Good Morning Girls Resources {2 Chronicles 31-36}

This is it!  This week we complete our summer Bible Study!  Thank you to everyone who is still here and still going strong!  It has been a great study together!

Are you wondering what’s next after we complete our study in 2 Chronicles?

We always take an end of the summer break – so we will go on break.

This year I will be taking an extended break and we will begin the Making Your Home a Haven Study on October 1st!

So mark your calendars for October 1st and watch for a blog post NEXT WEEK explaining some of the schedule changes happening this fall at Women Living Well!

Now let’s get back to our study and finish strong!

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This Week’s Bible Reading Plan

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This week’s Reflection & Discussion Questions

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2 Chronicles 31

The Passover is finished; but instead of immediately returning to their normal lives, they first went out and destroyed all the pillars, altars, and images that were used for idolatry. King Hezekiah then reinstates the divisions of the priests and Levites that David had set forth and the offerings and feasts were once again being observed. Judah is in a state of spiritual renewal.

What was important in this time was that King Hezekiah didn’t allow his people to coast on one encounter with God. He continually kept pushing Judah to devote themselves completely to returning to the Lord God with all of their heart. Are you guilty of having Sunday encounters with God, but failing to follow through with them Monday – Saturday? Lasting change happens when we follow up a God-encounter with intentional steps forward every day. When is the last time you truly encountered God? Did you follow it up with intentional steps forward, or did you simply return to life as normal? What steps can you take today to begin moving forward in your walk with God?

2 Chronicles 32

Judah is in a state of great spiritual restoration. They have eradicated all the idolatry in the land and reinstated the feasts and sacrifices. The priests and Levites are once again faithfully performing their duties before the Lord; and now a terrifying enemy comes against them. The Assyrians were the most terrifying force at that time. They were not only threatening an invasion, but they were also taunting the inhabitants of Judah by blaspheming God saying that all of the gods of every other nation they’d invaded were unable to save them, so why would Almighty God save Judah?

We read this account in great detail in the book of Isaiah, who was the prophet at this time. God spoke through Isaiah to King Hezekiah not to trust in foreign alliances but to simply trust that God would deliver them from the hand of the Assyrians. And that is exactly what God did. As Judah remained bold and strong, trusting the power of God over the arm of flesh, God miraculously delivered them from the terrorizing forces of the Assyrian army and Sennacherib was assassinated by his own children. Many times, at our greatest moment of spiritual growth comes our greatest spiritual battle. The enemy will do all he can to keep you from consistently moving forward in your walk with God. Has the enemy been terrorizing you with his lies and paralyzing you with his supposed strength? If God is for you, who can stand against you? Be strong. Be courageous. Do not be afraid or discouraged by this attack of the enemy. God has already defeated him. What do you need to do today to stand strong in your faith and trust that God has gone before you and already won this battle? What promise of scripture will you stand on today to keep your heart encouraged and strengthened against the lies and discouragement of the enemy?

2 Chronicles 33

King Hezekiah has died after God extended his life for fifteen years, and his son Manasseh becomes king at only twelve years of age. He was so wicked that 2 Chronicles 33:9 says that he enticed Judah to more wickedness than even the pagan nations God had destroyed before the children of Israel had done. He restored all of the idolatry his father had destroyed, and more. He even went so far as to make and idol and set it up in the temple of God. God spoke to the king and the people of Judah and warned them, but they would not listen. So, God sent the Assyrian army, that he had defeated while his father was king, and they took King Manasseh captive and tortured him. Manasseh humbled himself, cried out to the Lord, and God delivered him. He then went back to Judah where he destroyed the idols and altars to false gods and returned to the Lord.

Judah, however, continued in its wickedness, and after Manasseh died, his son Amon ascended to the throne and did exactly what his father did. He brought back all the idols and altars to false gods. However, he did not humble himself before God and was assassinated by his servants in his own house. While the Bible says that Manasseh led the nation of Judah into more wickedness than even the pagan nations God had destroyed, he did humble himself and God heard his cry. Have you been away from God? Perhaps you have been disobedient to God and a wall has been built between you and God. Have you felt distant and cold because of an area of compromise in your life? If God would heed wicked King Manasseh’s humble prayer when he was in distress, he will surely hear your prayer if you will simply humble yourself before him. His word promises that if will humble ourselves and turn from our sin, he will hear our prayer. Kneel before him today, cry out to him in repentance, and ask him to restore you. He loves you and he will answer your cry.

2 Chronicles 34

King Amon’s reign was very short, only two years, but it was enough to lead Judah deep into idolatry. They worshiped many different kinds of idols, as we see in 2 Kings 23:4-5. After he died, young Josiah ascended to the throne; and soon he began to, once again, purge the land of idolatry. Josiah goes a step further than his ancestors did, he took the bones of the priests and burden them on their altars. His campaign of cleansing reached even into Israel. Once Israel was purged of idolatry, he began restoration of the temple, just as King Hezekiah had done.

At some point during the restoration of the temple, the high priest found the book of the Law given by Moses. He brought it to King Josiah and began reading it. When King Josiah heard the words of the Law, he was horrified at the sin of his people and the judgement that was sure to come. He tore his clothes, and humbly wept before God for their sin. Then he sent representatives to Huldah the prophetess to see what God had to say regarding the state of Judah. The Lord spoke through her saying that God’s wrath could no longer be held back. Judah’s sins had crossed every boundary and his judgement was coming. However, because Josiah had repented with tears, he would hold back his judgement on Judah for as long as Josiah reigned. God’s grace and mercy is so much greater than we can imagine. He was willing to hold back his judgment for the sake of one righteous person. You see, he knew that Judah’s repentance was superficial and would only last for as long as Josiah was king, but he knew Josiah’s commitment to him was deep and lasting, and he would not pour out judgement as long as Josiah lived. Have you been distant from God for a time? Are you afraid or ashamed to come back to God? There is no need to fear or feel ashamed. God is waiting for you to cry out to him. He will hear you, and he will answer with mercy and grace to all those who humbly turn to him. Cry out to him today, he loves you and is waiting for you.

2 Chronicles 35

The temple has been restored, the book of the Law has been found, and now the Ark of the Covenant has been put back in its rightful place. King Josiah instructs the Levites to prepare themselves to celebrate Passover. This time, all of Judah and Israel are present for the celebration, and this time it exceeded even the Passover celebration of King Hezekiah! 2 Chronicles 35:18 says that there had been no Passover like it since Samuel the prophet was alive.

What was so remarkable about this Passover and what made it even greater than that of King Hezekiah was how well prepared they were for the celebration and how closely they obeyed the instructions given by Moses in the Law. Following a time of great darkness in the land of Judah, during which they gave themselves over to rampant idolatry, King Josiah is calling them back to the covenant they had with God. He signifies this by not only by keeping the Passover feast instituted by God, but by making sure every detail is just as God had ordered. It was not only important that they came together to worship God, but also that they followed God’s instructions closely. Our sincerest worship happens through obedience. Is there an area in your life where God is calling you to a greater level of dedication to him? Are you being obedient in that area? Spend some time in prayer with God today, surrender that area of your life, and commit yourself to a deeper level of obedience to him.

2 Chronicles 36

King Josiah passed away, and his son Jehoahaz is made king by the people, but reigns for only three months before Pharaoh sets up a vassal kingdom. What follows is a line of Babylonian vassal kings who lead the people in idolatry and sin. God sent messengers to warn them of God’s coming judgement, but they refused to listen. Instead, they despised the warnings and mocked the prophets until they reached a point of no return.

The king of the Chaldeans came and attacked and did not hold back. He killed the people without mercy, and then raided the temple before burning it. Once the house of God was burned, he broke down the wall and burned all the palaces. Finally, those who managed to survive the killing spree were taken captive to Babylon where they were made servants. This was exactly what God had warned his people would happen if they failed to keep his commandments. They would be carried away into captivity and be made servants to their enemies. The Bible tells us that God is longsuffering and that his mercy and love are unending. But God is also righteous, just, and must punish sin. While we see that both Israel and Judah pushed God’s hand to the point where he had to bring judgment upon them, that is not the end of the story. Redemption would come. Is there an area of your life that you have been holding back from God? Perhaps you have been putting off surrendering that area to him. Do no put it off any longer. The longer we put off surrendering to God in obedience, the more we allow the enemy to bring his destruction to our life. The story of Israel and Judah is a lesson in the importance of remaining faithful to God in obedience and surrender. Share with us below a prayer of fresh commitment and surrender to God.

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