s word. In recent months as my husband and I have grown in our faith and begun to study the truth of the Bible we have just been confused by all the mixed messages out there coming from those we should be able to trust in helping us understand God’s truths. After reading your book and participating in your studies I feel I can trust your guidance and insight and I know you will direct me right back to the Bible where you’ve found these truths. I haven’t seen a list so I will just come right out and list those things I have gotten confusing messages on:
    1. Homosexuality (this is perhaps the one that I have seen the most mixed messages about)
    2. Non-believers
    3. Atheism (I consider this to be different from non-believers in that non-believers can be those who don’t know what they don’t know and likely believe in a higher power where as atheists have out and out declared they do not believe in God).
    4. False prophets, teachers, etc (those in the church-not those that we can clearly see)

    There are many other topics I’m sure we will see as part of the study such as God’s design for women and marriage. I don’t list those only because I feel comfortable in my understanding of that due in large part to your past studies (thank you for that).

    Lastly I just want to say how incredibly brave I think you are for doing this. It is so hard to take a stand when others are pushing you down. I am so incredibly excited to see where this study leads and will be praying for you to feel God’s guidance as you embark on this journey.

  30. Yes – it is relevant! I am not a blogger, but I read my fair share of them. There is so much out there that is “wishy-washy.” As a reader, I am often not really sure what the person believes! I am looking forward to your posts. And I will continue to pray for you as you speak the truth in love. Blessings to you, Courtney!

  31. Very cool Courtney~I’m looking forward to this! One issue that I hear constantly debated is the issue of separation and living a holy, set~apart life. Perhaps that might be an area that you can touch on. I’m sure you have some great ideas since you see behind the scenes. I’ll be praying for you as you research and write and share~satan of course does not want truth to prevail. Bless you and your ministry~you reach more than you will ever know this side of Heaven! Joyful to call you a sister in Christ~Lyn

  32. I’m just an ordinary woman who got saved 5 years after I got marries. My husband (of nearly 32 years now) still isn’t saved. Any conversations on the topic have been less than pleasant so we stopped talking about it a long time ago. I recently have felt a real burden for boldness with him. The Lord has been working on me and I want to live my husband with the truth! I also agree with you that our society has a flawed belief about tolerance that has pushed into the church. I am tired of being afraid to take that stand -in love – for truth!

  33. Scripture. It is sufficient to meet our needs, yet in the world with labels of alcoholism, addict, even depression, we say these sin issues are not a biblical issue. Yes, there needs to be one part retraining (developing our new self in Christ) but that can only be done through the second part Scripture! The third part is a lot of obedience – which is hard at first but get easier.

    There’s such a poverty of Scripture knowledge that is saddens me to great sorrow that so many are out there accepting they are victims when victory is just a few actions away. We serve a powerful God. He is both good and great.

  34. Oh Courteny, i am beyond glad to see you stepping out on this troubling aspect of Christianity . I am even now in the midst of unkindness and rejection, as well as mocking and ridicule for my conservative convictions. It is something i’ve begun to be depressed about (and depression is not something i often experience.) I am a pastors kid and have been in full time ministry my whole life but i have no idea how to handle this issue. I am unprepared for this wounding that is happening just as much in my church as it is in blog world. I am desperate for advice and yes, healing.
    I have learned over the years to try to only take offense, if my Savior would be offended, and right now, with the specifics of this trial i believe he often is.
    I am eager for your thoughts on this, i have been drowning in this, and enduring personal injury. I am tired of this. Anyways thank you for tackling this issue. Please know that it is very much needed.

  35. Courtney, I have a feeling that I’m going to eat this series up! As a Catholic who attended an evangelical church for a little bit, I too have seen so many good-willing Christian people argue about the doctrines. I am currently writing a book on true biblical worship that will pertain to all Christians – evangelicals, Catholics, etc. So many books claim to be “non-denominational” but honestly, they all pretty much lean towards their own personal interpretation of scripture and the rest of us are deemed “wrong”. It’s frustrating!
    This is such perfect timing and I am so excited to hear your thoughts.

  36. Courtney you are not alone; yes this is relevant and right on time! I will join you and I will keep you in prayer. Thank you for remaining faithful!

  37. Well done Courtney, there needs to be more Christians willing to say these things- online and elsewhere. I look forward to the rest of the series 🙂

  38. As I read your post, “Let Faith Arise” by Chris Tomlin is playing in the background…I couldn’t help but think that is your heart and prayer behind this post. You want faith and truth to arise in our hearts and beliefs. You want it to be evident, out in the open, for faith to arise to the forefront of our hearts and personal relationships with Christ. You go, girl! Looking forward to the study. God bless you and your heart to teach not just make people feel “warm and fuzzy” about God!

  39. Awesome post. I am very excited to read the upcoming topics.
    I think a good start is to define what is truth in love? What does that look like? How is it practically applied to every day life? The other thing to think about is who are your readers? I am going to assume they are Christian women. I try to remind myself that if two people want the same goal (to know and love Christ) but they are disagreeing (maybe even passionately) – is this an opportunity for iron sharpening iron? I know you will do a great job with this and I am happy you are taking on this challenging topic. 🙂

  40. Courtney,
    Praise the Lord, someone is bothered by this!! YES! Please do this series and please send it to those who think they are the top dogs in the blogging/opinion world!

    I can think of one that spoke out in favor of what World Vision did this week and I, personally, was appalled at her wavering view of scripture.

    Some have a leg on both sides of the fence and I can’t figure out why, except to be people pleasers.

    May God speak through you as you try to shed light and truth on this dark problem!

  41. I think this will be a great series and I look forward to seeing what you have to say!! The people in this world have just turned back to their selfish sinful selves. People only want to hear the truth if it’s a truth that they agree with. Absolute truth is just that–absolute!! It doesn’t change with the times or adapt to what people what it to be. Unfortunately, that is exactly what people want truth to be. The truth can be hard to hear, but it’s not up to us. God is the one who created all this, so I think it’s pretty obvious it is he who gets to decide what truth is! For people outside the church, I can see how this would be hard to accept–they don’t believe in God, why should they accept his ways? For people inside the church, I don’t understand the excuse. They are not looking for truth, they are actually looking to appease society. They don’t want to ruffle any feathers. Tolerance is another thing that gets me hot under the collar!! Liberals use it against conservatives when they don’t accept what society views as ok or as truth. But, it’s never used against liberals who may not be “tolerant” of what we as christians hold to be true based on God’s word. It’s not us making these “rules”–it’s the creator of the universe himself. We are just trying to uphold them…

  42. Courtney, As I finished reading this announcement this morning I recalled a scripture from my personal time with the Lord, and It led me in prayer for you, 1 Thessalonians 5: 24, “He who has called you is fakthful, and He will do it.” As you step out in faith, taking a stand for right, as I have only seen you do, God will have His perfect way. You are His vessel. Sometimes the vessel gets marred, chipped, and abused, but it is still useful. Thank you for being willing to be a voice crying out in the wilderness. In recent months I have been praying about entering the blogging worl after years of sharing my thoughts on my personal FB page. My husband, who is also my pastor, prayed with me, and I was led to create a public FB page instead of a blog or Twitter account. There are moments when I find myself hesitating as I am typing, but I am learning to rely on my life verse, and live it out, “I know whom I have have believed, and am persuaded that HE is able to keep that which I have committed unto Him against that day.” I will be praying for boldness, grace, and trutn, as you speak out. May the Lord lead you to the topics He has for you, not your choices, but His, because I know if I was the one writing it would take way more than 6 weeks to cover everything the church today wants to, “love the sinner, but hate the sin” about. May you be strengthened in His power and might. Thank you for answering His call.

  43. I’m not a big follower of blogs, just yours really, because I love you so I can tell you that the battle for truth is not confined to the blogging world. My son attended a conference at a large local church this past week as a school field trip, and at this conference he was taught to love others like Jesus which I totally support, sounds like truth! However, the speaker went on to tell the youth at the conference that to love those in the world, they need to stop telling them all of the things that they’re doing wrong. This sounds good at first, but knowing the culture of “tolerance” pervading our society, I asked my son if they mentioned anything about sin or lovingly helping those who are lost to see their sin. Sin was not mentioned as part of the gospel, only an emphasis on “love”. Leaving out part of the gospel is not truth and is not loving. If people don’t see their sin how will they see their need for a savior from that sin. The battle for truth is being waged in all areas of the church! Stand firm! Be bold! Fight the good fight! I’m praying for you as we battle for the next generation!

  44. A very needed series! My thoughts are about our sermon this Sunday. It was about how the church is getting caught up on all of these surface issues, which it seems right now is homosexuality, and in fact Satan is just using this issue to undermine the Word of God. I think it is so important we see that Satan is just up to his same old tricks: dividing the body and attacking the credibility of the Bible. And someone speaking the truth in love is very needed!

  45. I can’t wait! In the past year, I have deleted my Facebook account and now go under a fictitious name. I started blogging in 2007, but have not blogged in a year. Why? I was intimidated and threatened by someone who did not appreciate my view. He dug up personal dirt on one of my family members and posted it all over the internet, like feathers to the wind. He viciously attacked my integrity. So, yes, I have remained silent. But the stakes are high. I will not go back to using my real name in the virtual world, but I’d love to have my voice back.

  46. I was surprised to see your topic coming up because this week it has struck me how I have become so used to just going home and praying that the truth will be known, that God’s will will prevail, and we are attacked when we state ‘our position’ on whatever issue – my view does not matter as today generation is more in control – i mean what could I possible understand (I am 62) – but I believe in God and I believe that the bible is the truth – now or them – and I guess I am tire of them pushing us into a corner and taking it – Why can’t we love God and be proud of it in public? because it may affend them, but what about them affending me – why does that not matter – is it because we are silently praying?

  47. This is SO spot on & necessary in today’s society! Too many churches are succumbing to the ways of the world when supposed to be the salt & light. Too many seem to be confusing being IN the world with being OF the world, or being transformed by the renewing of the mind with being conformed to the world. If we don’t stand on God’s word of Truth then we may as well pack up, close the doors & stay home. Yes, we need to speak/show it in love, but it doesn’t mean accepting sin but rather exposing it to righteousness for correcting. It can be tough & it may mean less popularity – but we’re in this race to finish it, giving honor & glory to God. Courtney… you will do an amazing job. Keeping you, your blogging/ministry, those whowill be affected by it, in prayer! God bless.

  48. I have observed the same and it is refreshing to see someone step out in faith for the truth the Bible clearly represents. I will be on board each Monday with you and I will be praying for you for added boldness needed in this ever increasing dark world we are living in.

  49. Wow! I have spent the last few weeks watching the Ken Ham series “Foundations” and I have come to realize just how far some have strayed from a truly Biblical worldview. I also see the importance of being able to defend the faith in love. This series is very timely for me. I will be praying for you and eagerly awaiting your blogs!

    1. Thank you for mentioning the foundation series, I am excited to look into it! I am very excited about this series, and thank you for being so bold to be able to speak truth in love, I have been wanting to know, and this has come at a great time!

  50. Thank you so much for addressing this! I’m a sahm and listen to Christian radio a lot-some excellent preachers are addressing this same topic, but not everyone has the ability to listen to radio throughout their day. So many churches today are so focused on ancillary programs and not solid bible teaching that honestly, I think people aren’t educated that there real yes and no answers to certain situations (not the skirt length/dancing whatever) but the marriage issue/parenting/divorce/church life etc. I will definitely be following!

  51. Oh, how awesome!!! So glad you are being bold to speak on truth!!! Continue to follow the Holy Spirit’s guide on this!!! You are right that the key in sharing this truth is love. Was reading in Acts this morning 13:13-41 about Paul. What a great orator he was. He was speaking to the Jews and speaking truth that the Jews had had Jesus killed without cause. But he offered grace through the message giving the invitation for them to receive forgiveness. He presented the truth in a manner fit for his audience. You are doing the same thing. Standing for truth, speaking in grace and love. Please continue to share. This is VERY relevant now with our religious freedoms trying to be silenced. When you receive unkind posts look at 1 Peter 3:14-16. Share the reason for your hope 🙂 It encourages others to do the same! Have a wonderful day!!

    P.S. My family and I saw God’s Not Dead last night and it was a wonderful inspirational film!! You and your family might want to check it out 🙂

  52. Courtney,
    Please, please, please continue on with this series! I just got done reading this post and in my head I was thinking, This woman is amazing! God can use you to do some powerful things through this series. I love that you are not ashamed to stand up for what you believe in. You are an inspiration to me and I am so looking forward to starting this series. I actually wish it was Monday right now. 🙂 Getting back to the truth of the gospel has been my mantra for the past few months. I cannot wait to see what your boldness will inspire myself and others to become!
    Through Christ’s love,

  53. You are right on with your comments! I think the problem is is that we have been too silent–we have allowed other voices to speak out for evil rather than speak up for God because we wanted to be “tolerant” or not cause a stir. Jesus was controversial–he went against the political climate of his day–how can we do no less? We must speak truth in love, but truth nevertheless. I look forward to sharing this journey with you and hope to become more courageous!

  54. Hi Courtney, I am so looking forward to this series. I have dealt with this in the twitter realm. So I am fully supporting you and standing with you. We have to stand for God’s Truth and I love that you remind us to be truthful in love. Unity without God’s Truth does not mean anything.
    God bless you Courtney! And I will definitely be keeping you in my prayers, that God strengthens you, that His Spirit shines even more in You. For the Spirit within us is not timid but of power and love and self discipline.

  55. Definitely relevant! Praying or wisdom as you step out in faith into this discussion. This has been on my mind and heart for years….through seminary with my husband and now in ministry. The world’s thoughts and “knowledge” have been embraced and welcomed and accepted as truth in the church to such a degree that God’s Truth is almost lost. We need to stand up against the pressure to be politically correct and the idea that complete acceptance is the only way to love someone. Looking forward to your Monday posts!

  56. I, and so many others, according to all these comments are all in the same mind with what is going on in our world today. I believe it is a “God” thing, a move from the Holy Spirit as an awakening is occurring, due to how people are so lost, living in sin, and need the love of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ!
    You have a true gift and such a sweet spirit, Courtney! May God bless you on this journey as you have blessed me and so many women and their families. I will promise to pray for you, as I know it won’t be easy, yet I’m sure God has plenty to say through you as He has been doing for quite some time! Let Him guide and He will protect. His word won’t be silenced!

  57. To do this study with you, do I just read your blog everyday or is there something, some other place Im suppose to click on to join? Everyone seems to be in the loop but me , ha.

    1. Hi Debbie! Just follow along here at the blog – if you want to make sure you don’t forget about the next post you could consider subscribing via email (link on the sidebar) and follow me on my social media channels. 😉

  58. It’s definitely not just in the blogging world where this is happening! I’m so excited that you’re going to be bold enough to address this topic, it’s one that seriously needs addressed. I’ll be praying for you, and I’m looking forward to reading along! Blessings!

  59. Thank you Courtney!!!!!! I love you!
    This also has been in my mind a LOT! We haven’t gone to our old church because of it. I’m torn sometimes, but don’t want my children brainwashed in the wrong way either. I also am new in my spiritual walk (always been Christian but not educated)-so it makes it even harder. I am sick and tired of the double standards and yes I am a sinner; but I also don’t have to feel I am wrong for my beliefs. I feel America is crumbling because of the lack of the truth and sheer laziness to take the harder path of what is right. Yes I do need this study so that I may speak with love. I am outspoken and have to silence myself sometimes because I may not put it in the right words. Although there are times too when I know I am wasting my breath!! God bless you! Looking forward to the study!

  60. Thank you, Courtney.

    This has been on my mind a great deal as I view our societal ‘norms’ imploding around us. Yes, I think the wars you refer to are very real and point toward continuing evidence Satan is attacking anyone who stands firm in their faith. I have seen this play out on your blog and on other blogs that I subscribe to. God has given you the heart of a warrior and a faith to sustain you through this. I imagine there must be difficult days where you ask yourself why you do the things you do, but press on and fight the good fight. Due to the time period of history we live in and the use of technology provided people freely post their thoughts that otherwise might not be expressed verbally if they spoke to someone in person. We have lost our filter, decency, and common sense. We also live in a time when society no longer views God and faith as being relevant in today’s world.

    Sadly, our culture has accepted the lie that disagreement is synonymous with intolerance and that to ‘love’ someone you must be in complete agreement with them. This is simply untrue and unrealistic because I can love you and disagree with you at the same time. One does not have to look far for evidence of this ad nauseam; the Duck Dynasty interview backlash, Sebelius v Hobby Lobby, Christian companies who are sued due to their religious convictions by people or groups who cry “discrimination,” etc… Jesus said, “If the world hates you, keep in mind that it hated me first.” John 15:18 (NIV)

    The Church is fractured and has splintered into conservative churches v liberal churches. A short list is churches who teach moral relativism, churches who only teach the message of grace so not to offend anyone who may be sitting in the pew or chair, and churches who teach Biblical standards and take a beating for it. (I realize this list is much longer than the compact offering I suggested here. We have all heard something unique to our situation.) I once heard a pastor recently state he believes the Judeo-Christian era has come to an end and we are now embarking on a new time period of human history. This thought concerns me a great deal as I have two children and I wonder what that means for them and the world they will live in and for their future children. Then my heart is reminded of Romans 8:28, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”

    Stand firm. Trust God.

    1. Could not agree with your comments any more than I do. You are right on as is the Women Living Well Blog. I LOVE it!!

  61. Jesus is the same , yesterday, today and forever and Jesus is the truth so you most certainly can’t go wrong with this topic. I think our need for truth is the same as it has always been, however, our culture is now saturated with lies, deceptions, and sin to the point that we are living in a time similar to the New Testament church where the battle is real and persecution is at our door step. All of the comments are so insightful! It is an encouragement to know many are fighting this battle. Believe it or not Courtney I think a post on prayer would be appropriate here. Because I struggle with daily prayer I know others do too. The battle of the culture will only be won by The Lord, hearts will be softened to receive him through his Holy Spirit. For Christians it must begin with prayer. We must first become true prayer warriors so that God CAN act. I am learning our lack of prayer can stay his hand and it seems to me I have been far more interested in what programs my church offers than how often it prays! The truth is The Lord answers prayers but they have to be offered first.

  62. Dear Courtney, You already have many comments in support, but let me add my voice to that as well. I am SO proud of you for being willing to be bold. There is no doubt that you are a loving, grace filled woman and have a special way of communicating. (And I agree some speak the truth and leave out the love while some don’t speak the truth at all for fear of coming across as unloving.) I cannot say I have seen a blogger “war” between Christian bloggers, although I have seen too many stay away from important issues. I also understand the whole “I am not called to that” side, but how are we not called to defend ALL scripture? Unfortunately, I have also seen some really influential leaders cast stones at some who are trying to defend truth with the message of “Can’t we all just get along?” In other words, they are afraid that speaking the truth will drive people away, but isn’t it dishonest to try to bring people to an untruthful gospel? People must come to follow the Lord through understanding what that really means. I will give you an example of something you might consider writing about. We hear a lot of talk about the sin of homosexuality, but what about other sexual sins? According to a textbook I teach from as a counseling professor, cohabitation has increased over 1,000 percent (Feldman, 2014)! God bless you Courtney.

  63. Love how you are stepping out in faith and boldness! I am definitely in for following this series (I loved the Women Living Well book club!) and will be praying for you as God leads us all through this journey.

  64. We are called as Christians to speak the truth in love, to defend Gods word. To pray for the unsaved, our churches, those who lead our country etc.
    I’ve been to lots of churches where they are the first to sing about love, speak about love, but they are not truly showing love.. I have experienced and seen this for myself.. I do not fully understand this. (of course there still are very good bible believing churches around , but are difficult to find.) All I know is there has been a falling away from standing on God’s truth and there is far too much compromise amongst christians that they are behaving no different from the world. As a result the church isn’t being blessed or seeing true converts.
    I think their strategy has been to make the church more appealing to attract people in..but are people genuinely being saved?. I know of someone who was an atheist, who agreed to go to their friends church, and had confessed that they’re now a christian. When asked what had made them change, the person said the atmosphere of love in the church and the “lovey dovey” type songs just came over them! Of course at the time this is all based on emotion!
    This person lasted about 5 yrs in their new faith, but has sadly gone back to their old lifestyle and have denounced there beliefs. So, so sad
    It is very difficult in our lukewarm culture today to truly live and stand by our convictions, I too feel not as bold as I once was sharing my beliefs and convictions. I have been looked down on and felt laughed at by those liberals in our own family. Have been labeled judgemental, religious, intolerant, unloving to others in the family. My, we never even open our mouths. It’s just that they don’t like our standards, it gets their back up. Tell me now who’s been judgemental? Lol.

    1. Just to add, I’ve learned that I don’t need to justify myself or Defend God’s word the truth defends itself! Amen! I think deep down everybody knows Common decency and that there’s a right way to live. The world has rejected all of God’s word, and all things appertaining to it,because they don’t want to give up on their sinful lifestyles, and be accountable to anyone but themselves.
      In the past both myself and my husband have defended our corner, and the Word of God to no Avail on the persons concerned part. Only to be scoffed at and be seen as a bigot which is very hurtful. I now hand them over to God and still love them and pray for them! I might aswell tell them the truth because they don’t like our standing anyway!
      They use self justification, for their sinful lifestyles , Grace. A once time salvation prayer, and that’s their ticket to heaven, No further need for repentance. ( that’s what I’ve been told) At that point we are to shake the dust off our feet, and not cast pearls before swine.
      It just gets too hurtful. A wise man will accept reproof, but a foolish man despises it!
      We all need to stand together, and preach the Word of God as it is written!
      The late Pastor David Wilkerson said “A diluted gospel is no gospel at all”

  65. Great post Courtney and very timely. God has been challenging me on this very subject. As a Christian writer/blogger, I feel I have the responsibility to speak the truth and to make sure that truth is spoken in love. May God help us to do just that.

    Write on!

  66. I keep thinking of Ephesians 6:12-13 “For we do not wrestle against flesh & blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.” Thank you Courtney for your stand. I am intensely aware of this battle & am so thankful you are helping us stand for truth by God’s grace and power working through you.

  67. Hi Courtney,
    So looking forward to this.
    I am not connected with Facebook, Twitter or any of that so I can not comment on the issue of Twitter per see but I feel that blogs I have read in the past and then the comments to those blogs have been at times awful and very mean spirited and claim to be “all in the name of Jesus.”
    Therefore there are many blogs that I will not read anymore. I have put a guard at the door of my heart and His name is Jesus.

  68. Courtney,

    I adore you. I’m excited for this series as well and will be reading along. Praying for you. May the Spirit of wisdom and revelation rest upon you and fill you as you consider and write for us. Hugging you tight. Lynn

  69. I am thankful you desire to use this platform to speak truth. I hope you are prepared however to have many new people reading your blog and arguing with you. I am amazed that as soon as someone speaks God’s word they are immediately attacked. But we know that our struggle is not against flesh and blood but the powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil. (Eph. 6:12). I was recently so discourage by one blogger as she wrote about the WV incident. The blog post veered towards moral relativism on many subjects. And like you said it seems we take the need to love as Christ loves as a higher command than His desire for holiness and the command to be of sound doctrine. The book of Titus is such a great book on having sound doctrine when many around do not want to follow truth. Or as we see it today, create their own truth. It’s so dangerous…but God’s word is firm and it is amazing how He can look down through the ages and speak to us through scripture so that IS relevant in every generation. The verse that comes to mind so often as I think of our world and the culture that is pushing into our churches is 2 Tim. 4:3, “For the time will come when people will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear.” So please – share truth and sound doctrine. For truth IS LOVE. Truth shows us our need for a savior – Truth sets us FREE!

  70. I REALLY appreciate your willingness to tackle this unity thing. It’s something that is very important to me and ladies I’m in ministry with. I’ll be praying for you and those who read this series. Unity, and loving each other though we are called to different things in life, will be the thing that changes the tide. Hang on tight!

  71. I just wanted to confirm that I agree this is a problem, and I am looking forward to this series! Keep pressing on, Courtney! You encourage so many of us!

  72. I will start by noting that I did not read all the above comments. 🙂 I am short on time today so I will go back later but I did catch that a couple comments were about working moms: inside and outside the home. I am glad that you are standing up for truth in marriage and parenting. I don’t think God gives mandates for us in the working area, though, as some suggested. I would like to see truth in matters of submissiveness by wives to their own husbands in whatever the two of them decide to do about their work. I would also like to see truth in marriage as one man and one woman. While a VERY tricky topic, I believe that this is Biblical and can be taught in a loving way. Finally, it would be great to see something about the roles of men and women, thus boys and girls as we teach our children. We are not the same and in the culture we now live in, the lines are so blurred that young people do not see to notice that there is a difference. With four young boys we are raising to be good men and husbands, it matters. I will be praying for you as you put truth out for others and that it may be received in a manner of love and peace.

  73. This is a necessity in our times!

    4 I charge thee therefore before God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;2 Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears;4 And they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.
    5 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of thy ministry. (2 Timothy 4:1-5)

  74. I think you should blog about divorce. It seems like it is happening in every church now just like it has been happening in the world yet, it almost seems more prevalent now in the church for some reason. I think this needs to be addressed and people need to wake up and see and understand why this is wrong and why it breaks the heart of God. And no, I don’t think your in a bubble … Because it’s not just twitter wars are happening all over the internet. I see it all the time. I think it would be much more helpful to you and all of us of we talk about it together. And pray for one another.

    1. I have a BIBLICAL reason to divorce my husband and yet chose to stay. He committed adultery and then 4 months later I got cancer. It does say in the book of Matthew that adultery is an acceptable reason to divorce your spouse.

      1. I rarely read through everyone else’s comments, but I am so encouraged at how unanimous your readers are, Courtney, at how much need there is for this series. With that being said, Kelly, I’ve read a few of your comments and it suggests you would like to start an argumentative “discussion” regarding your life. I don’t know the reasons behind your comments but you do seem very defensive about your situation and life choices. Please be careful with your comments, or they could be ended up read the wrong way.

        1. I didn’t even see this comment until now Christine. THIS comment here is in no way defensive. I posted it in reply to the commenter who suggested that Courtney do a blog post on divorce. I had a biblical reason to divorce my husband yet I chose to stay. It’s hard to infer tone in a comment over the internet. I emphasized the word biblical because adultery IS a legitimate reason for a Christian to divorce their spouse even though God says He”Hates divorce”as written in the book of-Malachai.

          I am not sure why you think I need to be careful with my comments? I have not insulted anyone or been derogatory in any way.

  75. Thank you for stepping out in faith and writing this blog series! I agree with many of your readers…oftentimes when Christians speak God’s truth they are immediately labeled as judgmental “haters.” No one wants to be called derogatory names, so we are intimidated and decide not to speak up anymore. Satan has done a very good job of silencing Christians in the name of political correctness.

    In the past few years I have become increasingly interested in our country’s history. I feel God is calling me to start a blog to educate others about American history and what makes our country unique – our Christian heritage. I believe that if we return to these principles, God will bless our efforts and heal our country. I have been very reluctant to start the blog because I have been afraid of being criticized. However, God has been placing these truths in my heart:

    Deuteronomy 31:6 – Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.

    Galatians 1:10 – Am I now trying to win the approval of man, or God? Or am I still trying to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ.

    Colossians 4:6 – Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

    In Matthew 5, Jesus calls us to be the salt and light. We are called to shine God’s light into this dark world to glorify our Father in heaven. The passage from Galatians 1:10 above makes it pretty cut and dried – are we going to please God or man? We can’t do both. Thanks again for writing this series. Can’t wait to read the first post on Monday!

  76. THANK YOU, Courtney! You spoke my thoughts and built me up this morning. I have been wrestling with a book proposal that keeps being on my heart but I keep hesitating, unsure… well, of so many things. I will push on, to God’s glory. Thank you!

  77. Courtney, first off, thank you for this new series!!!! This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart, and I believe wholeheartedly God will use your voice to administer truth in this to many people. Rely on His strength, but you have my love and support!!

  78. I think this is great. I look forward to it. The righteous are bold as lions. Go for it. Thank you. Topics I think would be good are: how the church is looking like the world instead of the world looking like the church. Who is conforming to can take that many different ways. Marriage: godly roles: what are they and what the world sees them as. Children: discipline vs. letting them rule the home. I hope this helps.

  79. How encouraging to see so many other women feeling the way I have been feeling for awhile. I have been on my knees praying constantly about this very issue. Excited to see others ready for this change and challenge. It’s time! Thank you, Courtney!

  80. Courtney, I think it is a great idea to talk about. I do believe I take the silent stance sometimes, although I’m often quick to talk too. I haven’t mastered “be quick to listen and slow to speak”. In any case I encourage you to speak out. But I also encourage you to take the ability to comment off of these future posts. It is your blog. We don’t need to comment on these issues if it is going to bring you angst! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  81. I think this is extremely relevant – though I have a feeling it will cause a lot of blow ups. That is not necessarily a reason not to do it though. I think the word “judge” gets thrown around a lot in the church (and outside of it) and it is terribly misused. You could talk about that a bit more. I would say homosexulity, but I think if you come at that one you should talk about it from the angle of how it is blown out of proportion and that we Christians need to take ALL sin seriously…not just one or two. I love how David Platt says that if we shake our head at that, and then turn on a movie where there is premarital sex and think nothing of it, we are not on the right page. Sexual immorality is much more than homosexuality…it involves what we watch, what we think, what we listen to, what we support, what we talk about with friends etc. There should not be a HINT of it among us – yet how many of us watch Greys Anatomy or find ourselves in conversations about sex with our non Christian friends? Another things is we need to stop letting politics get mixed up in our Christian views to the point where we start acting like politicians and not Christ followers….that is just me. Also, what love is according to the Bible is very different from what many streams of Christianity refer to as love today….that’s another issue haha.

    Thanks for being brave! Praying for wisdom for you – and that you would be filled with love for the lost and for the church as you do it 🙂

  82. Dear Courtney, I just LOVE the fact that you are willing to obey God’s call. They are so many things to admire in a person but admiring her integrity and boldness it’s a very good one!! Praying for you my dear and can’t wait to see what’s The Lord going to do with us!!

  83. This couldn’t have come at a better time given all the recent Christian views this week on World Vision. I actually stopped following a blogger this week because of the unBiblical, arrogant, and hateful blog post she wrote this week. Speak the truth sister, in love!!! And to the first person who commented above and said ‘please don’t make this a war between SAHM and working moms’….I’m afraid that’s exactly what you did when you simply stated that fact and then went on to defend your point of view. That just naturally opens up the debate.

  84. I think the blogosphere is an indication of our society and it’s really only a small sampling of it. The biggest issues I see and hear are the definition of marriage, the idea that truth is whatever a person wants it to be, false ideas about who God is and what He does or what He will not do. Another is Bible poverty. By that I mean a Christian may have stacks of Bibles, but they do not know how to read the Bible or study it correctly. Then a person will fight to defend their position on what the Bible says when they are not looking at what the whole Bible says about it. The Bible is so personalized when read that the intended meaning is lost. That’s not to say the Bible isn’t personal. It’s that it should not be read as though it were first written to our time in history. I look forward to reading this series. There are probably issues that we’re not aware of from different cultures or different geographical locations. I just thought of another and that is the issue of medical marijuana and legalization of it. I think it may be on our state’s ballot this year.

  85. Courtney, I hope you get this: read the blog of for March 26, 2014 (this past Wednesday) as it is totally focusing on exactly what you are preparing to focus on. I hope you read it! This is such an urgent, important issue.

  86. I have been following you now for a few months. I enjoy your posts and was delighted to see you take this position. It is a position that I have held fast to in ministry and in my personal life. While I am usually full of words tonight, it has beena long day, so I will conclude by saying AMEN! I am praying for you.

  87. Wow, judging from the comments, this is absolutely relevant, Courtney! This is an answer to my prayers for clarity lately. My extended family has been destroyed because of this very subject. Its a family full of Christians, yet no one can stand to be around each other. Some think that since they attend Bible studies, they know “absolute truth” and do not hesitate to point out everything you do that “does not line up with God’s word”. I thought I was God’s masterpiece, and that HE is molding me and changing me into what HE wants me to be?? I thought we weren’t supposed to be other people’s “Holy Spirit Jr”? Some topics I hope you will cover: What is the difference between “speaking truth in love” and judging? How do you speak truth yet not judge? If I’m silent, am I not being true to my faith? I’m SO looking forward to this! I admire you so much Courtney-not only because of what you say, but how you live and conduct yourself. Bring it on, sister! 🙂

  88. Bless Your Heart, Courtney! I’m always inspired by your posts and I look forward to seeing Women Living Well emails when I turn on my computer. Your Genuine Spirit and Contagious Smile always brighten my day!

  89. Just this week, an old ‘confrontation’ from my past came up with one of my sons. Back when I was a working mom, and my children were little, one of my co-workers noted that I didn’t speak up about the movies they excitedly discussed at work. For one thing, I had few discretionary dollars, and for another, I was personally convicted that *I* didn’t know how to pay anyone (e.g. – actors) to behave in ways I’d punish my child for acting….. I wasn’t out to begin a crusade to force the world to see things my way, because I wasn’t even sure that the reasoning behind my decision was ‘perfect’ – but it left me without a clear conscience when watching various types of movies or television shows. Since I have a lot of other interests, that was fine with me anyway…….. That said, over time, my husband’s inclinations have proven quite different than mine, and I don’t fight him about them. That said, this week, one of my sons heard that I actually told my co-workers the reasoning behind my not watching the movies they loved to discuss (with Dirty Dancing – which I never watched, but which Oprah said is ‘doing it with your clothes on’ being one of them, but many others not as questionable as that being ‘off my personal-conscience’s list’). WELL, MY SON CONSIDERED THAT HARSH TO HAVE SAID. HE DOESN’T KNOW WHAT I SHOULD HAVE SAID, BUT HE FELT THAT WAS HARSH – AND SINCE THAT DISCUSSION, I’VE BEEN PRAYING FOR WISDOM IN THIS AREA – – – – BELIEVE ME, I THINK THIS IS TIMELY IN MY LIFE…… Thankyou for having the courage and boldness to take on such a topic. It’s not easy, but the narrow road was never easy……, just well worth it! Sharing love in a world fraught with futility (Romans 8) and all!

  90. Yes, please do this series! I think it’s much needed. How to respond. I’m sure you saw the fall-out with the whole Duck Dynasty Debacle and those of us who publically supported Phil Robertson on our Facebook Page lost friends over it. I nicely explained that just because my religious beliefs do not fall in line with your love life, does NOT make me a hater nor does it make me not ‘like’ you or no longer consider you a friend.
    It’s tough though to defend the Bible when they continue to spew vile. I finally just had to step away from FB for awhile and actually block a few people who wouldn’t play nice in sandbox

  91. Yes!! I can not wait to read this series. I am a blogger of a much smaller ministry than this one but it seems that everyone skirts around real issues because it may offend someone. I can not wait to read your post on Monday

  92. Yes this needs to be addressed, I am just a mother not an evangelist, but families are being destroyed from within by standing up for what is right and other members conforming to the world. We all need strength and help and I am looking forward to this series for help.

  93. This both excites and scares me … especially after this past week. I have been silenced many, many times. Criticized for sharing the truth in love — at least I think I did it in love and grace! I definitely did it with a LOT of prayer!!! 🙂

    People keep saying that we need to treat others the way Jesus did (TRUTH.) and that if we’re not getting the same response He did, then maybe we’re not doing it right. (ALSO TRUTH.) But then they forget that not everyone loved Jesus. Not everyone responded kindly to Him. He didn’t always treat everyone with limitless grace and love — He called them out on their sin, too. Even with the woman at the well, an example of love and grace, He reminded her of her sin. So …

    Like you say, this is very tricky. I’m eager to hear what you have to say.

  94. Yes! I can’t wait for this subject. I am having trouble within my own family about these issues.
    Thank you. I am sure you will do a great job! God Bless

  95. I am so in agreement with the direction you are taking this. I think it is such a travesty when I see Christians behaving so unseemly on social media by arguing and slamming each other over opinions. I see it all the time. However, I don’t think that means to be silent over critical matters. There is such a fine line. We need to learn how to speak the truth in love. I don’t know if many of us know how to do that, and I admire you for taking such a tough topic. I just want to say thank you, Courtney!

  96. I’m excited to read your posts in this upcoming series and I’m glad it is being addressed. Personally, I’d like to see the comments section disabled. I don’t read comments in any site anymore because I get too upset about all the bickering and judgmental attitudes. So, to prevent myself from becoming judgmental (which is so easy to do, unfortunately) I don’t read comments posted by others. In all the Christian blogs I’ve loved, the comments are the worse (some rival YouTube).

    As for the truths I think our culture (outside and inside the church) have rejected and the topics I would like to see you address – one of them is homesexuality. My oh my, where to begin. This is one of the ugliest topics that I think most Christians get wrong and the one sin that so many people focus on. Homosexuality itself is not a sin. Just being a homosexual isn’t a sin. The actual act of homosexuality – the sexual aspect – is the sin. Furthermore, that sin is no worse than any other sexual sin be it pornography, prostitution, extra-marital sexual affairs, pedophilia, sex before marriage, etc.

    Why Christians are so hung up on this while ignoring all the other sins is bizarre to me. While I believe homosexuality is wrong and unnatural and dare I say weird, I have no issue with any person who is a homosexual and I have no right to judge him or her. I need to just look at my own sins. Sure, some sins have more impact than other sins, but Jesus loves all sinners. I get very disappointed in many Christians who are so hyper focused on homosexuality.

    Sexual sin itself is a huge problem in our culture and homosexuals are not the biggest threat. In fact, I agree with another blogger that our divorce rate and our culture’s misguided attitude toward marriage and the ease to get divorced is a greater threat to our culture and values than homosexuality.

    I think the Christian and/or Conservative values in this country are being attacked every which way and it is a daily battle. The institutions of family and marriage are constantly being attacked. I have to fight the culture’s desire to turn my daughters into sexual objects and/or beings before the age of 12.

    There are so many topics you could tackle Courtney. I wish you the best!

  97. What good is anything we learn, in the blogosphere or elsewhere, if it is not grounded on absolute truth? Long overdue!

  98. I am very much looking forward to learning how to share truth with love. And grace. If you are able and have a bit of space to devote to it, could you touch on two things that I think some people may (and I in particular) struggle with – pride and self-righteousness? These two things keep me silent (which actually may be a good thing) and I hate them and I hate how ugly I am when I give in to them. I sure could use some help and encouragement with this! I look forward to hearing from your readers as we go through this series, so I do hope that you will consider allowing comments, at least so long as we get along and not devour each other. Thank you!

  99. I am so glad you are doing this. I don’t have kids so anything you have done on that has not applied to me. This, however, applies to me and everyone else out there. This has been a burden for me as well. I don’t really read blogs much but I do read about stuff and how folks, religious and secular, respond to it (the movie Noah being a perfect example right now) and it grieves me that many Christians in particular are so narrow minded in their views that, they think they’re sharing Christ, when in reality they’re showing their pride by way of opinion (My way is right because I’m a Christian and the Bible backs me up!). It makes me want to scream. I see it online and I see it my friends and family and in some folks in my church. Jesus was not all about condemning people for having a different opinion. He was about telling the truth about things and letting God do the rest. It’s not up to us to save anyone. It’s up to us to share Jesus in whatever capacity/season God has us in. It’s up to God to save. That’s something I think so many forget. And all of the stuff going on in our society….. It’s one thing to stand up for what you believe in and speak the truth in love, but something else entirely to browbeat folks because they’re doing something that is not right. I see a great deal of browbeating and it makes me so sad. We need to pray for folks, not condemn. We have to understand that not everyone even realizes or fully understands that what they are doing is wrong. We know how strongly everything pulls at us and we’re saved children of God under his protection. Imagine having no concept of the TRUTH of God and Jesus and having this world nipping at your heels. I don’t have to imagine it because I was there not too long ago. And it was hard. And it literally almost killed me seven years ago when I tried to kill myself. We don’t need to straighten people out, we need to show them Christ in us and let God do the rest. Speaking truth in love is absolutely essential in the Christian walk. And many times we need to hear the truth ourselves.

  100. Yes. Please talk about the truth. More of us should stand up for what is right. I was shocked to hear of World Visions recent decision regarding homosexual marriage (and grateful for their reversal of it). I was shocked because I thought to myself “is it not enough that we have to endure persecution from our neighbors ,but now from those inside the church?” Brother Yen of the Heavenly Man observed this when he came to America for the first time, that christians here persecute each other. Anyway, I think it is imperative that we all start speaking the truth, especially to each other. If we cannot hear the truth within a christian blog, where will we hear it courtney? My God, who would have thought Christian organizations would be bowing to the cultural pressures they are bowing to, but IF WE DO NOT STAND FIRM IN OUR FAITH, WE WILL NOT STAND AT ALL.

    1. I honestly don’t think that WV’s hiring policy persecutes anyone. If anything, the decision to hire gay employees was a refreshing change from “Christian” hiring policies that discriminate against gay people.

  101. Hi Courtney,
    This is my first time commenting, though I have been reading your blog since last year and enjoy it very much. My husband gave me your wonderful book for Christmas (he saw it on my wish list) and I have gotten a lot out of it. Thank you!

    I’m writing this on an older post, because I am on a learning adventure regarding scripture and this post has shed some light for me on the wonderful scope of your education. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I am reading through the Bible this year for the first time (I’m in my 40s). I have gotten so much out of my readings and quiet times and I thank you for planting that seed for me.

    So, my questions stem from a genuine desire to understand, and I hope you can share your insights with me. As I said, I am reading the entire Bible this year, and I am actually wondering how the Bible came to be? I know this may sound like a funny question, but my Mormon friends (I’m NOT a Mormon, but live in a town where they are the majority). My point in mentioning this is that they have a story that they shared as to how their Book of Mormon came to be, and no one seems to have an answer for me as to how the Bible came to be in the form we have today. I think that Bible comes from a Greek word that means books, and that the Bible is a collection of books, but who put the books together? Also, in speaking with my Mormon neighbors, I understand that the have always evangelized with their book and that they have had it since their inception, what I wonder is, how did early Christians spread the word before the printing press? In other words, how did Christianity spread from the first 12 Apostles to millions (or billions?) in the first 1,500 years or so, before most people would have had a personal copy of the Bible?

    If you’ve already addressed this, would you please point me to the post(s) or recommend a good book. I am really so grateful to have my eyes open and searching for Truth (and yes, I absolutely believe in Jesus as my Savior).

    Thank you for any help and insight!

    PS We saw “Son of God” last week, incredible film!

  102. I just read this post and I am so excited and ready and willing to learn more and more about all this. I think it is fair to say that we in our body of Christ where I attend church are experiencing some of these struggles and me as individual with others feel the same way.
    I am super excited and cannot wait to get started. Unity is the answer and it is time for Christians to take a stand and get along instead of getting trying to fight each other. Working to increase the church that our Lord Jesus Christ is coming back for.

  103. Please keep going on with these series! My brother-in-law is an atheist. I try so hard to study and research to be able to answer the questions he has. I’m still new to truly giving God my all. And I am so thankful I came across your blog! This blog just possibly saved our relationship!
    It’s so hard hearing him say that Christians and Blind and ignorant! And calling God a monster. I have to stop and tell myself .. (Annie your dealing with satan here, and that I can’t go up against him alone) I feel un studied, not smart enough, ignorant as he said. But I have to put my feelings aside and ask God to show me what I need to say. And how to make myself stronger as my faith is being put to the max testing!
    Thank you so much!

  104. Your blog has been a lifeline for me in navigating conversations with my atheist brother-in-law. It’s tough hearing him criticize Christianity and call God names. Your insights have given me the confidence to stand firm in my faith and respond with grace. Thank you for being a guiding light in my journey.

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